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Cesar Rodney Institute calling for school vouchers #netDE

Cesar Rodney Institute Blog appears to be call for some kind of school voucher system

Education reform will be CRI’s top priority in 2013. There is general consensus that the education system as currently structured is not serving the students well, particularly those in areas like Wilmington and Dover, where parents usually do not have the  financial means to send their children off to private schools, and who cannot be guaranteed a slot in the charter schools due to bureaucratic processes. CRI is calling for legislative actions to allow the money to “follow the student”, where parents have options such as Education Savings Accounts (ESA) that give parents the financial opportunity to choose where they want to educate their child. We hope to inform and engage the public and the legislators into some serious action this year that will give students a big victory for their future.

You can visit Caesar Rodney Institute Blog here The group is very conservative with limited marketing skills.  They provide links to their SPN affiliates but not local blogs. I am not sure who their intended target group in regards to education is. Looks like parents ?? or Perhaps political junkies?  Looks like CRI is a bit frustrated with the charter school process; “Children who cannot be guaranteed a slot in the charter schools due to bureaucratic processes”. Not sure if that is something to do with the “specific interest” or DE DOE’s constant lack of capacity? 

Publius’s “expression of choice” seems to fit the bill for CRI’s call for a voucher like system. At least with voucher we won’t hear the cry for capital funding.  I am kind of good with vouchers as long as they aren’t permitted for religious based schools. So go visit CSI and read their full blog post and snoop around to see what else they have. You’ll have to use the back arrow on your browser to get back to Kilroy’s. Rookie bloggers over their but at least their Ivy League grammar is far superior than Kilroy’s.

Charter 101 for Pencader Frank re: IRS 990 / Title 14 #netDE

TITLE 14 Education

Free Public Schools


§ 509. School financing

(k) A charter school shall display on its website all standardized financial report forms for the current fiscal year and the final monthly standardized financial report forms for each previous fiscal year of operation. Charter schools that are required to file Internal Revenue Service Form 990 shall post the current and prior year Form 990 on the website as well.

Frank Title 14 isn’t rocket science. Please explain to parents at this Thursday’s Kool-aid fest why you have met provisions set-forth by state legislators in Delaware law. Please post the required IRS form 990, current financial positioning report and 2012-2013 budget report. Yes blame HE and former SL ! Do it ! But I don’t think DE DOE isn’t very impressed with your book. Frank we’re talking basic 6 Sigma Greenbelt stuff here!

Hard to believe Pencader is a school of business and finance! Frank, I know you’re outstanding achievement record in the community and I am here to tell you, Pencader is down to 20% re: staying open. How about a little gesture of good faith and put the reports and IRS 990 on the school’s website!

Earth to Water Boy in Dover !!! Come on now, you know that I know that you know!

Bayard school enrollment is down ??????? #netDE

As I was looking around re: last post on Bayard Middle School, I notice something odd about Bayard’s enrollment.

2010-2011 enrollment 598

2011-2012 enrollment 526

2012-2013 enrollment 473 

In 2006-2007 Bayard’s enrollment was 1.118

I don’t know what is causing the drop in enrollment and suspect a charter school impact. However, Bayard is a prime candidate for a grade 6-12 all Choice magnet school with preserving first Choice to current feeder pattern students. The city of Wilmington education conversation is boiling and sooner or later it needs to be addressed. The cost factor to operate Bayard at 473 re: heat, utilities and maintenance is a concern! Called it the Pencader effect! If the numbers go any lower CSD may be forced to close the building which will hand it to a charter and that will further damage CSD $$. 

Fact or fiction: 6 Bayard teachers sent home for wearing jeans

It was just brought to my attention that 6 Bayard teachers were sent home last Friday to change out of their jeans and return to school. Fact or Fiction ?

Bayard does have a student dress code and one would assume teachers do have some type of dress code. Anybody know the dress code for teachers re: jean or not?

Pathway to better education for Wilmington’s children

Follow-up from this Delaware New School Choice Coalition debate December 12, 2012 Posted on January 6, 2013 by kilroysdelaware

As many already know the city of Wilmington Delaware is is divided up into 4 public school district. But in reality 6 counting charter and votech systems.

We’ve heard many debates about neighborhood schools, Choice, and charters in regards to the city of Wilmington Delaware children’s  education. I’ve been to the public forums and marches where passion and anger runs deep. The time has come to stop the debates and “preaching to the choir”. The Delaware New School Choice Coalition needs to forum and internal committee made of community leaders with no conflict of interest in regards to education, members not looking for a pay check (meals refreshment fine), individuals who have had teaching and administrative positions serving “Wilmington” children’s public educational needs, member of the NAACP, parents, Wimignton Mayor representative and community members to meet with superintendents with all four traditional school district, representative representing charter schools within Wilmington  and representative representing votechs within Wilmington.

