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Pencader Frank hiding behind skirts to blitz Save Our School

Board President of Pencader is moving ahead with manipulating Pencader parents into a Save Our School blitz on Markell, Mark Murphy, DE DOE charter school office and the State Board of Education. Also, Letter to The Editor of the News Journal ! OMG I can see the comments under those letters.

Now he is going to give a brief report on the accountability Committee proceedings.  Why not give them and the taxpayers  a financial positioning report, a 2012-2013 budget and a complete top to bottom audit from the state auditor not hand-picked bean-counters!

Come on Frank! TRANSPARENCY ! Frank man-up and send your own E-mails! Wait ! I get it! If you did that people would have a way to communicate one on one with you.

Roundup the clueless sheep up and feed them the Kool-aid!

No comments on this post folks ! Just a Kilroy’s public service message.

I got round two down in Bethesda tomorrow with some power hitters! Big things are coming in 2013! TRANSPARENCY! USDOE OIG not happy with cheaters !  

Delaware New School Choice Coalition debate December 12, 2012

Listen close re: school vouchers! “Expression of Choice” right Publius?

On December 12, 2012, the Delaware New School Choice Coalition hosted a forum on the future of Delaware’s education system, and how crime and poverty are affected by illiteracy and poor education, primarily in low-income areas such as Wilmington, Delaware. The intent is to empower parents to make the education choices for their children instead of staying in a system that’s failing the children.

Speakers included Jim Hosley, Director of Education Excellence at the Caesar Rodney Institute, Business owner Sher Valenzuela, Councilmen Jea Street and Kevin Kelly, Pastor Derrick Johnson, , Dr. Nikki Castle, Lincoln University Career Counselor Ralph Simpson, and Youth Advocate Kirk Lacy.

Delaware Education Reform; Markell’s promises and lies

Promise of change Grading Markell’s; plan to improve Delaware’s schools Written by Nichole Dobo The News Journal

No matter where you stand, there’s been change in Delaware schools under Gov. Jack Markell.

Good and bad! The good a better assessment tool called DCAS that was in the pipeline long before Jack Markell took office and was a result of parents and teachers demanding and end to DSTP and replace it with a growth model assessment. The bad, Jack Markell a proud card carrying capitalist opening the door for overreaching federal intervention   The bad, Jack Markell hiring the Rodel clones who have put DE DOE charter school unit in a shambles. 

Almost three years ago, the state received national attention from a $119 million grant through the federal Race to the Top program. Delaware was an early recipient of President Barack Obama’s major education initiative. The state’s plan for change spans hundreds of pages, and it was signed by public school, union and business leaders.

Race to The Top is a short-term unsustainable federal grant not federal law. Delaware’s so-called plan is in clear violation for Federal Law Title 1 Section 1118. Title 1 parents were not part of the design, planning and review of the Race to The Top application. The righteous community leaders claiming to be working in the name of civil right sold out for a piece of the $$$ pie or to have the pleasure of kissing Jack Markell’s capitalist hand! 

As Markell prepares priorities for his second term, his first-term education legacy comes into focus. Delaware schools have seen a flurry of new programs and innovations in the past four years. And Markell’s supporters say he listens to teachers and encourages more input from more people into education policy.

Yea by time is all comes into focus Markell will be on his way out leaving the next governor a mess. Long live Judas!

“There’s been more change in the last three years than there’s been in the last three decades, in terms of just new ideas and new policy changes that are coming across the transom in our schools,” said Paul Herdman, president and CEO of the Rodel Foundation of Delaware, a Wilmington nonprofit that focuses on education issues. “People on the outside might not feel that, but people inside the schools do.”

Paul’s math is getting a little fuzzy! What about Rodel’s / business roundtable DSTP that rolled out in 1998? Charter schools, Choice Schools and the Neighborhood Schools Act? Lets no forget “The Rodel Foundation of Delaware was established in 1999 to help create one of the finest public education systems in the nation”. Rodel hung onto DSTP knowing it was flawed from day-one and it was parents and teachers demanding a growth model test which lead to DCAS long before Markell took office! Jack Markell was on the Rodel Advisory Board and jump off when he ran for governor. Follow the money and we’ll see who funded the Rodel pasty! One doesn’t have to look beyond the list of Henry Crown Fellows to see the agenda. 

