Was Delaware’s Mega Charter Building plans too ambitious?

Community Education Building to open a year later than planned By Larry NagengastDecember 30, 2012

The Community Education Building, Bank of America’s gift to Delaware’s charter school movement, will not open until the 2014-15 school year, 12 months later than planned.

The delay will allow the building’s operators to “get it done right,” said Riccardo Stoeckicht, Community Education Building president.

Yea such a gift ! Tax write-off for Bank of America and a vehicle for furthering de facto segregation! One for the right guy, one for the white guy and same old for the little guy! Indoor playground and no sports facilities. I hope little Pete makes sure to post the asbestos and lead inspection reports.

But the delay was a major reason for two new charter schools, which had hoped to lease space in the building, to defer their planned openings from 2013 to 2014.”

No the two new charter schools didn’t pass mustard for federal seed money and their so-called management companies don’t work for free. I find it interesting that this information about the building for the two charter schools recently granted a charter modification by the Delaware Secretary of Education wasn’t communicated to the Delaware State Board of Education. The Markell puppet show continues.

“The focus for this project is to facilitate delivery of a world-class education,” Stoeckicht said. “And we’re not going to deliver world-class education, it’s the schools” which are chosen to lease space in the building.

So you’re just a non bias landlord? 

He would not discuss the status of other applications, saying that making any statements could impact others’ perceptions of the schools’ plans, but organizers of the First State Montessori Academy and Academia Antonia Alonso indicated that finding a home in the Community Education Building was part of their plans

LOL ! Come on you know little Pete’s one eyebrow uncle (sort of) has dibs on some space! 

In a posting on the school’s website, Oliver Yeh, board chairman at First State Montessori, wrote that the school had applied for space at the Community Education Building but the review process determined that it was “not a perfect match.” Yeh’s message indicated that the school will seek other sites in the Wilmington area and may reapply at the Community Education Building.

So the cat is out of the bag? First State Montessori plans don’t meet Longwood’s criteria for world-glass education? OR, is this all code for Montessori doesn’t need the management services of Innovate Schools? Yep! You gotta pay the corporate union dues if you want to play. I’d say the second part!

Kathy Laskowski, a board member at Academia Antonia Alonso, a dual-language immersion elementary school program developed with the support of the Latin American Community Center, said site selection and the delay in the Community Education Building’s opening were factors in the decision to defer the school’s opening for a year.

So why wasn’t this made clear by Sec of Ed Mark Murphy at the State Board of Education meeting? More proof Delaware State Board of Education are clueless and Markell puppets! 

“The Community Education Building would be easy. It’s a great setup,” Laskowski said. But other options are also being explored, both downtown and on the Wilmington riverfront. The site must be convenient to Wilmington’s Hilltop neighborhood, from which the school expects to draw many of its students, she said.

Yo Adrian didn’t you hear the landlord? “The delay will allow the building’s operators to “get it done right,” said Riccardo Stoeckicht, Community Education Building president.”  Great setup financial or politically? Because, physically it appears nothing setup. Will you put asbestos and lead inspection reports on your webpage once they are complete!

Two key reasons for delaying the building’s opening, Stoeckicht said, are a desire to have all the support services the schools will need in place when they begin holding classes and to avoid construction work in the building while school is in session. “This will be a win/win for everybody because it allows us to optimize our planning,” he said.

Yep Mr. Roper, all makes sense! So why the brain-fart now and not back when original opening dates were proposed? Damn! I keep forgetting, these schools didn’t qualify for federal charter start-up seed-money.

That infrastructure, Stoeckicht said, would include shared facilities such as a cafeteria, library, music and dance rooms and an indoor play area. Some sort of health clinic, possibly including dental services, is likely, as well as accommodations for after-school enrichment programs, he said.

Mr. Roper didn’t you say. “And we’re not going to deliver world-class education, it’s the schools” which are chosen to lease space in the building”? Is this code for Longwood and AI will provide the health services? “shared facilities such as a cafeteria, library, music and dance rooms and an indoor play area”. You mean to tell me it will take another year of ass-scratching to figure that one out. Was those shared services approved in the original charter school application of these schools. Don’t worry Big Pete will work it out with Card Carrying Capitalist Jack Markell in the Green Room! 

Cristina Alvarez, founder of the proposed Delaware Design Lab High School, puts it bluntly: “We’re going for broke. That’s where we want to be.

Excuse me lady but I only have a GED, pocketful of college credits and a copy of Rules for Radicals. “We’re going for broke”? Does thing mean your school is being model after Pencader? :) 

Nash Childs, chairman of the board of directors of the proposed Delaware MET High School, said the building is ideal for his school. Its educational program will have students spending two days a week in internships and the downtown location is close to dozens of such opportunities.

