Delaware’s High School Dropout Report left out Conrad & Cab #netDE

Delaware high school dropout rate decline has reversed trend going up to 3.9% 2010-2011 from 3.7% 2011-2012 

CSD PZ School Glasgow jumps nearly 2% and the worst of all of Delaware’s traditional high schools and 2nd worst of all high schools. Moyer charter dropout rate was 28.4%! Holy Cow !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dickinson High School cut it’s dropout rate nearly in half! Good job Mr. Murphy ! 12.1% to 6.3%

OK, I need some help! I cannot find Red Clay’s Conrad school code # 284 on this report! See table 13 page 13

Stop the presses! If Conrad isn’t listed in this report wouldn’t that skew the data?

OMG !!!!!!! Cab Calloway school code #286 isn’t on the report! Wow ! this data is screwed and skewed! See Table 13 page 13

Kilroy’s audit will continue

4 responses to “Delaware’s High School Dropout Report left out Conrad & Cab #netDE

  1. Publius e decere


    The footnote to those tables says that Special Schools (and ILCs) are excluded from the data. The exclusion of Conrad and Cab Calloway is not logical, I agree with you on that.

    I was riveted by the chart on page 14. Christina district is doing (actually, failing to do) something extraordinary in order to have such a high dropout rate compared to the other districts. Maybe if two of their board members spent less time here and more time on task this debacle could be turned around.



    • kilroysdelaware

      Yes I saw the chart on Special Ed and seen Conrad and Cab’s school code numbers and going back to Table 13 and not seeing them in sequence conformed my suspicions. The exclusion of those two high schools skews the data across the board. My guess is the bean-counters we’re confused with Conrad and Cab being grades 6-12 where as high school is 9-12. But still no brainier.

      I am still picking at the data! It like an f’ed up Rubik’s Cube. This error throws off the entire data. Also, I see a concern with published data in the school profiles suggesting enrollment at each grade level is questionable. But damn! Don’t have time for this brain twister!

      former Glasgow leader was un-enrolling truant students rather than follow protocol that could though doubtful provide intervention. Dickinson did step-up the game in dropout intervention and it looks like it is paying off.


    • Publius, your ignorance astounds once again. Why don’t you share what you think we’re not doing and I’ll clue you in on which board members support the correct path to success.

      Be warned though, you’re probably going to find out that, once again, it will be JY and ES who are trying to make the changes and the recalcitrant, entrenched, Markellian-Rodellian portion of the BOE is the one causing the outcome you deride,


  2. Dickinson has not only reduced dropouts but they have also reduced the crazy suspension rate they used to have. There are some very specific things they are doing that need to be emulated. When you think of improvements at Dickinson, everybody thinks “IB” but that is just a small part of it. They are doing worthwhile projects at every grade level to support student performance. I attended all the open houses, and as a result I choiced my son to Dickinson this year. I’m planning a longer post on Dickinson later.