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Food for thought Pencader board member Mr. Dawson #netDE #edude

Pencader board meeting December 2013

Board Governance Training

Motion was made by Mr. Fred Dawson to schedule board governance training by the end of January 2013.   Ms. Judi Kennedy, second;  Mr. Frank McIntosh, yes;  Mr. Jay Anderson, yes;   Dr. Dan Young, yes.

What makes good leaders is how they differentiate themselves from others. Surely you and other Pencader board members just joining the board are no way responsible for the mess Pecader is in. We don’t need to rehash it or point fingers. However, the new board rather than put the cards on the table and call in the state auditor, the “new” board decided to restrict the follow of information whereas if they were more open there may have been greater community support for Pencadet seeking yet another chance. But I must say, the Delaware Department of Education’s charter school office who is a participant on the Pencader’s CBOC and the so-called probation officers has failed far greater the any leader of Pencader. DE  DOE reluctance to offer Pencader technical assistance in address transparency deficiency citing not wanting to infringe on local control demonstrated serious lack of capacity on their part and flawed leadership.  

For your sake Mr, Dawson I wish you the best in trying to keep Pencader open. But always remember it was the adults who managed Pencader who were of disservice to children. Because the new board has not grasp the reality of how important transparency is at such a critical time for Pencader, I cannot offer support and feel closure might be best.

I only hope during the upcoming board governance training the board recognizes the value of transparency and see it as added value moving Pencader forward.   

Another reason school board meetings need to be recorded and put online #netDE #edude

Pencader Charter School


December 10, 2012

Public Comment

Parents & Staff spoke on several topics

School board meeting minutes in text are a condensed version of what actually transpires at school board meetings. However, for years school board recording secretaries have recorded board meetings on tape and use them to go back and create printed minutes. But until the law requires digital recordings of public session of school board meetings be posted online very few will ever know what parents and school staff ever said during “their” time to address the board. This could be good and bad news.

School board meetings are “public” meetings and for the record. However, the manipulation of board minutes to water down or filter-out critical information is not being good stewards of public trust and governance of public schools. It needs to change!

I ask that all Delaware legislators come together and support HB 23 that would require all Delaware boards of education for traditional and votech school districts as well as board of directors for all Delaware charter school be require to digital (audio) record public sessions of board meetings and post recordings on the schools websites. The recordings will not represent the official minutes but rather enhance transparency, accountability and communication that parents, community and state officials expect and deserve.