APPENDIX C • Consider storage needs for hazardous chemicals when designing the school. Here is DE DOE’s review of MET’s application   Do we want little kids in a building with high school chem labs? A multilevel building with stairways and elevators? DOWNTOWN???????????? Ok I am getting over cautious but let’s make this a concern for safety reasons! Let’s have a clear established “building policy and procedure in place” in-regards to all chemical agents, cleaning and educational related on file with DE DOE and posted online.

However, Childs said, the Delaware MET board is also looking at two other downtown sites and a third one on the riverfront.  

Yea, put down by the river front! I like that idea! 

Stoeckicht would not say that the building’s selection process is more rigorous than the one the state uses to approve charters. But he did say that “the big challenge is closing the urban achievement gap, and I can say we are totally in alignment with the Department of Education on that point.”

Is Mr. Roper suggesting lack of real capacity on DE DOE’s part. “the big challenge is closing the urban achievement gap”. So you are saying charter school application must have proven methods of doing this not ideas and unproven technique. Also aren’t you the guy that said this, “And we’re not going to deliver world-class education, it’s the schools”which are chosen to lease space in the building”. I though you were the facilities guy!

Go visit Transparent Christina for their spin!  Ed-Reformers often rely on tired and weak catch phrases like “No Excuses”. Check out the latest on the Community Education Building

Markell Delaware’s education czar is asking for a blind survey!

Survey will allow teachers to speak up Written by Nichole Dobo The News Journal

Delaware public school educators have a new way to make their voices heard with a program starting next month that allows them to give feedback anonymously on conditions at their schools.

What a F’ing joke ! Delaware Secretary of Education Mark Murphy with the obvious support of Governor Markell puts out a communication policy to “parents and community members” that they need not bring their complaints about charter schools to the Delaware Department of Education until they follow their school’s communication protocol. The problem with the condition of Delaware public schools isn’t teachers but politics that dominate them and all roads lead to Rome aka Markell. Judas sold-out DSEA members re: the limo deal and now dwells in the house Jack built. Also, perhaps there should be a rule if you want to be on the union leadership team you shouldn’t have children in private K-12 schools. 

Information from an online survey called Teaching, Empowering, Leading and Learning Delaware will be shared with the public for every school where at least half the educators respond to the survey. State officials say they plan to use the data to make more informed policy and funding decisions.

Wait isn’t this the survey conducted by a California organization?

Delaware joins about 20 other states that are using surveys to determine conditions at schools by asking educators in those buildings to provide feedback. Questions on the survey will seek information on a variety of topics, including school leadership, use of time, new teacher support and professional development.

Lightening speed those results will come back and we can implemented best practices right away! LOL ! Delaware is Delaware and why in the F are our teachers using the same survey questions as 20 other states when Delaware’s education and “teachers” are being held hostage by education czar Jack Markell and his flying puppet show led by Coach Murphy the gym teacher from St. Mary’s? 

The questions on the survey were selected because they address specific topics and research has shown the topics have an impact on student learning, said Atnre Alleyne, a strategic data fellow in the state Department of Education’s teacher and leader effectiveness unit. The state plans to combine survey results with other data, he said. This should help provide a detailed picture of what’s going on in public schools

I hope the multiple choice answers includes “bite me”. What’s going on in Delaware public schools is called overreaching hands of state and federal government. All this bullshit Race to The Top collaboration and PZ collaboration didn’t produce data on the barriers impacting the classroom teacher? I though all the stakeholder got together and had their love-fest and are singing the Common Core song! 

Educators have from Jan. 22 until Feb. 15 to respond to the survey. Each educator will be given an access code to log on to www.telldelaware.org. The website also includes information about the survey that the public can access, along with a real-time response rate tracker.

And you can bet your ass the teacher taking this real-time survey won’t see real-time data as to how other teachers responded. 

Results from the survey should be ready to report about a month after the survey window closes, Alleyne said. This is helpful because schools will have the information in time to make decisions about key events, such as teacher recruitment, that happen in the spring.

What Markell’s Jetson’s Uniblab can’t kick-out results in real-time? LOL ! Markell will obviously need to hire another administrator at DE DOE perhaps called Uniblab Response Manager to skew the results to keep egg off his face. How did this waitress-chaser ever become governor!

The Delaware State Education Association, the union that represents teachers and other school employees, supports the survey.

Was there are survey taken?

It is important for teachers to know that information they provide will be anonymous, Jenner said. There have been many steps taken to ensure that an individual educator’s response can’t be traced back, she said.

