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Delaware’s High School Dropout Report left out Conrad & Cab #netDE

Delaware high school dropout rate decline has reversed trend going up to 3.9% 2010-2011 from 3.7% 2011-2012 

CSD PZ School Glasgow jumps nearly 2% and the worst of all of Delaware’s traditional high schools and 2nd worst of all high schools. Moyer charter dropout rate was 28.4%! Holy Cow !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dickinson High School cut it’s dropout rate nearly in half! Good job Mr. Murphy ! 12.1% to 6.3%

OK, I need some help! I cannot find Red Clay’s Conrad school code # 284 on this report! See table 13 page 13

Stop the presses! If Conrad isn’t listed in this report wouldn’t that skew the data?

OMG !!!!!!! Cab Calloway school code #286 isn’t on the report! Wow ! this data is screwed and skewed! See Table 13 page 13

Kilroy’s audit will continue

Another Pencader board blunder! #netDE

Pencader Community Meeting!! Thursday, January 10th 6:00 p.m.

“Attend the Pencader Community Forum – Saving Our School on Thursday, January 10, 2013 at 6:00 PM in the school cafeteria”

Folks there are 9 board members and if 5 show up it would make a quorum an illegal meeting of the board. We’re not talking a school play or an event where there is no school business discussed. We’re talking survival of Pencader. Because the board wasn’t thinking 5 board members “can’t” join the school community for this “critical” event. Now how does that look when Team Pencader isn’t in force?

The board could have called a special board meeting or workshop with proper public notice under special circumstances outside a regular board meeting. Think by-laws people! Damn!

Waiting on Pencader Frank for those reports #netDE

Pencader Community Meeting!! Thursday, January 10th 6:00 p.m. Kool-Aid provided by new experienced board of directors.

I have no intention of backing away from our goal.  I will fight until the last vote is counted.  I am asking you to join me in the battle to Save our School.  It is clear that your support is essential, if we are to win.  Nothing of true value is won without dedicated effort.

Parents and students if you love Pencader PLEASE fight for it! However, PLEASE demand a copy of Pencader’s Financial Positioning Report require by the new board not the old, budget for 2012-2013 required by the new board not the old and the IRS 990 form required by this board not the old. If you all believe the old board and old school leader was dishonest ask why the new board didn’t call in the Delaware State Auditor to bottom audit? The board will ask you to write letters to the News Journal but where are their’s? 

Kilroy’s Delaware led the cyber fight last year to save Pencader and other bloggers supported the fight! It was a win for Pencader but you know how it went down after the victory party! You know, the bitch incident that lit the fuse. I was hopeful this new so-called experience board would do the right thing by putting the $$$$ cards on the table and call for an audit by the state auditor, It didn’t happen! I can’t be with you during this fight but to all who want to save Pencader “again” please attend this meeting tonight but demand the reports! 

Taking back Dover one step at a time!


Rep. Kowalko & Sen. Peterson

Reps. Baumbach, Jaques, Mitchell, Paradee, Osienski, Scott, K. Williams;  Sen. Sokola


This bill prohibits a former member of the General Assembly from acting as a lobbyist for a period of one year after such person’s term of office ends.  Any person who knowingly violates this section shall be guilty of an unclassified misdemeanor.  This bill shall take effect January 1, 2015.