Random drug testing needed at News Journal re: Education / RTTT

Delawareans should re-elect Markell and Denn: News Journal Opinion /Our View

Gov. Markell also has taken on educational reform. Under him, Delaware was a big winner in the federal Race to the Top money. The administration instituted a new student assessment system and an evaluation program for teachers.

Markell bullied local school boards into signing the Race to The Top MOU with threats of state education budget cuts and forcing local taxpayers to fund new state education regulations aligned with Race to The Top. As far as the new student assessment system, DCAS was already in the pipeline without Race to The Top and replaced DSTP. The only change in teacher evaluations was handing them Xanx befor bending them over. Also Markell cut a deal with Judas to help pour the Race to The Top kool-aid.

Will they work? His opponents say all he has done is create a bigger bureaucracy and a complicated system that is choking education in the state. But Gov. Markell didn’t make the Race to the Top rules and the student assessment system is a great improvement over what went before it. In addition, the administration managed to develop a teacher evaluation system with the help of the teachers union. That is something other states have failed miserably at.

Markell added six-figure $$ administration job at Delaware DOE creating the RTTT / School turnaround unit. Markell agreed to the rules for Race to The Top a federal competitive grant “NOT” a federal mandate. The new assessment system had nothing to do with Race to The Top. “The help of the teacher union” with the help of Judas who was rewarded with a DE DOE job. Shame on her!

School improvements need time to develop. The same is true for the bold strokes of the Fisker and Bloom deals. If the world’s economy were humming along, if our students all came from well-tended families that read to them and encouraged learning, Mr. Markell’s efforts could easily be dismissed. But that is not our world.

I think its time to send in the drug dogs at the News Journal to sniff-out the crack. The only bold strokes Markell is making is with his Johnson.

That is why we recommend the re-election of Jack Markell. He has brought a sense of energy to the governor’s office. He has attacked problems and he has found solutions.

The only solution Markell has found is in his hand. If Markell wants to stake his claim on successes shouldn’t we hold him accountable for the failures within DE DOE Charter School Unit re: Pencader? Markell hires a gym teacher with three years experience in teaching gym and two years as a school administrator. Doesn’t Delaware’s school children deserve a high quality proven secretary of education?

The position is more effective if the lieutenant governor worked with the administration.

Didn’t we try that with Minner / Carney and Minner rolled Carney under bus for Jack Markell. Its obvious the Delaware GOP is not serious about unseating Markell and perhaps there is a deal being cut for 2016. The Delaware GOP led by Pete and Re-Pete holds up the stop sign when confronting Markell on his flawed education plan aka Wall Street ponzi Scheme. Education represents nearly one-third the state budget and it seems to be a non issue with the right! Republicans traditionally support less federal intervention in state and local control yet, in Delaware the power brokers on the Republican Party seem to be on board with Race to The Top giving Markell a free pass. Race to the Top “grant” funding will end soon and because of state education regulation are aligned with RTTT local taxpayers will fill the financial whole left when the grant is gone.

Mr. Denn, in his own right, has been a leader in making schools more effective through cost controls and programs for all students.

And chaining Matt Denn to Markell’s coattails will be the downfall of Matt Denn. Markell is a user and he’ll step on the backs of poor childrens’ heads to obtain his  egotistic capitalistic political goals. Those local politicians who are awl-stuck and rubs shoulders with Markell will walk away with Markell shit all of themselves.

When is comes to education, Jack Markell is worst Delaware governor on education and thinks nothing of participating in the Race to The Top Wall Street ponzi scheme. And you can bet the card carrying capitalist is cashing in on this ponzi scheme. 

Markell will in another term with 68% of the votes if not more. Denn will win at a higher margin then Markell! However, if Denn republican opponent keeps working she’ll be a shoe-in come 2016. I am not so sure Denn will advance come 2016 because Markell failed education reform will be exposed and Fisker in no way will meet it’s promise with the loan grant. Also, you can bet Markell will convert that loan into a grant even if Fisker fails to meet promises made.

So for all of you who toast Markell on his 2nd term win enjoy the piss in the champagne. Yes Steve I did vote for Markell re: first-term. So I know what the piss taste like. 

Delaware needs to amend it’s discrimination laws re: sexual orientation

On June o4, 2009 Governor Markell signed in to law, Senate Bill #121


The heart of this legislation is, “As such, this Act would forbid discrimination against a person on the basis of sexual orientation in housing, employment, public works contracting, public accommodations, and insurance.”

After years of blogging Kilroy’s has a pretty good outreach. All are welcome here and Kilroy’s mission is rooted in fighting for social justice. The change in this law needs to add transgenders “gender identity” next to sexual orientation. 

Does anyone see any objections to such an amendment ?

If you want to help this cause please contact the sponsors and cosponsors of Senate Bill 121 and ask that they amend it.

Delaware Secretary of Education Murphy needs to step-down

Pencader slips in Special Meeting with a 1 pm start time? Trying to Disenfranchise Parents, Tax Payers? from Children and Educators First

1. Did Pencader provide seven days notice? http://pencadercharter.net/busfin/ The meeting would have to be posted by 1 pm on October 26, 2012.  Unlike every other item on the website, one cannot see the posting date/time of this event. Thus, one could argue that it wasn’t and the deletion of the posting info is intentional..

