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Lois Lane back from Krypton: Pencader might go Supernova! #netDE

Pencader report released today Posted on January 11, 2013 by Nichole Dobo

I just got a copy of the final report from the state charter school accountability committee.You can read it here.

Summary and Recommendations
Criterion 1: Governance & Administration – NOT MET
Criterion 3: Mission, Goals, Educational Objectives – NOT MET
Criterion 6: Educational Program and Student Performance – NOT MET
Criterion 7: Serving Students with Special Needs – MET
Criterion 8: Economic Viability – MET WITH A CONDITION
Criterion 9: Administrative and Financial Operations – NOT MET

“The Charter School Accountability Committee recommended that the charter for Pencader Business and Finance Charter High School be revoked”.

“Pencader’s plan for a new leadership structure has been effective at other schools; however, no mention was made about recruitment costs and no revised budget was submitted“.

The Board ought to have provided a new budget; have been more proactive; and made certain to communicate any new data”.

Although the Committee requested at the Initial Meeting that the Board and the school involve parents to increase transparency in communication, the response did not indicate involvement of parents.

Pencader Frank tiptoes out into the sunlight

Update to Update: Response from Frank McIntosh re: Pencader 11 JAN 2013 Children and Educators First.

Go check out this blog post here ………………..

In linked blog post you’ll see Pencader board of directors have individual non Pencader E-mail address except those employed by Pencader. (no sure why parent /PTO rep has a Pencader address)

Actually I am impressed to see board members open to direct communications! I only wish it was sooner because no way was I going to communicate via a generic E-mail. I am still skeptic because I see gmail.com is use by multiple board members and those E-mail can have default settings to one E-mail address for screening. Elizabeth did get a response from Frank but I am no sure if it was screened first. I am not paranoid, I just want know if I have confidential person to person communication line.

Certainly I don’t expect Frank or other board members to give out personal or business E-mail addresses because they do need some separation from their volunteer work and personally life. But I’ll assume the E-mails listed go directly to the board members. However, Frank can you be so kind to put a notation on Pencader’s webpage that E-mail addresses listed do in fact go to board members! 

Frank, I think Publius e decere is getting some sense to where my heart is in these issues! I have no vested interest is Pencader or personal animosity towards any current or former employees or board member of Pencader. I am about transparency! I do take issue with certain aspects of Delaware charter school law even the part where teachers get a 50% vote in conversion of an existing traditional public school. Yes my tactics my be obscene or offensive. However, the actions government which includes public education is offensive to the rights of the people in regards to transparency and real shared decision-making of the people. The actions of government are often more harmful than words of those who confronts government. Frank, your willingness to serve our community as a board of director is admirable just as it was for HE. How about it Jeff Gordon’s paint man? You think I am on the up and up?

Frank, I’ve been yapping about financial reports and detail board meeting minutes long before you. I was so far up Red Clay’s ass to publish line-item IBU reports it wasn’t funny and if I had it my way we would be seeing report down to the MBUs. I don’t want to see Pencader fall but rather see the curtain that blocks real transparency come down. However, the hourglass is about out of sand and no, I am not going to blame you! The former school leader set the hourglass in motion. Yes indeed their have been obvious personality conflicts among the players. 

Frank, obviously you are playing political chips collected allow the way via your community and professional involvement and that’s the Delaware way. Attempts to circumvent the process via politics is really as bad as me using this public forum called blogging. I use to be the good parents where people try to manipulate me into being a window treatment covering the lies in education and patronized   allow the way. The is this line where parents weren’t met to cross re: involving themselves in policy-making. If I had a student at Pencader you could bet the farm there would be full transparency long ago. 

Frank, I honestly feel Pencader’s end is near. I have no doubt “if” your calling in political chips payoff we’ll see better transparency. But Frank, transparency now could have made a difference! You claim the cards handed to you were tainted by the last board and school leader! So why wouldn’t you want to lay them on the table for all to see! Frank. Pencader’s financial hole is much more deeper than many suspect. Did DE DOE give Red Clay and Christina a recovery “loan” after their financial failures? The did and you were there at CSD to work with the DE DOE FRT. Damn, Kilroy knows what the FRT is ?

Sorry Frank, but your biggest failure is not putting the cards on the table showing the depths of the financial situation at Pencader. Me, I would have go more miles out of bringing in Tom Wagner to complete a full top to bottom financial audit. Surely with Pencader relatively small budget it wouldn’t of  taken long.

Parents of Pencader prior to school year 2012-2012 I was with you in battle to save Pencader and “we” did! Obviously you didn’t have board representation that had the courage to ask critical questions and demand answers. I know I am hard and play hardball but public schools belong to the public and if we can’t have a real seat at the table we need to speak up! I’ve been pointing the way for you to take back “your” school but you all went back to sleep all too trusting.  If you plan on fighting Markell and DE DOE please save some of that fight for Frank and the board demanding a real transparent public audit. The “bitch” incident put the self-serving egotistic wheels in motion and put the real interest of Pencader and the students second. It is amazing teaching staff and students stayed focused on success while the former school leader focused on self-preservation. Frank seems sincere I’ll admit that. However, no disrespect to him, who gives a shit if he wrote a book. It’s all about what we are going to do not what we’ve done. Sure highly successful effective management skill but a response to DE DOE shouldn’t have been a   résumé. Good luck Frank you’re going to need it and if you are successful I’ll make sure there is a legislative package to help with “our” transparency needs. If you believe you as one person can make a difference, I assure you “I” as one person can also make a difference. 

Publius e decere get some sleep tonight! Put the Maker’s Mark down! Face it , Carlyle Group isn’t going to retain you! 😉

Parents due refund from Delaware charter schools charging for summer school

One of those rumors floating around that some Delaware charter schools were charging parents for summer school!