And they need a unique ID to log on to the survey site ? Why anonymous? Markell doesn’t seem like a vindictive type of guy! Wait! I get it, perhaps were talking about building principals and district superintendents? Damn that’s right, look what happen to Barbara for standing tall for teachers and student needs. Teachers with leadership skills willing to call it as they see it without hiding behind anonymous surveys don’t advance into administration. Yet those who turn the other way and back-stab colleagues rise to the top. The best why to fix the so-called problem is restore the right to “STRIKE”.  Ever since the right to strike was sacrificed for the sake of the kids education has turned to shit for the most part! Give the teacher’s “their” classrooms back! Send Markell back to Wall Street with the rest of his card-carrying capitalist. We need not to be capitalizing of the backs or high poverty students JACK! 

The survey, which costs about $80,000, is being administered by the New Teacher Center, a national nonprofit that has conducted the survey in other states. It is paid for with part of Delaware’s $119 million federal Race to the Top grant.

Why are we spending $80.000.00 of Race to The Top money when this collaboration took place as part of the RTTT application process? Just in case you didn’t know, federal money is taxpayers money! We paid once to complete the application with all the collaboration events and now we’re going back to ask more questions? O snap! I get it ! The right questions weren’t asked the first time! But WTF, next year is the last years of RTTT funding!

“This is another powerful opportunity that Race to the Top has made possible,” said Christopher Ruszkowski, chief officer of the teacher and leader effectiveness unit at the state Department of Education.

So now we know what happen to Skipper! He changed his name and got a job at the Delaware Department of Education

Lizzie is spitting nails ! OMG !

A MUST READ – How Did Lewis Become Pencader’s Registered Agent? by Children and Educators First

Go read it here and leave your potty-mouth comments there >>>> Now all we need is Johnny to start flipping cars!

Delay start of DSU sponsored charter school seems deceptive

A followup from Delaware charter school approval process yields more flaws Posted on December 28, 2012 by kilroysdelaware

The Early College High School at Delaware State University was one of 3 recently approved charter schools that asked for a charter modification to delay opening by one year. DE DOE’s report to the State Board of Education noted location of facility and no school leader has been located.

Here is a copy of The Early College High School at Delaware State University’s approved charter application and attachments

The Early College High School at Delaware State University, Inc., established by Delaware State University through a partnership with the Charter Management Organization (CMO) Innovative Schools, proposes to open a charter high school located on the Delaware State University campus in Dover that will have a curriculum focused on Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM). The school will replicate the nationally recognized early college high school model and will seek to serve particularly first generation college attendees in grades 9-12.

“proposes to open a charter high school located on the Delaware State University campus in Dover”. So someone had a brain-fart as to location but didn’t have a clue as to where on campus. Now this doesn’t mean they would use an existing build and not build a new building. So it could be a funding issue for a new building. Well wait one minute! This new school is part of a partnership between DSU and Innovative Schools. Surely Innovative Schools can broker a conduit loan with Alan Levin.

“April 2012 – March  2013 Secure modular buildings and prepare for necessary modifications for health and safety regulations; facility leasing agreement; design, contract, and execute renovations; procure occupancy permits; secure appropriate insurance coverage”

So it look like the school would be started using modular buildings aka portable class rooms. Perhaps the DE DOE charter school office was rolling state board members under the bus on the location issue. 

The search for school leader goes on?  “April 2012 – July 2012 Hire school principal CMO/Board; Recruit through Delaware leadership project (DLP), postings, outreach”.

The request for modification was to move opening from school years 2013-2014 to school year 2014-2015. Is the leadership talent-pool that bad? Don’t think so!

STOP THE PRESSES !!!!! ” Recruit through Delaware leadership project (DLP)” DLP is part of Innovative Schools is one of the school’s partners  OMG, look at some of the clones on Innovative Schools board of directors.

From the New Journal Written by Nichole Dobo The News Journal

In past years, new charter schools automatically got a grant from the state with money provided by the federal government. his year applications were sent directly to the federal government.

Nationally, 20 schools were selected to get the money.

The three schools that planned to open next school year in Delaware were not selected by the federal government to receive startup funding.

So it appears the delay of this school might have something to do with seed-money. Partner Innovative Schools though non-profit doesn’t work for free.

DE DOE charter school office reported the state board, Academia Antonia Alonso and First State Montessori Academy, both in Wilmington the other two charter schools given the same modification approved by Secretary of Education Mark Murphy did so for the same concerns, facilities and leadership. I highlighted The Early College High School at Delaware State University because they have the property and planned modular buildings. BUT make note, I do like this school’s plan and it’s great to see a charter high school connected to a university. These students will benefit from amazing campus resources. 

