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Welcome Politically Fank Delaware’s newest blog

Frank Knotts moves out from under the blog DelawarePolitics  and David Anderson to expand his freedom of speech and takes his blogging to the next level.

Franks says this about his departure   

The site no longer, in my opinion, welcomes the open and free exchange of ideas that it once did and has instead become a site being run as a totalitarian site by proxy.

Everybody please make sure to visit Politically Frank   Delaware’s newest blog. To other bloggers please make sure to update you Blogroll to add Politically Frank

Red Clay to host EDtv @ McKean High School #netED

Red Clay News

EDtv and EDge to Launch

EDtv, Delaware’s first 24-hour educational channel, and EDge radio will be coming to you soon from the Red Clay Consolidated School District.

EDtv will be found on Comcast channel 965 – made possible by approval of the Wilmington City Council – and EDge is at 88.1 FM, with the call letters WMHS.

The television and radio stations are located at Thomas McKean High School, in a state-of-the-art communications center which includes a professional-quality television studio and a new, expanded radio station to replace one that has been operating at the school for years.

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I has a nightmare they were going to call it MervTV and the host was going to be Mike Mattews.

Then I had this one, Mark Murphy singing a song called ” The Red Clay”

So we’ll keep out ear and eyes open for the roll of EDtv

Red Clay school board gets bitched slapped out 4th & 5th honor roll #netDE

Here is the audio file of Red Clay’s board meeting Audio Meeting and see this Honor roll hot topic in Red Clay Consolidated SD Posted on January 15, 2013 by Nichole Dobo

No name calling here folks! Forget about the players from a personal perspective. Red Clay eliminated honor roll for all Red Clay 4th and 5th grade students. Again  don’t start the people shit and stick to the conversations relevant to topic. Listen to the audio during public comment segment. Two people spoke in regards to the honor roll topic. One was the President of the Delaware PTA and the other was a parent whose child was impacted. The PTA President apparently had conversations with PTA representatives in the schools impacted by Red Clay’s elimination of honor roll for for 4th and 5th grade students. Personally I support honor roll for 4th and 5th grades and you can bet if I were a PTA school level officer or parent my ass would have been there and “I” would have addressed the board. The power of one or two can be amazing but for something like this there needed to be a bigger outcry! 

Here is what I think I heard in the district’s non direct response. It sounded like they weren’t for an honor roll competitions at this grade level whereas some students self-esteem might feel alienated. Also, something about the Common Core Standards whereas, meeting those standards supersede the need for individual goal setting that traditionally was rewarded with honor roll distinction. Is there a message here that achievement is now a team-sport not a personal goal?  Yes indeed we have the so-called unintended consequences of Race to The Top and it’s evil twin Common Core Standards. I sense there is an agenda to move the grading system of elementary to a meets standards, exceeds standards and performs below standards to coincide with the upcoming Smarter Balanced Assessment test that “is” replacing DCAS. The Smarter Balanced Assessment is not a federal mandate and is tied the Common Core Standard that Governor Markell took it upon himself to sign-up Delaware public and charter schools. This includes Title 1 students where “federal” law under Title 1 Section 1118 required parental involvement in programming impacting Title 1 students. Governor Markell will play the NCLB wavier card! However, that wavier came after Markell set the new education agenda without “meaningful” participation of Title 1 parents is design and review of such programming prescribed by federal law. 

Delaware has a student assessment test called DCAS that measure academic growth that give teachers greater tools called DCAS. The move to the Smarter Balance Assessment requires the spending of millions of dollar in-which some is federal dollar. When federal money runs dry it will be on  the backs of local taxpayers putting more financial stress on district and charter schools finances.  However, those dollars could have been better spent with more boots in the classroom aka teachers. Now millions more goes to the Wall Street ponzi scheme. The PTA did get a grant to help “educate” parents on the Common Core Standards and in the audio you’ll hear comments that nothing in the Common Core Standards calls for such change is relationship to thing such as honor roll. Go hear for yourself and remember my comments are my interpretations of conversations and statement you’ll hear.

I think the Red Clay board needs to step-back and use personal experiences and not go with some Markell / Duncan scripted agenda. Local control is very important and we must not sell out to political agendas. No doubt during Markell’s trip to India he’ll be boasting about how he reformed Delaware’s public education to compete in the global economy as he seeks world business folks to move to Delaware. Perhaps parents and PTA need to charge up the Markell mountain! But you can bet he’ll play the local control card and in I can’t help you.