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Courts and NLRB: Charters Are Not Public Schools

Lois Lane has the scoop! DE DOE calling for the closure of Pencader

Pencader responds to DOE prelim report: Posted on January 3, 2013 by Nichole Dobo

UPDATE 1/4/13: The state accountability committee today announced they are recommending closure of the school. This is not the final step. Scroll below to see what happens next in the process.

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Kilroy says, Pencader already had it’s review process last year and was put on probation. Pencader failed to meet the terms of probation and were lucky to get another review. Sorry to say, when you violate probation the judge doesn’t give you a new trial!

To this day Pencader’s new so-called experienced board failed to open the window of transparency. Failed to post financial position reports or FY2012-2013 budget once September 30th student enrollment was finalized.

To Red Clay, Christina, Branywine and Colonial school districts, please reach out to the students / families of Pencader and offer some choice options. 

Publius e decere calls it; “charter schools are an expression of choice”

I don’t have to agree with everything Publius e decere says but there is common ground.

Publius e decere said this in another post, “charter schools are an expression of choice”. I agree 100% with choice options including charter schools. However, I take issue with certain aspects of the Delaware’s charter school laws.

The Charter school “expression of choice” has made major differences in many student lives just as magnets and choice re: traditional schools. I hope Publius e decere supports me in the call for school vouchers / scholarships for our high poverty students whom many can’t met the academic bar for schools like Charter School of Wilmington and other charter school that require entrance test. A charter “express of choice” shouldn’t be an option to attend a charter school that is designed for poor minorities whom many are at-risk.

I said this in another post, “Using the failed public school analogy to justify charters and then have the charters closed the doors on those whom education reform was truly meant for is near sin. I think its really time for school vouchers for the throwaway kids! They shouldn’t be herded in schools of like kind and need schools with advance academic opportunities within when they are ready.”

I do question some of the pubic school reformers out there who see charters designed for at-risk students an alternative to public schools. I am seeing a two class charter school system and I don’t like it. Sure, “they chose to go there”. That BS is getting old! What are their other choices? If charter school with “specific interest clauses” the other public schools don’t want good kids who need a break and a learning environment to inspire and nurture their academic needs then I say, it’s time we add another “express of choice” called school vouchers via scholarship program. NCLB called for Title 1 Choice not to be confused with school choice as we know it! 20% Title 1 funding was designated for SES (Supplemental Education Services) and in Delaware there is no accountability for SES providers. To add insult to injury, NCLB waivers allows school districts to divert SES and Title Choice monies to the Race to The Top Wall Street Ponzi scheme.

It is time to put the power $$$$$$$$$ in the hands of parents of children in greatest of need and vouchers just might be that vehicle of power. Yes and I am talking about vouchers to private schools for the neediest students who show academic promise . If you for the “expression of choice” surely you must support another choice option.