DE DOE charter school office officials are concerning and I feel the basis for the modification aren’t minor but rather major. The Delaware Secretary of Education has authority to grant minor charter modification request without state board of education input or vote. This is no good! Delaware State Board of Education is getting to be nothing but another Markell puppet sideshow!

So the charter game now is, put a good plan together and get state board’s blessing and go back later for delay modification so you can figure out how you’ll pull it off! 


Here we again! Is somebody ready to bail from Pencader’s board?

Dude you should of known better and got mama’s permission to get off the porch to run with the dogs! I heard her all the way down the street! YOU DID WHAT! THAT SCHOOL OF ALL SCHOOLS! 

Beam me up Scotty ! Pencader posted amended bylaws on 12/27/2013 and OMG

Pencader Charter Amended and Restated By-Laws_2012.DOC 

posted by corey.corbin on Thu, 12/27/2012 – 18:06


 Pencader Charter Amended and Restated By-Laws_2012.DOC

Article III Offices

Section 3.01.  Registered Office.  The registered office of the Corporation in Delaware shall be located at 170 Lukens Drive, New Castle, New Castle County, Delaware, 19720, and the registered agent in charge thereof shall be Ann E. Lewis. 

So Ann Lewis wasn’t the school leader in the sense of parents know as principle or superintendent. She had / has? a bigger role in the corporation component of Pencader aka president of the corporation not to be confused to president of the board of directors? Is she were the registered agent of the corporation what does this mean legally. 

OK, I confused as shit ! Where is a copy of Pencader’s  State of Delaware Certificate of Incorporation ? Why isn’t posted on Pencader’s website? Is Ann Lewis the legal Incorporator ? Where does this leave legal liability in relationship to Ann Lewis and where does this put legal liability of the board of directors? Who is the president of the non profit corporation? Where is the tax returns posted for this Pencader corporation? Did Pencader ever resolve issue with tax penalties for no filing proper documents?   

pencader education association – IRS.gov – Internal Revenue Service

Exempt Organizations Select Check

Exempt Organizations Select Check Home

Automatic Revocation of Exemption Information

The federal tax exemption of this organization was automatically revoked for its failure to file a Form 990-series return or notice for three consecutive years. The information listed below for each organization is historical; it is current as of the organization’s effective date of automatic revocation. The information is not necessarily current as of today’s date. Nor does this automatic revocation necessarily reflect the organization’s tax-exempt or non-exempt status. The organization may have applied to the IRS for recognition of exemption and been recognized by the IRS as tax-exempt after its effective date of automatic revocation. To check whether an organization is currently recognized by the IRS as tax-exempt, call Customer Account Services at (877) 829-5500 (toll-free number).

Revocation Date (effective date on which organization’s tax exemption was automatically revoked):


Employer Identification Number (EIN):


Legal Name:


Doing Business As:


Mailing Address:


NEW CASTLE, DE 19720-2727

United States

Exemption Type:


Revocation Posting Date (date on which IRS posted notice of automatic revocation on IRS.gov): 22-Feb-2012

To all, let’s not getting to past performance  of Pencader’s former school leader or former board members. There are some serious questions relevant to Pencader going forward and to the “new” board’s “experience and leadership” they bring to Pencader.

To Secretary of Education Mark Murphy: Honestly, do you really know what’s going on? If in fact Pencader lost it’s non profit status. Does this puts their legality as a Delaware charter school into question! The DE DOE charter review committee notes that Pencader is to reapply by 12/01/2012! Hello!!! They have unresolved $$$$ filing penalties. You don’t get your electric turned back on without paying outstanding bill!   

To the Delaware State Legislators: You’ll soon be presented with some legislation enhancing transparency of public / charter schools and not from Markell’s puppet charter committee.

New Pencader board of directors deliver transparency! PLEASE !

Again . please no hashing out former school leader and board actions or inaction. We’ve pretty much beat that horse to death! 

