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Dickinson High School showing signs of recovery re: student enrollment #netDE

Red Clay’s John Dickinson High School reported a student enrollment of 725 in 2012-2013 compared to to 618 in 2011-2012. Back in 1998 Dickinson had 1,160 students. 618 appears to be an all time low. I was getting concerned and thought perhaps is was time for a grade 6-12 program or combining  Dickinson and McKean.

Kilroy was present the night Merv & Principal Murphy rolled out the STEM program to board of education John Dickinson S.T.E.M. Academy Posted on January 10, 2010 by kilroysdelaware  which happen to be the same night as the RTTT MOU vote DOE’s Heckle and Jeckle comes to Red Clay Posted on January 6, 2010.

Dickinson was like a forgotten stepchild and was ignored by a former board and super who were fixated on charter schools like CSW where there was no concern for existing Red Clay schools. The creation of Conrad magnet school also put drag on Dickinson. The tide was starting to turn with board and the old guard was being purged. Merv heard the complaints about the CSW and Conrad magnet school were having on other Red Clay high schools and let’s not forget DMA was coming into the picture. It wasn’t that Dickinson had to compete with these other forces but more like it had to be picked up from being ignored. Merv also added the IB program at Dickinson. Now stop right here if you think I am getting sweet on Merv. I am just calling it as I see it, good or bad. The Dickinson turnaround plan is all Merv and was the first major project since becoming superintendent of Red Clay. The taxpayers are pumping big bucks into Dickinson’s STEM and IB programs and we damn sure want a payday! So the enrollment numbers are very encouraging. I did notate this , Dickinson High School cut it’s dropout rate nearly in half! Good job Mr. Murphy ! 12.1% to 6.3%, Delaware’s High School Dropout Report left out Conrad & Cab #netDE Posted on January 10, 2013 by kilroysdelaware. Let’s keep up the work and put in a vote for Byron Murphy for Principal of the Year. 

Hey you Pencader parents and students. Please consider giving Dickinson a look once the state board announces closure. I am sure there is room for all!  But hear me well, I hear Principal Murphy isn’t a cake walk but is fair.   

SOS Pencader Same Old School ! #netDE

Publius, I don’t care what others say about you and you know most of the time I am yanking your chain. But I like you!  However, come on!  A 6 Sigma White Belt could tell you Frank blew it re: timing. I’ll admit his credentials are good and he has made some major contributions for the betterment of the community. But when it comes to thinking outside the box in the Pencader crisis,  your buddy needs to step out of it once in awhile. Beat me and my GED and pocketful of college credits up all you want! But serious, somewhere between dumb and stupid is the folks at Pencader. It was quite obvious Pencader was lacking in one critical area and that was transparency. There was a window of opportunity to save Pencader! Frank missed it! My door was always open and I know the “Star Chamber” aka the power base behind the power. All it would have taken is turning on the lights! 

I had brunch in the Green Room with one of my old Rodney Club pals. We sat at our usual table in the far back right! You know the power table! Publius, I’ll never out you because we don’t play that her and for some it would be walk on the wild side. Publius it doesn’t look good for Pencader. Your buddy can call in all the chips he wants! However, word has it if the coach is fool enough to keep Pencader on the team a big call will be made and coach will be heading back to the Rodel boys! Coach is a very personable sincere person. But he don’t understand the real power structure of Delaware. RTTT funding is winding down and RTTT exit strategies are pretty much set. Markell is a lame-duck but needs to sow the seeds for the next leg in his, from a Friendly’s Soda Jerk to a Washington insider journey.

Publius, for the sake of our mutual respect please ask Frank once the state board votes unanimously to close Pencader that he see it through to the end. We need to make sure the transition for Pencader students looking for other placement goes smooth. I know other charters and districts will have sensitivity to the needs of those students. You might feel the pain for Frank but now it’s time to feel for the kids that adults once again failed! Also. let’s not forget the amazing teachers who were victimized by this lack of transparency. I am sure those who are looking for jobs will finished the year. 


The time has come to limit the role of the United State Department of Education in K-12 eudcation #netDE

The time has come to limit the role of the Untied States Department of Education to oversight / compliance of federally funded K-12 programs approved by congress and law governing discrimination within public schools.

The United State Secretary of Education with the blessing of the President of The United States has circumvented federal law via NCLB waviers Title 1 Section 1118 reducing meaningful shared decision-making established under Section 1118. Happy Birthday Dr. King. I’d rather use my voice to promote civil rights on your birthday then pickup a broom. What Arne Duncan and Delaware Governor Jack Markell has done is taken civil rights away from parents and the community. Education is not the most important civil rights issues of today! Civil rights is the most important issue of everyday. The dream is a dream but the fight must take place in reality.

