Daily Archives: September 22, 2012

Say what you want about Tom Gordon but we need some law and order

So here it is:  “Former County Executive Thomas P. Gordon and two aides were charged with fraud for directing county employees to work on campaigns, maintaining false tax information, and attempting to influence a witness, among other abuses in county government. In 2007, they pleaded guilty to misdemeanor charges.”

I don’t know if you have noticed but, criminals are using small businesses as their piggy banks and the back of the heads of citizens on the street as their wallets. It is going to get worst folks and it’s time to call in the County Mounties and buy some more Tijuana Taxis. What good are safe schools when parents and students have to run the gauntlet between school and home? As a police officer Tom Gordon went face to face and toe to toe with criminals. He worked his way up the ranks from patrol officer to commanding the county police.

Public safety must come first! Yes we “can” make the argument that our economy depends on public safety. If we want to attract more business to Delaware we can’t do it with out of control crime!  

Tom Gordon made some mistake and allow power to consume him! Sure he took from the community aka our trust! Well now is his opportunity to repay the community and help make our community safe for our children, seniors and all of us. Tom Gordon’s biggest mistake was letting his ego consume his pride.

Give Tom Gordon the opportunity to get it right and restore the county back to the people!