FYI speaks out in favor of Pencader but path forward needs sunlight

FYI, on December 29, 2012 at 11:58 am said:

The past Board Leadership allowed the former School Leader to almost destroy the school, the current BOD. will boost enrollment along with setting Pencader up to being at Top School in the Nation. They have done this in the past with other ventures they have been apart of. They have the experience and the knowledge to make this happen. Pencader has a new Governing Body and if DOE. and the State BOD. allow Pencader another chance, all will see what a competent board can accomplish

This comment was pulled from another post! FYI all is welcomed here and thank you. However, the past board leadership still exists within the new board leadership. I’ve reviewed the credentials of the new board leadership and agree they are promising. But from what I read, the former board leadership was divided with those pro and con to former school leaders (folks we don’t need to get into name calling). This wedge destabilized any sense of reasonable governance of Pencader charter school. Also, I don’t feel parents and students have a real voice on the board that puts their interest over that of the adults that run Pencader. But on the flip-side parents have failed to take an active voice in respects to transparency. To date, the new experienced and knowledgeable board members fail to provide the public a up-to-date financial positioning reports and a 2012-2013 budget. But honestly, I put some of that blame on the Delaware Secretary of Education Mark Murphy’s lack of capacity and leadership. Much of Pencader’s downfall is a direct link to leadership and that leadership includes the charter school DE DOE oversight body. Remember, Pencader was on probation  before all the new events. DE DOE knew of internal power struggles of Pencader going far beyond the norm. Once the Delaware Charter Schools Network suggested that the entire (former) Pencader board of director step-down because they didn’t support the school leaders (former) the fire burned out of control! The Delaware Charter Schools Network apparently is active with the new board of directors appeared to have supported the former school leader. This is unbelievable!  A new Pencader needs to purge all of those who took part in protecting leadership failures including board member, school leader and third parties.  

FYI please do continue your fight and cheerleading for Pencader. I did the same last year when DE DOE was poised to close Pemcader. But with all honesty, the new board is missing the window of transparency needed. I am big on seeing board meetings recorded and put online and stressed this for Pencader last year. Much of Pencader’s problems stem from lack of transparency and timely communications Open the windows and turn on the lights and the rest will fall in place! Real leadership must be willing to stand before the public protecting no one or hiding anything! A Top School requires Top Leadership willing to be open!

Good luck and I hope the new board can pull a rabbit out of the hat. You are welcome here but give us some substance to the path forward. But until there is a clear path in establishing transparency and financial records are up to date I must support the call for revocation.      

What will you do when your HR manager tells this re: healthcare

As the reality of Obamacare approaches many businesses are reviewing their overhead costs in which company provided healthcare is a biggie! The federal government is mandating employers to provided healthcare that was once a “benefit”. Nothing in Obamacare requires employers to provide healthcare to the employee’s “family”. Don’t be surprised if your company’s HR manager has one of those mandatory employee meetings and in the meeting you might be told the company will no longer share in the cost of providing healthcare to the employee’s family. However, some may offer the option to the “employee” to pay full cost of adding family members. So now you are stuck with paying perhaps $600.00-$1000.00 per month to cover your family. But don’t worry Uncle Sam will let you purchase healthcare for your family through a state federally sponsored plan. Has anyone seen the premium schedule for this option? Perhaps you could get a better deal than what your employer has offered. Either way it is going to $$$$$$$ HURT. 

Most of the poor in American are already on Medicaid and elderly 65 and over are on Medicare with more out of pocket cost for those on Medicare. So with Obamacare which group of people are going to be impacted the most by Obamacare? I say the working poor who make above the poverty level fighting to stay lower-middle-class. The middle-class as we know it is shrinking along with their quality of life.

So when your employer delivers the bad $$$ news don’t be pissed off at them and be thankful you have a JOB. Some unemployed people especially middle-age have a better chance of winning the lottery than finding a new “career”.  

Pandora’s House of Liberals (DL) bitched slapped Senator Carper

By Delaware Dem

I want to thank Senator Coons for voting against the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act extension of warrantless wiretapping, otherwise known as the Repeal of the Fourth Amendment to the United States Constitution. Senator Carper voted for it like a true red conservative Democrat.

go here……………. to see it all ………………

OMG ! Santa didn’t bring Lizzie a Barbie Doll; she is lashing out at Coach Murphy re: Delaware charter schools and more!

Pencader Prediction – Why Murphy Wins if He Revokes Their Charter

 No one can deny that life under DE. Sec. of Education Murphy was been pretty humdrum.  The turnaround unit is belly-up.  DEDOE employees fleeing Dover to districts have been reclassified from resignation to “transfer” on all SBE reports.  Murphy has yet to come out with a strong stance on anything education.  If a stay-at-home mom with nothing better to do than blog can see it, surely Murph knows its time to take a stand and be accountable for something.  Pencader is Murph’s out.  And that doesn’t bode well for PCS. 

Sorry for the blog title and Steve will right it off as creating movement. Me, I call it creative blog marketing :) Anyhow, Lizzie at Children and Educators First blog really pushed out a winner of a blog post, Go read here ……….. and comment there……….


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