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Last post re: DMA / Mirgrant Work response #netDE


Program Type: Formula Grants
Also Known As: Education of Migratory Children, Title I, Part C

The U.S. Department of Education allocates Title I, Part C Migrant Education Program funds to States through a statutory formula based primarily on the State’s migrant student count, the number of migrant children who receive summer or intersession services, and the cost of education in each State.

Applicant Information

SEAs apply to the Department for funds using either a Title I Migrant-specific application, or a consolidated application through which States submit a single application for funds for a number of Federal education formula grant programs. (Consolidated applications/plans are authorized under Title IX of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act to promote coordination among programs and reduce paperwork.) These applications are submitted at the beginning of each reauthorization cycle and remain in effect until the next reauthorization. However, States are expected to amend their applications, as needed, to reflect any changes in how the program is implemented.

Now we are getting somewhere! I take issue with DMA’s enrollment application “if” the application question is relevant to migrant workers. “Has a parent or guardian worked on a farm, in the fields or in a factory with fruits, vegetables, or animals? For example: Has a parent or guardian ever worked with watermelons, potatoes, mushrooms, corn, apples, chicken, or shellfish? ____ Yes ____ No”

The question on the application isn’t the means to seek funding under Title 1 Part C and the information would be more specific to a yes or no answers. Just as Title 1 funding in relationship to Free and Reduced Lunch Application that parents must put employer/ income. I doubt DE DOE would take an enrollment application of a student for face value on a yes / no question.

Now I know charters are tight for funding and sure go for every penny. But I’am concern with this question on an enrollment application.

FYI, I am a fan of the amazing DMA and support it 100%. However, just as I bust on Red Clay in regards to Conrad I will question any school. Red flags are flying with DMA application questions!

OK DMA what gives with certain questions on student application? #netDE

UPDATE 01/23/2013 9:40 p.m. Mystery Solved “for now”(see my comments) by Guest; “To determine whether the applicant is the child of a ‘migrant worker’. Special funds are available for this population”  

WTF ???

“Has a parent or guardian worked on a farm, in the fields or in a factory with fruits, vegetables, or animals? For example: Has a parent or guardian ever worked with watermelons, potatoes, mushrooms, corn, apples, chicken, or shellfish? ____ Yes ____ No”

Markell administration drops the ball again re: online credit card transactions #netDE #Delaware

I’ll tell you, this Markell babysitting jobs is like a full-time job. more sleeping at the wheel ! This time the quarterly online credit card transactionsCome on Jack, weren’t you the guy who ran a campaign on transparency in 2008? 

Were unintended NCLB consequences really intended re: Gateway to Wall Street ponzi scheme #netDE

Obama’s Race To The Top Drives Nationwide Wave of School Closings, Teacher Firings Wed, 01/09/2013 – 18:16 — Bruce A. Dixon

Those billions paid off with the 2001 passage of the No Child Left Behind Act which made the right wing corporate agenda of undermining and ultimately privatizing public education national policy.  Though standardized test scores were long known to prove little aside from student family income, they suddenly became the gold standard for judging teacher & school performance.  School districts were required to purchase & give dozens of costly meaningless tests and to publish lists ranking their own schools and teachers as “failing” when test scores were low, which again, was mostly wherever students were poor.

Amid torrents of “blame the teachers” propaganda, so-called “failing schools” were required to hire expensive contractors with cockeyed “run the school like a business” remedies and more crackpot tests. Thus it was that NCLB spawned almost overnight an entire industry of jackleg educational consultants and test suppliers guaranteed a market with dollars diverted from already tight public school budgets. Those industries attracted capital investors, and began doing what every other industry does in the US —- make big campaign contributions to politicians to get sweeter contracts and more favorable regulation.  When test scores still didn’t rise, NCLB required many schools to close, making openings for chains of charter schools, often highly profitable charter schools, bringing the blessings of “choice” and free market competition to the educational “marketplace.

So the failed NCLB was the basis for NCLB waivers. The NCLB waivers were granted if the state adopted many of the principles of Race to The Top even if that state wasn’t a RTTT winner. But here is the strange part, NCLB was deem flawed and too punitive for states not meeting the set goals and bars of NCLB. Teachers are being held accountable for schools not meeting those objectives. The justification for school turnarounds and charter schools are based on traditional schools not meeting the objectives of NCLB measured by standardized test and in Delaware’s case it was the flawed DSTP. Could those unintended consequences actually be intended as part of a master plan to justify privatization via charters and the expansion of employing additional education consultants?  Wall Street education ponzi scheme!