No bitching and debating or preaching to the choir. Goal would be how to effectively give Wilmington a “collective” voice in the needs of the children of “Wilmington”! Secondary goals would be, combined resources in after-school and Saturday education enrichment programs for student and a “real” advocacy programs for parents.  Parents are the makers and breakers in their children’s education. That goes for advocating for all children and making sure their children are going to school prepared and respectful. If Wilmington is a community that it needs to bridge the education divide associated with a splintered education system. Wilmington children need not be educational lab rats for the profiteers to feed upon. 

If public school districts are allow to create charter schools and magnet schools sure the can collectively create a school system K-12 in Wilmington as an option for parents. This means combining programs across district and creating a traditional high school for Wilmington based on all choice with of-course preference going to to Wilmington resident children with one requirement, they sign a behavior and academic contract. So this means a high school in Wilmington funded by each school district and employment of teachers with yes their representation of individual school district unions. Administration within with be chosen by the districts and compensated in equal parts. As far as K-8, I think the key is enrichment programming / outreach and summer education programs is the major key. As far a the city of Wilmington’s contributions, CRISIS INTERVENTIONISTS accountable to the city via a partnership with the WPD. Markell can partner his family services related organizations in. Damn did I just describe the village concept ! What are the other options? One traditional school district for Wilmington, taking down to two rather than four public school districts or all charter? Do we add in a voucher / scholarship system? I might not have all the right answers and some extreme. But I know the time to stop talking is long overdue! But not matter what, all parties need to get together forget about all  the debate and make a plan for innovation and a Wilmington system that one collective voice for education of children within!          

It’s a philosophical tempest that has more to do with adult conceits than with than with rock bottom fundamentals. Basically progressive educators believe in teaching “ways to knowledge” rather than knowledge itself. If their philosophy was reduced to a cliché it would be, “Don’t hand a hungry man a fish, teach him how to fish.” August 27, 2003 News Journal Norman Lockman. (Pulitzer-Prize winner)

Delaware’s 147th General Assembly has officially started

All the legal and technical stuff for the 147 the General Assembly has been passed by the senate and house!

I am confident we will see new legislation enhancing public school transparency and accountability.

The Race to The Top train funding is gearing down and our legislators need to step up and help return local control back to the taxpayers and community. Give the people more tools to be watchdogs over an education agenda that has drifted to far and towards Wall Street. Capital funding for charter schools is working it’s way to Dover. Any Capital funding without public ownership is a major concern! Vouchers or some sort of scholarships might be another issues coming. Publius coined a new phrase, “expression of choice” and vouchers adds to that expression of choice!

So good luck to all of Delaware legislators and please give us more tools to hold our traditional public and charter schools accountable.

“When the people fear the government, there is tyranny. When the government fears the people, there is liberty”. Thomas Jefferson 

Pencader to hold community meeting; come thank the new board president

Pencader Community Meeting!! Thursday, January 10th 6:00 p.m  Pencader Community Meeting invite 1-13 final.docx

I have no intention of backing away from our goal.  I will fight until the last vote is counted.  I am asking you to join me in the battle to Save our School.  It is clear that your support is essential, if we are to win.  Nothing of true value is won without dedicated effort. Frank McIntosh

I have no intention of backing away from our goal”. Seems like not providing the school community and taxpayers a Financial Position Report and a 2012-21013 budget report, no even a state auditor’s investigation is some kind of cover-up goal.

“I will fight until the last vote is counted”. What a drama queen, state board of education has eight members, eight vote. DE DOE charter review committee already voted to close Pencader.

“I am asking you to join me in the battle to Save our School”. One would think before joining the board and experienced change agent like yourself, you would have addressed the troop and prepared them for battle within a week of taking office! Frank, the taxpayers have a vested interest in Pencader and all we ask is audit, financial position report and 2012-2013 budget.

“It is clear that your support is essential, if we are to win”. Frank this is not a game of win or lose! Actually not a game but a responsibility of you a public school official being responsible and the public holding public school officials accountable.  Where is the audit form the state auditor! You want the public to trust you with our money while you standby and hold up the carpet and dirt is being swept. That is what it looks like Frank!

“Nothing of true value is won without dedicated effort”. And man who go to bed with itchy butt wakes-up with stinky finger! Frank somethings stinks about Pencader’s finances and you know! If you are a good steward of public money and trust surely you would produce the reports and budget and perhaps in-turn you would of had support. What happened at Pencader is not your fault but keep the windows of transparency closed is 100% your fault.

Change is in the pipeline!