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Duncan is staying and wants to build on his successes

Arne Duncan To Stay At Education Department, Source Says; By PHILIP ELLIOTT 01/14/13 04:15 PM ET EST

WASHINGTON — An Education Department official says Secretary Arne Duncan will remain in President Barack Obama’s Cabinet into a second term.

The official disclosed the decision Monday on the condition of anonymity because a public announcement has not been made.

Duncan calls Race to The Top and moonshot! Sticking $4.5 billion dollars in a scud missile is what he did! It left Washington and burst open over Wall Street. And charters got screwed too! No federal start-up money for Delaware charter school applicants. WTF, we still have the Smarter Balance Assessment coming to a school near you in 2014-2015. Just when you thought is was safe to get out of the water re: DCAS

Delaware charter school brainwashing 101 #netDE

There you have it, Delaware adults using brainwashing techniques on children. This took place outside legislative hall in Dover and it was all in support of charter schools. I get the concept! And what message does it send by having DMA cadets leaning on rifles during the chant? But WTF! Public school teachers and administrators would come under fire by DE DOE is they had a field day with chants of save our public schools from federal intrusion. Yikes my bad! They all signed the Race to The Top MOU

Visit Transparent Christina to see more video and see their spin!

At least they could have brought in the Clemson drumline for a little backup.