“People on the outside might not feel that, but people inside the schools do.

No Paul, many of us feel the same thing when we bend-over to tie our shoes! It’s call the Rodel / Markell Deliverance! I can here the banjo and guitar playing now! Thank God parents like myself helped put an end to those 3-Tiered Diplomas that graded “children” like sides of beef giving Title 1 student the “Basic” grade. Thank God the good-old girls of DSEA stood with parents to end the social whipping post called DSEA.

Student scores on a new state test increased last year, but it’s too soon to tell if that will translate to better performance on national achievement tests. National test scores for Delaware students have shown incremental progress, with the state rarely standing out among its peers.

The test results are shewed and invalid compared to DSTP because of manipulation of the cut scores to produce better outcomes. DE DOE even screwed with the DCAS cut scores. But don’t worry the Smarter Balanced Assessment is coming to a school near you in 2014 via the Common Core States. Smarter Balance Assessment consortium is made up of 24 state who will be taking the same test. The Common Core States made up of 45 state failed to get all 45 states on board with the Smarter Balanced Assessment. Its going to be interesting how Delaware a member of the consortium is going to cry their way in to demand preferential cut scores.

And there is concern that despite an infusion of tens of millions of additional federal and state dollars, this trend will continue because, Markell’s critics argue, he has diluted local control of schools and pushed unproven strategies.   

Yep so true! Markell is using the dartboard school reform approach to what works and what doesn’t! He doesn’t care who gets poke in the eye from a stray dart and Title 1 kids are nothing but rats dancing across Jack “Skinner” Markell’s lab experiment.

Jim Hosley, director of the Center for Education Excellence at the Caesar Rodney Institute, a conservative think tank, said parents want quality schools now and he’s not sure the millions that Markell has spent will produce what the governor has promised. 

Now you know why Caesar Rodney Institute isn’t influential in the common man’s household. Are you for the top or bottom? Or perhaps all equally?  How about helping empower some promising at-risk students with some vouchers /scholarship to get out of these Markell tainted public and charter schools. Put the money in the hands of parents and not into Ducan /Markell’s Race to The Top Wall Street ponzi scheme! Empower the parents not Markell and Wall Street. Poverty should never be a profit center when it comes to education.

“I am afraid we are going to look down the road, and it is going to be 2015 – and that’s right around the corner – and we are going to say, ‘What are we going to do now?’ because we haven’t impacted it,” Hosley said.

Putting centralized government in charge of empowering parents of school children is a fool’s journey and the biggest scam in the history of mankind. Local school boards need to purge superintendents who kiss the hands and ass of Jack Markell. DE DOE held school boards hostage re: Race to The Top! “either sign the RTTT MOU or you’ll fund new state regulations aligned with RTTT”. I was there for Red Clay RTTT MOU board meeting! This crap my hands are ties is getting very old!   

Markell says the decisions he’s made have been driven by one desire: to build a world-class school system

Jack remember our 2007 pre-primary phone calls? I told you I was concerned with Rodel influence over you and that I was concerned they have their way with our schools? Remember how we shared the same passion for those below the achievement gap?  You lied! Then there as the DSEA debates where you seemed so concerned with”re-segregation and skimming and creaming of students” You lied! The only thing you are building is your political agenda and future! What you are doing by walking on the backs of poor children’s head pushing their faces in the mud is marching towards your next personal agenda! 

 “One of the things we’ve tried to do over the last few years is say we want to continue to invest in those areas where it will lead to a more prosperous future,” Markell said.

Show us your stock portfoilio Jack! We’ll see who has been investing in the Wall Street ponzi scheme.

Record numbers of students are taking the SAT college entrance exam, and enrollment in Advanced Placement classes has gone up. But there’s no way to know if the state is reaching college and career readiness goals because Delaware doesn’t have a system to measure it, although work is under way.

