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Pencader riffs 5 teachers

Word on the street is Pencader Charter School riffs 5 teachers due to low enrollment.

My assessment of Pencader is, they are going to keep outsiders out as far as leadership because they need to protect the books and I feel the goal is to let the school implode in order to bury the dark truth. Bringing in a strong leader who would perform a top to bottom audit could case the need for investigations. The public has zero confidence in the Delaware Department of Education charter school office. It wasn’t that long age DE DOE reported the state board of education, “no red flags”. The sad part of all of this is, when state republicans and democrats are in the bed together re: public school reform the taxpayers lose and children are cheated. There is no way Pencader can delivery the promised made to provide a world class education. That can be done when the school’s leadership and board lacks class and integrity.

News Journal slams Pencader’s coach for inaccurate stats

Myers: Inflating a player’s stats is never the right call; BRAD MYERS COMMENTARY 1:30 AM, Sep. 30, 2012 EDT

As expected, eyebrows were raised around Delaware’s high school football community. On Sept. 21, I received an email from the coach of another team on Pencader Charter’s schedule. He had watched the tape of the Pencader Charter-Christiana game, and he thought Beeks’ numbers were wildly exaggerated. Read the entire article,,,,,,,,,,

Kilroy says; When a coach exaggerates the performance of a player it’s a disservice that a young high school athletic who is doing his best. Back in my day the coaches we role models and helped instilled character and integrity in players who are individuals.      

Gov. Markell could piss in the drinking water and sill get reelected

Extending tax increases an option in coming budget Written by Jonathan Starkey The News Journal

Gov. Jack Markell and top Democratic lawmakers are not ruling out an extension of recession-era tax increases to buoy Delaware’s budget, which remains strained by slow economic growth and rising costs in Medicaid and public employee benefits.

Hey Jack check your wallet, doesn’t that card say capitalist! There is an old saying, you have to spend money to make money! I don’t think that means government. The gross receipt tax should be zero! As far as funding education, we need to end the local referendum process for traditional public schools and fund them like the votechs. Let the state legislators set the tax rates and perhaps they’ll step in and address the wasteful spending.

Markell pushed for the business and individual tax increases during his first year in office to help close an $800 million budget shortfall, promising at the time to let them expire this year.

Once reelected Markell couldn’t keep a promise to his Rabbi. However, the fact remains, Markell could piss in the public drinking water and they’d be fool enough to vote for him. 

“Making a blanket pledge either way, before seeing the nonpartisan data in December, would be financially irresponsible,” said Brian Selander, a spokesman for Markell.

But its O.K. to re-engineer Delaware’s public school using a Wall Street playbook that sends millions out of the class rooms to feed Markell’s stock portfolio that contains Wireless General and K12.Inc. Mr. Snakelander, where is the proven data to justify pissing away millions on the Wall Street education ponzi scheme?  

n 2009, Markell also pushed through increases in the corporate franchise tax, an 8-percent gross receipts tax increase and a reinstatement of Delaware’s estate tax.

Good old Jack Markell the card carry capitalist, Delawareans can’t even die within Jack Markell coming in to pick their asses clean of every last dime. But you can bet he has trust funds free of estate taxes setup to take care of his family.

Union president Frederika Jenner says the teachers haven’t taken a public position on the tax increases yet, but are worried that slowing state revenue would force painful cuts to services, including public education. An extension of the tax increases “may be warranted,” Jenner said.

Well it looks like the teachers just took a position or at best a code message was just created for them to do so! I am all for pre-k but we can’t afford it! I oppose Race for The Top but DSEA and all the local teacher unions supported it! Federally funded you say!! No taxpayer funded! Delaware buys Fisker a plant to build their cars and Markell turns a blind eye when they don’t pay their school taxes. Everyday in the private sector employers have to tell their employees, no raises and we might be able to afford not laying off anyone! If there is enough money at DE DOE for Markell to hire his Rodel buddies and give Judas a job for selling the Race to The Top Kool-aid perhaps its time to really reform the finances of public education starting with better “transparency”. I would suggest holding a bake sale but Michelle Obama sent memo to Markell that foods served in schools without nutrition labels upsets her husband.

We’re talking about taxes that support the kind of public services that everybody needs, wants and probably deserves,” Jenner said. “I think the public recognizes, and a lot of data indicate, that public schools are improving and we would hate to have something that had an impact that would make us take some steps back.

I think we can cut back on some of the EPER and focus more on the common core standards. Speaking of data, Arne Duncan’s data suggest holding teacher’s pay accountable to student testing data is what students deserves. Nice little buzz word isn’t it! How about if we purge Teach for America from our schools? We need to end the local referendum process and have the legislators fund all of public schools not just votechs and perhaps they’ll push some real financial transparency bills not pretend ones that don’t get enforced! I hear you but stay out of my food budget until Markell stops lying to the taxpayers and school children.

Markell’s office rejected that the taxes are a political issue. “This has nothing to do with the election,” Selander said. “It has to do with being able to craft a responsible budget based on the resources a non-partisan group makes clear we have available. Those numbers won’t be known for sure until December.”

And you can tell when Marell is a lair when he can’t speak for himself!

As for the Republican response, Its time for them to wipe their mouths and start walking up right. They held the door for the Obama /Markell takeover of local public education. They fail to recognize there are Republicans left to center.

Sorry to say, Markell could piss in the the public drinking water and sit get reelected.