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The migration of Red Clay students to charter schools

School Year—————————————–FY13—-FY12——Change

Charter School of Wilmington——————-578—–570———+8
DE Academy of Public Safety——————— 27—— 15——— +12
Odyssey————————————————- 325—– 272——– +53
DE College Prep————————————— 67—– 104——— -37
Delaware Military Academy——————— 358—– 328——– +30
East Side———————————————— 58—— 72———- -14
Family Foundations——————————— 70—– 58———- +12
Gateway———————————————— 73—– 60———– +13
Kuumba Academy———————————– 66—— 68———– -2
Las Americas Aspira Academy—————— 56—– 46———- +10
Moyer Academy————————————- 53—— 48———– +5
Newark Charter————————————- 22—— 18———— +4
Pencader Charter High————————— 19—— 35———— -16
Prestige Academy———————————- 66—— 52———– +14
Thomas Edison———————————— 156—– 155———— +1
Providence Creek———————————- 2——— 1———— +1
Reach Academy for Girls———————– 67——- 60———– +7
MOT—————————————————- 1——— 0————- +1

Sorry for the alignment of numbers. The above was taken from a Red Clay board presentation. It indicates the migration of Red Clay students to charter schools. Do keep in mind these numbers don’t necessarily mean these student all transfered out of Red Clay schools to attend charters. Some may have come out of private schools and some may be kindergarten or first grade students who never attended a Red Clay school. But the fact remains, all students did preferred charter schools. I didn’t do the math but it does look like more student each year opt out for charter schools. 

Kudos to Charter School of Wilmington

I just love it when data is archived. Charter School of Wilmington Board of Directors Document Archive

The Colossus of Rhodey bids farwell to Judge Murry Schwartz re: desegregation #netDE


Ironically, again, state lawmakers back then utilized (or, attempted to utilize) an early form of what the entire state now has as law — school choice — as the remedy for desegregation. But that wasn’t (and never is) sufficient for the social engineers among us. Read more here ……….

Johnny and Lizzie playing ping-pong with Governor Markell #netDE

@GovernorMarkell gets sage advice after his State of the State. #netDE Transparent Christina.

When will you listen? It is not about pay and never has been, this is why the incentive bonus program was rejected by far more than accepted it last year.

Edu-Highlights from Hurricane Jack’s State of the State Address from Children and Educators First

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is a wrap!

Is the Delaware Department of Education in over it’s head with charter schools

4 new charter schools seek OK Written by Nichole Dobo The News Journal

Delaware MET would be a New Castle County high school with up to 528

The Design Lab would serve high school students in New Castle County. The school hopes to enroll up to 700 student in Wilmington 

The First State Military Academy, a proposed high school in Kent County, plans to enroll up to 500 students

Pike Creek Charter School would serve grades six to eight in New Castle County. The school hopes to enroll up to 390 students

3 charter schools won’t open in 2013 Funding, finding location and leaders cited in delays Written by Nichole DoboThe News Journal

Early College High School in Dover

Academia Antonia Alonso in Wilmington

First State Montessori Academy in Wilmington.

I just can’t see how the Delaware Department of Education has the capacity to effectively manage more charter schools. They are making a mess with Pencader probationary status and OMG have you visited all the charter school webpages? Many are a mess with many lacking links to critical school governance in formation such as updated financial reports, required IRS 990 forms posted on webpage, board minutes and agendas and budgets, Now we’re finding out charter schools don’t even have to provide summer schools and there are concerns some are charging summer school tuition.

Steve is going to love this, I honestly feel DE DOE needs to get out of the charter school approval business and only allow public school districts to approval charter schools within their bounds if they desire. This is a 360 reversal of my previous position. Also, all eyes are on Red Clay in regards to Delaware College Preparatory charter school now on Red Clay probation. It takes vision to approve charter schools and courage to close the ineffective ones. I just think DE DOE has lost it’s credibility as an approval and oversight charter authority.

I am not saying don’t approval more charter schools or end charter schools all together. I am saying, DE DOE is in over it’s heads and we need some kind charter school approval and oversight body that can do a better job.   

DE DOE fixing errors in high school dropout report but Kilroy’s recalculation under review #netDE

Follow-up from this post Delaware’s High School Dropout Report left out Conrad & Cab #netDE

DE DOE correction here Delaware Dropout Summary Statistics 2011 – 2012

Hey Merv you owe me lunch! Corrections changed Red Clay’s 2011-2012 dropout rate from 4.1% to 3.4% and three-year average to 4.1% from 4,3% 

Godfather of Delaware’s White-Flight deceased RIP #netDE

Judge Murray Schwartz’s desegregation ruling and the havoc it wreakedby John A. Di Mondi News Journal Letters to The Editor January 18, 2013

There are few events in one’s life that affect so many as the 1978 desegregation order by the now late Judge Murray M. Schwartz. Uprooting tens of thousands of young children including my two children from their neighborhood schools to bus them into Wilmington, a hostile unsafe environment, at a time shortly after armed troops, I being one of them that had to occupy the city to preserve order.

