WTF ! Delaware Charter Schools Network says give us more money and we’re open to changing the law

New report shows how Del. charter school law could be improved by Amy Cherry, WDEL 01/30/2013

Delaware’s charter school law falls in the middle of the road according to a new report by the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools.

Delaware moved up a spot, ranking 21st, but Kendall Massett, Executive Director of the Delaware Charter Schools Network, explains the jump isn’t due to progress.

Massett says to improve our law, Delaware’s 22 charter schools need equitable funding. 

“Right now, they get on average about $3,000 less per pupil than other traditional schools in our state so we would like to see that change,” says Massett.

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What the F does funding have to do with the charter school laws. OMG, just read the report, the report doesn’t address transparency! Just give us more money! And here we go again  the taxpayers of Delaware should build schools for these corporation. Let’s just get it over and go with vouchers and online schools. Isn’t this the lady who called on the entire former Pencader board of directors to step down in efforts to support the former school leader? Not a peep out of this lady in regards to various charter schools not adhering to transparency laws. Pencader’s “new” experienced board won’t even produce a final board approved FY 13 budget or post the required IRS 990 forms.  

Massett would also like to see performance-based contracts for all charter schools, so they wouldn’t have to go through the lengthy renewal process

I can support her on this but we need enforceable transparency laws and for damn sure digital audio recording of public session of all traditional school districts, votech district and charter school board of directors.  But the big problem with charter school approval and review process in the Delaware Department of Education is laced with Rodel clones! And a weak-kneed  Secretary of Education who taught Gym for three years and a principal for two years and where did he come from?????????? Yep the Delaware Vision Network aka Rodel! And OMG, the founders of Rodel made major political contributions to Jack Markell’s political campaigns! And OMG, Skipper the Vision 2015 Grand Poobah sat on Delaware’s Race to The Top team with Jack Markell sucking up to USDOE. His participation was a clear conflict of interest because WSFS back charter loans via Innovative Schools.

Delaware public and charter schools have been high-jacked by agents of Wall Street pushing the Race to The Top Wall Street Ponzi scheme.


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Well I guess this lady has more rights to speak about these matters! After all she has more $$$$$$$ vested interest! Hey Chuck, you need to check the voltage in your Frankenstein! I think there is a lose wire !

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