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Delawareans for Social and Economic Justice heads to Washington #netDE

UPDATE 01/23/2012 4:00 pm Go here Nichole Dobo, News Journal

UPDATE 01/23/2013 3:00 pm  ACORN Re-Brands Itself As, “Delawareans For Social And Economic Justice!” Jan 6th, 2012 by DonAyotte blog DelawarePolitics.net

ACORN, “The Association of Community Organizers for Reform Now,” has re-invented itself in Delaware, or so it seems. ACORN has opened an office on 408 East 8th Street in Wilmington, using the name, “Delawareans for Social and Economic Justice,” (DSEJ).

Wilmington group among 18 planning trip to D.C. to protest school closings: Posted on January 23, 2013 by Nichole Dobo

The group “Delawareans for Social and Economic Justice” will be with a group of cities taking part next week in “Journey for Justice: A National Grassroots Education Movement,” which is receiving support from The Annenberg Institute for School Reform.

The groups will testify at a hearing regarding the U.S. Department of Education in Washington, D.C., according to a statement from the Journey for Justice. The groups plan to talk about what they describe as the “devastating impact and civil rights violations resulting from the unchecked closing and turnaround of schools serving predominantly low-income, minority students across the country,” according to the statement.

Go read the entire article here………………………………

And let’s not forget about this impact Race to The Top teacher layoffs victimize black teachers #netDE

I hope they start with Jack Markell’s defacing of Title 1 Section 1118. I hope they tale about this The purging of black students continues at Red Clay’s Conrad magnet school Posted on December 30, 2012 by kilroysdelaware

 And this Race to The Top; America’s latest ponzi scheme! Gov. Markell is one of the ringleaders! Posted on May 31, 2012 by kilroysdelaware

No budget no pay! About time we hold Washington accountable

Maryland (D) Rep Hoyer is crying that if other U.S. legislators can’t agree why should his pay be withheld, He calls No budget no pay a gimmick!

It’s time to hold Washington D.C. to pass a budget and live within it’s means

Illinois Rep. (D) Danny Davis another crybaby! Not my pay!

Here is Rep Danny Davis in a backroom deal with Arne Duncan when Duncan was CEO of Chicago schools, Duncan is on the left side, big white guy in blue shirt! Michael Scott President of Chicago School board committed suicide March 201o so they say!

‘Fix Congress Now’ rallies around Cooper’s ‘No Budget, No Pay Act’

The fledgling “Fix Congress Now” caucus has found their first legislative cause to rally around: Rep. Jim Cooper’s (D-Tenn.)“No Budget, No Pay Act.”

Cooper’s bill stipulates that members wouldn’t get paid, even retroactively, if Congress doesn’t pass a budget by October 1st. The group has been meeting regularly to figure out their agenda and this is their first official piece of work together.

Make note Cooper is a democrat! So why are other democrats crying? It time The United States government has a balance budget like our state and even our schools ! Well except Pencader! 

Markell Delaware Race to The Top LIES continues #netDE

State on right road to beat its dropout record; News Journal Our View January 23, 2013

Unfortunately Delaware has experienced a slight increase – 3.9 percent of students not graduating – compared to the previous year’s rate of 3.7 percent. That amounted to 1,527 students of the 38,900 enrolled. Yet Sara Kerr told the State Board of Education recently that much of the progress nationwide is beginning to trend here as well. And it is directly linked to the Department of Education’s stepped-up efforts to better track and report on student progress, through the 2009 Race To The Top competitive grants from the Obama administration to encourage serious education reforms to make U.S. students more globally competitive. 

Race to the Top is nothing more that a Wall Street education ponzi scheme and you can bet self-proclaimed card carrying capitalist Delaware Governor Jack Markell is sowing the seeds to politically capitalize on reforms that were in motion long before him and Race to The Top! And you can bet is stock portfolio has been enriched with Wall Street education for profit companies. Markell will be in India proclaiming he is the Educational Guru of Delaware aka Education czar. Jack Markell has a one-track mind and that is to manipulate others around him to lie and fabricate Race to The Top successes.

Parents and teachers working together demanded a growth model test to better address student intervention needs. 

When Governor Markell was part of former Governor Minner’s administration he sat silent and didn’t hear or engage the concerns of teachers and parents in regards to DSTP. He jumped on the reform train as part of his bid for governor and “after” Delaware was approved for a pilot growth model assessment plan. The results of the growth model assessment pilot testing set the stage for DCAS, the new state assessment test that measures academic growth as well as satisfies NCLB is the right combination to really start to address student performance and critical intervention. Finally teachers and parents have the tools for better early intervention and reform Delaware public education back to being a leader. No thanks to Jack Markell or Race to The Top. Markell signing Delaware up for the Common Core Standards Smarter Balance Assessment test is nothing more the a blanket over the truth and a political flag claiming success that really wasn’t his. 

If Jack Markell wants to really reform Delaware’s public education he would address social-promotion where students are push through each grade level not prepared for the next. Also. Jack Markell can call for an end to class size cap waivers. When it comes to the truth about Delaware education and so-called reform history, Jack doesn’t know Jack about the truth.