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Lizzie is gone dizzy !

Mission Impossible: SOS Game Time! by Children and Educators First.

Has Publius become a blogger? And to the Lone Wolf, looks like you clipped one of my photoshops and manipulated it. :). You’ll be getting an invoice! WTF is this???????

Twitter me this Delcastle #DelcastleSocMed #netDE

Class guides Markell’s social media strategy: Students study Twitter usage ahead of governor’s trip Written by Wade Malcolm The News Journal

It was around noon on Friday when Gov. Jack Markell announced a major trade mission to India.

“#DelcastleSocMed students: Thank you for helping us communicate beyond our borders. Let’s work together to rally #NetDE to reach India!,” Markell said from his Twitter account.

No doubt today’s technology moves news faster than a speeding bullet and faster than Superman swooping down to save Lois Lane. However, in regards to the context of news within the news, aren’t there any concerns or questions about Markell’s world travels on the taxpayer’s dime? Between Markells trips to Washington D.C. helping Arne Duncan mixing the Race to The Top Wall Street ponzi scheme Kool-Aid and his leadership position with governor’s association, I want to know who is doing the governor’s duties? Also, where is the expense reporting for these trips?  It seems like Jack is out of the office more than he is in. Governor Markell is the self proclaimed education czar of Delaware and now he want to be secretary of state, CEO and CFO!

So its great Governor Markell is Twitter happy showing high school students how he can hang with them on social media-sites. I’ll bet he is a joy at the dinner table texting Grasshopper under the table, “OMG mom’s meatloaf  SUX” and  Grasshopper fires back “TFF” ! His dog probably has a blackberry firing one in the mix, “LMFAO”.

Come on Jack, put the $$$$$$ out there for all to see and please don’t Tweet me TFB.  LOL 🙂

Something Delaware parents and high school freshman needs to know. #netDE

4.0 Credit Requirements Beginning with the Graduation Class of 2016 (Freshman Class of 2012-2013)

4.1 Beginning with the graduating class of 2016, a public school student shall be granted a State of Delaware Diploma when such student has successfully completed a minimum of twenty four (24) credits in order to graduate including: four (4) credits in English Language Arts, four (4) credits in Mathematics, three (3) credits in Science, three (3) credits in Social Studies, two (2) credits in a World Language, one (1) credit in physical education, one half (1/2) credit in health education, three (3) credits in a Career Pathway, and three and one half (3 ½) credits in elective courses.

4.1.1 The student shall complete mathematics course work that includes no less than the equivalent of the traditional requirements of Geometry, Algebra I and Algebra II courses. The student shall complete an Algebra II or Integrated Mathematics III course as one of the Mathematics credits.

4.1.2 Scientific investigations related to the State Science Standards shall be included in all three science course requirements. The student shall complete a Biology course as one of the Science credits.

4.1.3 The student shall complete an English II course as one of the English Language Arts credits.

4.1.4 The student shall complete a U. S. History course as one of the Social Studies credits.

4.1.5 During the senior year the student shall maintain a credit load each semester that earns the student at least a majority of credits that could be taken that semester. A credit in Mathematics shall be earned during the senior year. Senior year credits shall include regular high school course offerings, the options available in 8.0, or a combination of both.

4.2 World Language: Students may fulfill the two (2) credit World language requirement by either:

4.2.1 Earning a minimum of two (2) World Language credits in the same language or,

4.2.2 Demonstrating Novice-high or higher proficiency level on a nationally recognized assessment of language proficiency, except English, in the skill areas of oral or signed expressive and receptive communication, reading and writing, that uses the levels of proficiency as identified by the American Council for the Teaching of Foreign Language, or as approved for use by the Delaware Department of Education.


Over the last few years Delaware graduation requirement has increased. The freshman class of 2012-2103 class of 2016 graduation requirement changes appeared to have added the option between “Algebra II or Integrated Mathematics III course as one of the Mathematics credits”. The addition was the option of Integrated Mathematics. But do note required graduation went from 22  credits for graduating classes 2011 through 2014 to 24 credits for graduation class 2015 and still 24 for 2016 with changes to option re: Integrated Mathematics III

The bar is much higher and I suspect greater pressure is on at-risk students. In spite of Race to The Top Delaware high school dropout rate inched to 3.9 from 3.7% I do want to point out the dropout rate increase was the highest for Hispanics going from 4.4% to 5.2% which is a major gain over a one year period. White and Black students saw an increase of .1%. Anyhow, Parents do need to be aware of the high school graduation requirements and do note this, four (4) credits in English Language Arts, four (4) credits in Mathematics”, Only 4 years of high school and mean  you child must pass English and Math each year.

As for Red Clay, the 2012-2013 Parent Handbook says this, “Promotion in grades 9-12 depends on the successful and sequential acquisition of credits toward graduation. The Red Clay Consolidated School District requires that a minimum of 24 credits be earned for graduation”. Folks, the Handbook really needs to give full detail otherwise parents really won’t know unless they go the DE DOE’s webpage and dig around. Red Clay could have at least notated DE DOE webpage for full detailed graduation requirements.