That’s because Race to The Top $$ is paying the SAT fees.  DDOE will fund student SAT fees, and provide data on LEA SATresults, starting in SY 2010-11 

Delaware students tested under the National Assessment of Educational Progress continue to score around the national average in math and just above average in reading and have seen only slight improvement in scores in recent years. NAEP is a widely used test that provides academic achievement comparisons among states.

Kind of strange! With amazing improved DCAS scores you’d think those gains would carry over to NAEP! Must look bad for Jack Markell who is a member of the National Assessment Governing Board

Delaware Secretary of Education Mark Murphy has kept a low profile when visiting schools since being named to the post last year. He says he wants to bring minimal disruption to the normal school day. He pulls aside teachers, building administrators and students, inquiring about what is working and what is not.

Perhaps he is hiding from the ghost of St. Mary’s! What a rock star doesn’t want to cause traffic jams around the school he visits! :). Mark, sponsor an open kids summit on education and allow them to “express” themselves. Handpicking window treatment parents to help pour the Kool-aid is shameful! Do you honestly think teacher and administrators trust you?  

The U.S. Department of Education allowed Delaware and several other states to change goals to better align with new No Child Left Behind goals. For example, Delaware no longer is required by the federal government to reach 100 percent proficiency on state assessments by 2015. The new plan calls for the state to show only test score growth, and the state has until 2017 to achieve it.

So now it’s Vision 2017 ? Kicking the can down the road again! I understand the growth model but lets not kid-ourselves, many student show growth but aren’t reaching the standards. 

But dramatic improvements needs to occur if the state hopes to reach some of the new goals. For example, about 35 percent of students with disabilities currently achieved proficiency on the last state assessment. The goal is nearly 65 percent.

Does this mean they’ll get a high school diploma rather than a certificate of completion? What is being done for these kids to prepare them for college or careers? 

Delaware State Education Association Executive Director Jeff Taschner said Markell’s administration listens more to educators.

Educators? Do you mean teachers or administrators?

Delaware has a reputation for doing most of its reform work under the radar, said Andy Smarick, author of “The Urban School System of the Future” and a partner at Bellwether Education Partners, a nonprofit that focuses on helping improve educational opportunities for low-income students

Of course under the radar! That way Markell can sweep his mistakes away without parents even knowing! 

“Delaware tends to be a bit quieter than other states about the progress about their reform,” Smarick said.

See Kilroy’s previous comment!

But a quieter approach can mean less progress. Smarick sees problems with Delaware’s approach because agreement on all sides can lead to “lowest common denominator reforms.”

A quieter approach reduces Markell’s chances of having egg on his face. “Delaware Secretary of Education Mark Murphy has kept a low profile when visiting schools since being named to the post last year”. See, so now you know how it works! 

Christina School District Board of Education member John Young says he believes the state has missed important program deadlines and targets. One example: The state’s plan says certain struggling schools will get monthly visits from a state team. Young says that hasn’t happened since the summer in his district.

The aren’t coming because they think your hiding in the bushes and fear you have critical question where they don’t have answers on the Markell script! 

It’s a powerful new program, but it will not work as envisioned if teachers don’t use it. Fewer teachers have been logging in to the state dashboards than expected. State officials say they are searching for answers about why they are not used more.

I thought the DSEA guy said Markell was listening more to educators! Why are state officials searching for answers? Damn, I forgot Mark Murphy is keeping a low profile.

The issue of solid follow-through has long vexed even the best education programs. Grant money comes and goes. Sometimes an idea works better on paper than in real life. Other times, leadership churn can hamper focus and direction.

Interesting Lois! Yep what the reform tide washes in, it will wash out! Take the money fill your pockets and wait it out! But keep a low profile and stay under the radar. It worked for Tom Carper.

To find these problems early, the state says it tracks data constantly. For example, state officials pulled the plug on a new a teacher recruitment program after the first round of educators weren’t successfully placed in schools.

What did that teacher recruitment offend Arne Duncan’s beloved Teach for America program?