Arne Duncan has used Race to The Top the largest Wall Street education ponzi scheme since the Bush brother’s profiteering high-jacking of NCLB; NCLB aka the Bush Family retirement plan OK’d by Obama. Arne Duncan used discretionary funding to bait cash-strapped states into allowing Race to The Top a deep-seeded attempt to reform the public school systems across American. It is not the original intent of the establishment of the United States Department of Education to extend it’s reach into local school board decision-making. Race to The Top is a federal K-12 educational supplemental “grant” not a federal mandate or law! United State Congressman (R) Chairman of the House Education and the Workforce Committee has allowed Arne Duncan to rule public education and give Wall Street a window of opportunity to profit further off the backs of poor children. I call on Congressman Kline to step down and chairman and resign as congressman. 

Local public school authority should not be held hostage by Arne Duncan or Jack Markell. Both have links to Wall Street capitalists who are profiting from Race to The Top. The time is now to stop the profiting off of educational programs that were meant to serve our children of poverty. Both will be honoring Dr. King’s birthday and dream but yet both are undermining the voices of civil rights that came before them. The surge worked, no more local school board control Posted on January 19, 2010 by kilroysdelaware  Beyond the NCLB numbers game Posted on November 28, 2010 by kilroysdelawareReduce the size and  role of the United States Department of Education and return the money back to the states.

Public schools belongs to the public not Wall Street, not Arne Duncan, not Jack Markell and not even the president. As far as my friends in Wilmington Delaware, your children fail to be served by the public school system because you have failed to maintain the civil rights movement! Somethings I think, I am the white guy in Delaware who keeps the work of William Hicks Anderson alive. I never met the man as he passed before my involvement but I was touched by his disciples. I’ve traveled in the circle of those Title 1 parents and advocates who carry the torch Hicks Anderson lit. Sure he was loud and outspoken and yes sometime insulting. But sometimes and man needs to be a man!

If we are to have a day of service to remember Dr. King perhaps we need a day of action to move his dream of civil rights forward. Teaching little brothers and sister how to join together to clean the community is fine and noble. But we need to teach them how to “reclaim” the community for the sake of civil rights that should be afforded everyone equality and that includes education. Stop the building of interment camps called schools designed for at-risk students and build diversified schools with all the bells and whistles non at-risk students have in the suburbs.

Consolidate New Castle County School District not for money but for kids #netDE

The time has come to consolidated New Castle County public schools into one district. Create Choice schools with free Choice transportation to and from the schools. Expand successful magnet schools such as Cab and Conrad. Add more “teachers” in schools that struggle and mandate smaller class sizes without waivers. Set the Common Core Standards and tell Dover and Washington to get out of the way of dictating programming, staff development and pushing programs like Teach for America. Just get out of the way! Teachers pay; pay all teachers the same (with current step system) throughout the county and compensation for those who work in Wilmington re: city wage tax.

Reduce the size of the Delaware Department of Education and make the position of Delaware Secretary of Education an elected positing who works for the people. Keep all vocational related courses in Votech! As far as votech keep the current votech districts intact as they are. We have a New Castle County Votech District and need one for traditional schools. Charter schools, no more but allow those existing successful charter schools flexibility to grow but put the oversight under the county school district control. If we want more charter schools build more magnet schools or better yet convert under-utilized traditional school into magnets. And yes school vouchers for the at-risk students! We’ve failed them over and over and over! Give them a ticket out until we get our broken public school system fixed! Stop blaming teachers and start blaming Dover and Washington. As far as those teacher bonuses! Let’s pay teacher for doing their jobs like the rest of the non Wall Street working people! Teacher evaluations / quality! Let’s get it right! Provide real staff development to help the promising less experienced teachers and ongoing training to sharpen skills of all teachers and administrators. But when it’s time to terminate ineffective teachers we need to DO IT! One more thing, no more VT. Get help, retraining or get out of our schools. 

School funding you say? Let’s fund traditional schools like we do votechs! Do it by legislation! No more referendums. But be damn sure we have TRANSPARENCY.

Remove the control of the Delaware State Board of Education out from under the direct political control of the governor and move the board to an elected positions with pay. Four-years terms with two-term limit. 

DSPAC / Delaware State Parent Advisory Council, stop the DE DOE Kool-aid pouring fest. Restore the voice of parents of this group back to when William Hicks Anderson broke-down barriers to establish that voice. 

New Castle County School Board would consist of 12 members.