Delaware’s diversity offers diverse education choice options #netDE #edude

Tarbiyah Islamic School of Delaware 

698 Old Baltimore Pike

Newark, DE 19702

Tarbiyah School is a registered Non-Profit Organization and is registered with Delaware Department of Education. All contributions are used only to support the actual operations costs. As a comittment to patrons and the community, the school makes financial statements available in its monthly newsletter.

The yearly tuition fee schedule is as follows:

First Child: $2500/per year
Each Additional Child: $2000/per year.  

Our Philosophy – All students have their own learning styles. Through the lens of Tarbiyah and multiple intelligences, we provide students with differentiated and experiential learning in different subject areas. Our aim is to nurture and facilitate a balanced curriculum by using the creative and visionary Quran, Arabic, and Islamic Studies curriculum integrated with Delaware’s common core standards. We emphasize the use of manipulatives, hands-on, real life and practical activities and games to reinforce the core concepts of the subject areas. This is done to maximize the learning while making it enjoyable to the students.

The population diversity of Delaware will be a driver in moving Delaware into the global economy. American’s foundation is anchored in freedom of speech, expression and religion. Delaware’s role in the American Revolutionary War is something to be proud of and celebrated everyday. Permitting innovations in education was part of America’s struggle for freedom. Freedom to operate schools with limited obstruction from government empowers parents and communities to meet the needs of “their” children as they see fit. America’s public education system is being driven by overreaching federal and state control that infringes on local control and parent’s rights and it needs to stop. 

“Differentiated and experiential learning”. This is what all schools should be allow to adopt. Every child is a unique individual and shouldn’t be forced to be education like a heard of sheep being driven in one direction. Children are our future and it will be up to them to bridge the divide across the culture and religious barriers. Ignorance + ignorance = ignorance. The world’s problems and divide are a result of ignorance. Children cannot love one-another until they can love themselves.

The tuition cost noted does not include various fees. I wonder what the real cost of public education would be if they didn’t have to support the Wall Street education ponzi scheme?

A little over a year ago, Tarbiyah School started as a homeschool program for 5 children. With the grace of Allah in a few months it went from 5 to 35 children and now a year later it has grown to a full size school providing high quality education to dozens of families. Al hamdulilah in a very short period of time we were able to develop an excellent curriculum supported by highly qualified teachers and advanced technology.

WOW !!!!!!!! This is what the concept of it takes a village to raise a child is all about. All from homeschool parents networking and joining forces to create their own school with highly qualified teachers.

As I stated before, I support choice 100% and the more options the better!

8 responses to “Delaware’s diversity offers diverse education choice options #netDE #edude

  1. As I stated before, I support choice 100% and the more options the better!

    No, the more high quality options the better!


  2. We are a country that was founded on Judeo – Christian principles. Our country’s “culture” is therefore one that should teach the Basic ethos of common good and ethical behavior. Education is a means to not only instill basic culture but frame the history of our country’s history and progression. While religous freedom is a right, in this case if they are teaching Islamic law, which I assume they would be, then they would (in some cases) be teaching things counter to our laws and counter to many standard held beliefs that form the basis of those laws. Would this not create an environment that undermines the basis for our country’s rules and culture? Islamic law dictates how one should act with fellow muslims but it also dictates that action with non-muslims (aka-infidels) is different. Is this not the basis of discrimination? Seems to me there would be those who if faced with a “Catholic” Charter would cry foul but an Islamic Charter is somehow viewed different and a culturally diverse benefit????

    By the by, while all children learn differently, there is no practical method to provide every child with truly “unique” teaching methodology.
    “Every child is a unique individual and should(n’t) be forced to be education like a herd of sheep being driven in one direction.”

    And doesn’t a common culture, common methods, common understanding, and big picture commonalities help to bind a country together? While the FED has most certainly gone beyond it intended purpose, it is tasked with trying to bring together a melting pot of people under one banner. That is not a bad thing, it is as a country, a good thing. Just one of the justifications for a common languange and avoid the Quebec effect. The alternative to striving for common goals is a fractured and unfocused set of objectives that will never be achieved. Our Congress is a prime example. So many interests demanding attention that nothing of substance gets accomplished or what does get accomplished is watered down to ineffectiveness. (Decision by committee has proven its failings time after time.)


    • Wow, so much for that pesky freedom of religion Constitution thingy.

      And isn’t this a tuition based private school, not a charter? Sure looks like it, so your “Seems to me there would be those who if faced with a “Catholic” Charter would cry foul but an Islamic Charter is somehow viewed different and a culturally diverse benefit????” comment doesn’t hold up. (And I’d have a problem with any religious based charter or public school.)

      Also, I’m guessing you don’t have any Muslim friends. You might want to get some, because your views towards the Muslim community demonstrates an alarming ignorance.


    • ” Islamic law dictates how one should act with fellow muslims but it also dictates that action with non-muslims (aka-infidels) is different”- what does this mean??


  3. Kilroy’s post is cryptic enough that you have to click on the link to fully realize it is a private school, not a charter. (Though the part in the post about tuition should give it away …) As such, who cares what they teach? You wanna go, pay the fee. Your choice.


  4. I am fine with this school as long as it remains private. 🙂

    I don’t see how we stand to benefit from our state’s beautiful diversity when people are so divided, though.