The appointment of Mark Murphy as Delaware’s Secretary of Education has been a train-wreck. Three years of teaching experience in physical education and two years experience as school administrator is poor qualifications for such a position.

I cannot believe Pencader Charter School board of directors are still playing games with meetings re: proper public notification. Also, as of this date no annual 2012-2013 budget has been posted, no current Citizen Budget Oversight Committee reports or minutes have been posted and there are serious question to the integrity of those sitting on the CBOC. 

If you listen to the Delaware State Board of Education October’s meeting recording you’ll hear DE DOE Charter Schools Unit manager say it won’t be until February 2013 before the state board votes on any action regarding Pencader “under review” status. Pencader is on probation from the last review and shouldn’t be afforded the same lengthy due process. I think all this DE DOE incompetence is code for, we don’t have the capacity to make hard decision to ensure quality education, open transparency and fiscal responsibility to the taxpayers.

It is quite clear the DE DOE Charter School Unit has lost it’s capacity to be effective in regards to charter school oversight and accountability. A private is only as effective as his general. It is quite clear Delaware’s Secretary of Education lack leadership skills that inspires others or effectively lead others. He either needs to change the capacity structure of DE DOE or step-down.   

Gov. Markell lowers driving ban from level 2 to level 1

Gov. Jack Markell is easing a driving ban issued for Superstorm Sandy but still cautions drivers that many roads are impassable.

The “level 2” ban for all but essential personnel was changed at 8:30 a.m. to a “level 1” warning urging motorists to use

( Level One Driving Warning: Drivers are discouraged from operating a motor vehicle on the state’s roadways, unless there is a significant safety, health or business reason to do so.) 

Tracking Delaware Gov. Markell’s hurricane performance

So far Delaware Governor Jack Markell earns a Kilroy Gold Star for his leadership in preparing for Hurricane Sandy and her evil nor’easter stepbrother. I’ll admit (Steve) I was concern Markell would put business interest before needed action to serve the citizens. We all need to be off the roads and allow movement of those protecting and serving us in these hours of need. It appears Governor Markell has invested 100% of himself in dealing with this crisis that honestly is just starting. Surely as the winds increases services restoring power will be disruptive. I am confident Gov. Markell is working on action plan to move out once conditions are safe for all responders to those crisis.

These are the times when leadership is really defined!

Power starting to go out in Delaware re: Hurricane Sandy

Here is a link to Delmarva Power’s interactive power outage map

I’ve been watching Delmarva’s power outage map for the last 24 hours and Delmarva has been doing a good job responding. Most outages only impact a few homes. However, I am now seeing a few area in the 100’s and wide spread, statewide. Things are going to get worst with increased winds and ground saturation. 

Do make note with increased winds Delmarva will restrict equipment re: men in bucket trucks and ladders. So if your power goes out be prepared to go without for many hours. 

Please support Delaware State Police request re: Level 1 driving warning

Update 11 pm: Governor Markell ups State of Emergency to Level Two starting 5 am Monday morning:

Level Two Driving Restriction: Travel on the roads is restricted to emergency workers, public utilities, healthcare providers including hospital staff, private sector food and fuel deliveries, and those industries, companies or organization that have been provided a waiver, including businesses with pressing continuity and operational issues.

Delaware Institutes Level One Driving Warning as Sandy Approaches by Delaware State Police News Room on Sunday, October 28, 2012 at 7:29pm ·

Smyrna, DE – Hurricane Sandy’s approach will make Delaware’s roadways more dangerous, leading Governor Jack Markell to implement a statewide “Level One Driving Warning,” which encourages motorists to cease any non-emergency travel beginning at 8:00 pm tonight.

“The storm is getting closer, the roads more dangerous and the need for caution greater. If there’s not a critical need for you to be on the roads, stay off of them,” Markell said. “I encourage employers to think seriously about following the state’s lead and allowing non-essential employees to remain home tomorrow. Emergency personnel are working hard to meet the storm’s challenge. Don’t give them the extra work of needing to come to your rescue,” Markell said.

Governor Markell signed legislation in 2010 giving the state greater flexibility to increase public safety by limiting travel during times of emergency. The three levels are:

· Level One Driving Warning: Drivers are discouraged from operating a motor vehicle on the state’s roadways, unless there is a significant safety, health or business reason to do so. 

I hired someone to clean my gutters and look what they did!

I hired someone to clean my gutters re: pending hurricane Sandy. I said, clear my roof!

Is Newark Charter “high school” setting stage for specific interest enrollment?

Checkout Newark Charter high school’s enrollment application re: page 2

1. Please indicate your Academy and World Language Preference.

2. The following are to be completed by student (please type of print you responses): Explain your reason for the choices above & why is Newark Charter School a good fit for you?

* Responses are not used as part of the acceptance criteria for the school.

Kilroy says, so why in the hell ask the questions? Perhaps I can see some importance to question 1. However, responses requested for question 2 seems to be probing for specific interest which in not part of New Newark Charter’s approved admission preferences such as with the 5 mile radius. Are these question asked when a student is applying to a real public school?  

OMG!!! More jousting re: Newark Charter School

Looks like the comment thread that flat-lined back in March just found a new heartbeat 

Newark Charter modification application might be in jeopardy Posted on March 26, 2012 by kilroysdelaware

Go here to see …………..


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