Mr. Schwartz used his position like so many other social liberal activists to promote his private and others of his ilk’s positions. He is being lauded by others following in his tainted footsteps whom put their personal liberal agenda over a large segment of society’s own personal rights and aspirations. Yet his rulings went beyond the immediate chaos it caused. It created the continued demise of the public school system as we knew it into the failure it is today.

The white-flight repercussions spread into large abandonment of the public school system by any parent of any race who wants a safe and learning environment for their children. Thus the birth of charter schools and expansion of religious and private learning to escape Judge Schwartz and his followers’ grand experiment with our children’s future. It was hypocrisy by him and the Joe Bidens and others including our current president, who champion this cause, yet send their children to expensive private schools. It’s not the conservatives who exemplify this hypocrisy of “let them eat cake” but the social liberals like the late Judge Schwartz and company.

For many Judge Schwartz’s desegregation-order of Delaware schools particularly Northern New Castle County was simply called “force busing”. It was a boom for private schools to meet the demand of the white-flight aka white parents pulling their kids out of public school so that they won’t be bused to Wilmington public schools and attend schools with black children. A few were find some say! I guess when the population threaten white dominance it was time to go. 

As for the creation of charter schools, they where part of the white supreme plan to tactfully circumvent the intent of the desegregation order. Charters are embedded within Delaware’s Choice school option / law. Sounds like Choice schools is wonderful for all. However, with no Choice transportation funding by the state legislators who served under Governor Tom Carper; children of high poverty whom often were children of parents who had no means of reliable transportation couldn’t effectively participate in the Choice option. As for charter schools, current parents of charter school children 2013 are not part of the elitists who crafted Delaware Charter School Law under Delaware Code Title 15 Chapter 5. which laced “enrollment preferences”, The supreme creators  created barriers to ensure obstacles that would produce favorable racial imbalance appease some racist within the charter school movement.  It’s a tactful game of we have our charter schools and they their’s. Charters are allowed to create schools for at-risk students who often are poor and black and in the spirit of the Neighborhood Schools Act charter school with student population of near 100 black students is a good thing! So some day! And when questioned, some folks will reply, well why do they attend these schools if they didn’t want to be there? Sometimes I wonder if the outcry in Wilmington’s African-American community by righteous leaders claiming to be working in the name of civil rights isn’t more about, give me more money and I’ll tone it down. There is an old school-yard saying in regards to baseball, quit the bitching and start pitching! I don’t see many star pitchers in the Wilmington crowd in regards to demanding change! What about the Wilmington kids being bused to Dickinson High when in fact A.I. High School is closer? There should have never been a Choice option at A.I.H.S until all Wilmington’s children closer to it than Dickinson had feeder patterns resigned to the closest school called A.I.High School.    

As far as where Joe Biden sent his kids, I don’t go into dragging political target’s children into the equation. But I can say this about Joe Biden’s brother Frank Biden, WTF !!! Joe Biden’s brother Frank heads a charter school chain in Florida

Charter schools coined another phrase called the “bright-flight” and Charter School Of Wilmington a Red Clay chartered school is in ground zero of opposition to the desegregation order. But again today’s parents of CSW students  don’t have a clue to the roots of CSW. So no disrespects to them and their right to school choice. Great school and the school leader is doing good to help right the ship full of rattling chains in the cargo-hole. Bright-flight exit is also refereed to as the brain drain where “engaged” parents choice their children in charter schools looking for an environment conducive to learning. AKA meaning less classroom disruptions by those students who don’t want to be there and those student causing classroom distractions and I can’t blame parents for wanting their children out. However, the government who gave us charter schools failed to address the concerns within traditional public schools. When Governor Carper sighed the charter school law he also sounded the horn to abandon ship  re: traditional public schools or was it a seed planted for the Wall Street ponzi scheme? I’ll admit today’s parents, the ones engaged in their children’s education may not be using use racial prejudiced as a motivator to choice into charters or more desirable public school option . However, many narrow-minded people think all the disruptions in schools are caused by black students. If this were so true why are all the horrific crimes in American’s schools appear to be at the hands of white male students?

I guess the racist opposing Schwartz’s desegregation via so-called forced busing were too fixated on prejudice rather than creating a school choice system with “choice transportation” and ensuring “all” public schools had equity when it came to material, supplies and educators within. I am sure many black children would have “preferred” to stay in their neighborhood schools at the same time others many have not. Delaware charter school system and Neighborhood Schools Act are deep-seeded with segregation intent. Delaware Governor Markell the self proclaimed education czar and Skipper’s proclaimed “change agent” is well aware of the concerns. He is now coming of age worrying about how history will judge him and what they’ll say 100 years from now. Jack join my cause in moving school transparency one more step! You talk about putting more money in the classrooms but yet you aren’t doing anything about stopping the flow of money to Wall Street and surely noting to end a cycle of profit off of poverty. Jack even you must question why schools aren’t meeting the class size caps! Is EPER more important than early academic intervention. Wasn’t the intent of smaller class sizes part of that intervention? Jack, take the blinders off this so-called naysayer isn’t going to bite you!       

Is DE DOE playing game of Where’s Waldo with charter school applications?

Your job is to go to this link and review the new charter school applications and find Waldo; New Charter School Applications, Renewals and Modifications. For shame coach! I need some sharp eyes on this hunt. No dancing queens allowed.

Waldo has been found !!!