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WTF ! Delaware Charter Schools Network says give us more money and we’re open to changing the law

New report shows how Del. charter school law could be improved by Amy Cherry, WDEL 01/30/2013

Delaware’s charter school law falls in the middle of the road according to a new report by the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools.

Delaware moved up a spot, ranking 21st, but Kendall Massett, Executive Director of the Delaware Charter Schools Network, explains the jump isn’t due to progress.

Massett says to improve our law, Delaware’s 22 charter schools need equitable funding. 

“Right now, they get on average about $3,000 less per pupil than other traditional schools in our state so we would like to see that change,” says Massett.

Read the entire article here ……… 

What the F does funding have to do with the charter school laws. OMG, just read the report, the report doesn’t address transparency! Just give us more money! And here we go again  the taxpayers of Delaware should build schools for these corporation. Let’s just get it over and go with vouchers and online schools. Isn’t this the lady who called on the entire former Pencader board of directors to step down in efforts to support the former school leader? Not a peep out of this lady in regards to various charter schools not adhering to transparency laws. Pencader’s “new” experienced board won’t even produce a final board approved FY 13 budget or post the required IRS 990 forms.  

Massett would also like to see performance-based contracts for all charter schools, so they wouldn’t have to go through the lengthy renewal process

I can support her on this but we need enforceable transparency laws and for damn sure digital audio recording of public session of all traditional school districts, votech district and charter school board of directors.  But the big problem with charter school approval and review process in the Delaware Department of Education is laced with Rodel clones! And a weak-kneed  Secretary of Education who taught Gym for three years and a principal for two years and where did he come from?????????? Yep the Delaware Vision Network aka Rodel! And OMG, the founders of Rodel made major political contributions to Jack Markell’s political campaigns! And OMG, Skipper the Vision 2015 Grand Poobah sat on Delaware’s Race to The Top team with Jack Markell sucking up to USDOE. His participation was a clear conflict of interest because WSFS back charter loans via Innovative Schools.

Delaware public and charter schools have been high-jacked by agents of Wall Street pushing the Race to The Top Wall Street Ponzi scheme.


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Well I guess this lady has more rights to speak about these matters! After all she has more $$$$$$$ vested interest! Hey Chuck, you need to check the voltage in your Frankenstein! I think there is a lose wire !

Back at you Lizzie! 10-35

Will Pencader Frank pull some ass-backwards analogy to save Pencader?

Folks on average I get about 10 sidebar E-mails or every comment left on Kilroy’s. Also, my Kilroy’s Delaware twitter account is reaching across the country.

In a few of my sidebar E-mails there is conversation that Pencader Frank will us the analogy that because there will be more people coming to the DE DOE public review meeting the overwhelming public support is to keep Pencader open! Personal, I doubt even Pencader Frank is that foolish to attempt such ass-backwards stunt.

The Delaware Department of Education Charter Review Committee has already recommended closure and most of the public have confidence is DE DOE (not me of course). Why would anyone in the public supporting closure go to this meeting full of Pencader Staff, students and parents who will be begging DE DOE for mercy to just have their head ripped off? It’s obvious Pencader will rally the troops! But sadly no board member to date has gone public with pleas and “justification” to save Pencader. I can see why they wouldn’t! They would be face with questions such as where are IRS 990 forms, where is the FY 13 final board approved budget, where is at least an internal audit.Where is the free voice of the CBOC? The CBOC isn’t a subcommittee of the board, it is required by state law with great latitude to view all documentation not subject to student or staff confidentially.  The CBOC met January 23, 2013 the day before Pencader’s January 24, 20013 board of directors meeting. There is nothing in the agenda specifically noting review of the CBOC report. The CBOC is not the same as the monthly financial report. No matter how you cut it, Pencader board of directors is structurally flawed. Why is the CBOC meeting date the day before the board of directors meeting?

The DE DOE charter review public session meeting is February 11, 2013 and will demonstrate whether or not DE DOE has the will to do what is right for Delaware’s public education system. Yes indeed there are students in the middle of the proceedings and sadly the Pencader board of directors failed to put the cards on the table. Many of us know the issues surrounding the last set of board members and we don’t need to go into it. The current board loves to blame the previous board but yet fails to prove it by doing a better job in regards to transparency and provide at least an audit. If the final decision comes down to pulling political strings to keep Pencader open it would be an indication that the review process is invalid and skewed. This will be a clear test of leadership! Public comment cannot fill the gap in structural failure. Pencader did get one more chance and this blog and other rallied for Pencader.

The fiasco going on at Pencader has tarnished the integrity of the charter school movement that could slow the growth of adding more charter schools. Parents and students are demanding the charter choice option which I support 100%.  However, in no way should we grant or save charter schools that obviously lack a solid foundation in governance.

Those of you who prefer the sidebar conversation via E-mail keeping them coming. But please be patient waiting for response.

Delaware teacher calling out DE Dept of ED re: teacher evaluation

Three cheers for Mike Matthews for staying true to his blogging roots. Matthews, older and wiser and now shaving puts it all out there re: DPAS, DCAS and RTTT. And someone will need to tie him down when Delaware hits the switch on the Smarter Balanced Assessment set to replace DCAS and further alienates local school board control.

