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Sally Starr is now among the stars in Heaven

Sally Starr dies at 90 Written by Courier-Post staff By TERRI SANGINITI The News Journal

Sally Starr, a former variety show host and Philadelphia broadcast legend, has died, according to news reports.

She turned 90 just two days ago.

CA teacher’s daily lesson video-homework! Stepping stone to more online charters?

Teachers flip for ‘flipped learning’ class modelby USA TODAY

SANTA ANA, Calif. (AP) – When Timmy Nguyen comes to his pre-calculus class, he’s already learned the day’s lesson – he watched it on a short online video prepared by his teacher for homework.

So without a lecture to listen to, he and his classmates at Segerstrom Fundamental High School spend class time doing practice problems in small groups, taking quizzes, explaining the concept to other students, reciting equation formulas in a loud chorus, and making their own videos while teacher Crystal Kirch buzzes from desk to desk to help pupils who are having trouble. Read more here…………………….

A day “will” come Delaware will allow online charter schools. With the push by Delaware charter schools crying for capital funding and school districts adding onto schools like A.I. High school to accommodate choice students, why not help keep the cost down with online charters like Pennsylvania allows? Yea, I know more money for Wall Street! Delaware charter schools are showing signs of financial struggles by calling for capital funding after saying they can do it for less. Delaware already permits home-schooling. Surely online charter is a notch up. Perhaps the California teachers are unknowing promoting online charter schools. I can see it now, log onto your virtual charter school pick a video and watch the lesson of a real teacher and than get down completing online assignments. State standardized testing you say? No problem, schedule online charter school student to go to a local public school on a Saturday to take the test.

Once Race to The Top funding runs dry next year there will be a major shortfall in state and local funding to support RTTT programs embedded is state education regulation. Heck, the school vouchers might even ease the burden. No you know the next round of public school reform in 4-5 years will call for many of these choices/

Delaware Technical and Community College needs to expand to a four year college #netDE

We need to face the fact, a high school diploma doesn’t carry the same weight as it once did and a college associate’s degree for the most part is a glorified high school diploma. 

Read through the job want-ads and they don’t read like they did years ago; will train, some college or minimum requirement associate’s degree. The experts are saying STEM is were you need to be. Delaware Technical and Community College has offered the STEM track for years and it’s time to expand beyond offering an associates degree. Unless their two-year major at Delaware Tech is connected with a local university like U of D, those earning an Associate’s Degree have a big surprise when moving on to Bachelor’s program at a four-years college. Many credits aren’t transferable. One would think credits from Delaware Tech would mustard recognition to any Delaware in-state university or college. The time has come for Delaware Tech to expand to a four-year program.

Delaware Tech has been viewed as Delaware’s poor-man’s college because of it’s affordable tuition and with Delaware’s college SEED money there’s greater financial “relief”. And for sure the student load debit incurred won’t financially cripple graduates for life. The connection between Delaware Tech and local school districts has strengthen and should help reduce the number of students required to the pre-tech classes. Those classes are meant to bring academic changed students math and English skills up to college entrance level. School districts and charter schools need to ensure their students are prepared for college and the number of students required to take college pre-tech courses could be that gauge of measurement.

Delaware wants to be the innovator when it comes to education and sadly we get recondition for the first state to win the Race to The Top grant and the celebration that followed acted as if Delaware accomplished all the goals of RTTT for they begun. If we want to think outside the box of innovation we need to build on what we have and expanding Delaware Tech to a four-year program will help students and industry of Delaware. Delaware Tech has been a lifeline for continuing education and certification needed for local businesses and industry and it’s time to expand Delaware Tech to the next level.