Mr. Matthews needs to stop blaming the Delaware Department of Education and take his fight to Delaware Education Czar aka Delaware Governor Jack Markell. But don’t get me wrong, I agree DE DOE lacks capacity but that level of capacity is gauged by what the governor allows.

As far as Race to The Top a federal grant not law, Delaware must comply with the RTTT agreement which is a four-year contract. But by time Delaware really gets into implementing teacher accountability the RTTT contract will be expired. Mike Matthews highlights something way beyond teacher accountability and doesn’t go deep enough as to the impact on students. Listen to his comments, due to lack of computers it’s near impossible for all student in one district to take the same test even if given in the same month ( he didn’t say like that but suggest the test window is so wide because of needed computers) Also, some students will be tested on material they haven’t been taught in contrast to those who would take the DCAS towards the end of May. Remember DCAS is a growth model test to assist students and teacher but once again the push from the Wall Street ponzi scheme its also the means to hold teacher accountable. We all acknowledge NCLB and DSTP was flawed and don’t blame the unions for designing those educational Frankensteins. Unions had to suck it up and be team-players sometimes called stakeholders.

Mike Matthews represents the newest generation of teachers that will be pressured by change brought about by the failed NCLB and DSTP. Mike’s generation is more adapt to use technology and creatively than any generation before him. We have so many bright people like Mike willing to be public school teachers because they have passion and creativity. I suggest those who view his video plea for help best take noticed. Do we really need a bunch of pre-wired Stepford wives as teachers? Or do we want creative teachers teaching individuals not widgets.

Transparent Christina has it covered as does The Mind of Mr. Matthews 

Lizzie is seeing red as Pencader Frank hold the Last Supper before the SBE announces closure

Pencader! Are You Serious??? by Children and Educators First

Seriously, the school has a budget problem, low enrollment, and is fighting for its life!  So the Board of Directors decides to host a planning meeting and buy refreshments at the local Seasons Pizza?  This has to be a joke!  If not, is some of worse judgement calls I have ever seen.

Go here and see the entire blog post …………

I guess many of you notice Publius hasn’t been commenting lately. Perhaps he met his match when Steve and Pandora gave him a verbal ass-whipping or perhaps he finally seen the light that Pencader Frank just ain’t got the stones to man-up and lead Pencader through the darkness of public mistrust.

I have no beefs with the board’s public workshop at Season’s  Piazza in Bear Delaware. The meeting is an open meeting and the offer of food to the community in attendance is a nice gesture. Charter schools are public schools and there is no restrictions on who can attend board open meetings. So pass the word to the Bear community to come on out and enjoy free Pizza and refreshments. The sad part is, this event may be the last public event of this type for Pencader. 

From a business perspective it just reflects Pencader Frank’s poor timing! This workshop which is noting more than a Kool-aid fest trying to get parents to write letters and attend the DE DOE Charter School Review Committee’s meeting on February 11, 2013. This meeting is the final of a serious and is designed to allow public comment. That’s the Delaware way, give people a final opportunity after most of the nails are driven in the coffin. However, with the Pencader Pizza party workshop on February 6, 2013 at 6:00 meaning asking parents and community who has to drive in the insane RT 40 rush-hour traffic only 5 days before DE DOE final review of Pencader on Monday February 11, 2014 starting a 5 pm, is a tall order. Just amazing inconsiderate show of leadership on Pencader’s side and DE DOE, a match mad in heaven (or perhaps Hell). I am sure Pencader Frank will pull a rabbit out his ass or in this case a bus asking parents to ride the magic bus to Dover.

Folks, I am sorry! But Pencader is like a clock running with a few teeth broken out of it’s main gear. Rather than pouring the Kool-aid all Pencader’s board had to do was put the cards on the table! We know Pencader has great teachers and students who want to learn. The problem with Pencader is in the structure of board governance. They just don’t get it! No request to the state auditor for a full top to bottom financial audit, no publication of final FY2013 school budget, disregard for state laws governing public schools that require all charters to post this year’s and last IRS-990 form. Not even an internal yearly audit. Folks, we are talking a school for “business and finance”.  

The Pencader board wants the parents and the local taxpayers to support them on face-value and their Pencader published bios! As far as I see it, without action those bios are only pieces of paper worthy of taking a shit on one and wiping your ass with the other. Not one board member, not even the parent chosen by other parents called for an audit by the Delaware State Auditor! To me, this suggest perhaps someone is good at manipulating the cash-flow which some call utilizing working capital.

I’ll tell you one thing, once Pencader is final order closed by the state board of education, I suggest the board members get together an open a mushroom house. Because, they are good at growing things in the dark. Just sit a parent down spread shit around their feet and tell them to be patient.

I have no beefs if a Pencader parents want to come rip Kilroy or other commenting  but I would ask, why aren’t you holding the Pencader board’s feet to the fire? Pencader school belongs to the parents and students and the failed to demand clear transparency!  Just remember, Kilroy and other here rallied for Pencader and help save them from closure last time. I  support charter schools as a student and parent’s right to choice. But. I feel if they are public schools then they should be held accountable to the taxpayers. Operating in the dark is not the way to operate public schools. Pencader lack of leadership is causing way more damage to the charter school movement than any of Kilroy’s bitching!