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audio of Delaware State Board of Education re: Pencader

State Board of Education Meeting – Audio – 9/20/2012 – Part2; Go to 2:26:24 on audio file to hear reference to Pencader’s formal review.

Make note, Pencader board members and school leaders will be required to answer questions no their legal eagle.  

For all state board of education audio files go here

Delaware Governor Markell praises discriminatory charter school law

State seeks to clarify charter guidelines; New rules would support growing charter system Written by Nichole Dobo The News Journal

The state’s charter-school system began with legislation enacted in 1995. At that time the law was groundbreaking, Markell said. But today the law is outdated and needs to be modernized, he said. The announcement Thursday of the new charter-school framework is a significant step in that direction, he said. Read more……….

During Jack Markell’s bid for governor in 2008 he raised concerns during a debate that there was resegregation via charter schools and it deeply concerned him. Now he calls the original charter school law “groundbreaking.” The original charter school law was crafted by those who opposed the desegregation order aka force busing. It wasn’t by chance Charter School of Wilmington became the first charter school in Delaware. The charter law supports a “specific interest” admission clause that allows school like Charter School of Wilmington to discriminate against at-risk students.  Jack Markell called this specific interest card, “skimming and creaming of students.”  Yea Jack knows cream always rises to the top! I don’t see the Delaware charter school law groundbreaking when it fuels resegregation and exclusion of at-risk students. When Red Clay was criticized for building new school buildings in the suburbs and none the city of Wilmington the response was, sure there are new schools in Wilmington, charters! But yet Red Clay does not have any traditional high school or middle school with in bounds of the city. Also, they bus some city high school students to suburb schools further from their home rather than  to A.I.High School that is much closer.

Jack don’t make promises for the next four years when the fact remains, you failed to delivered promises made the fist four year.

Delaware State Board of ED failed to put Dept of Ed on review with Pecander

State to study Pencader; Administration, economic viability’ listed among concerns Written by Nichole Dobo The News Journal

The state Board of Education voted unanimously Thursday to place Pencader Charter Business and Finance High School on formal review.

The formal review process is an investigation by the state Department of Education that is initiated when the state believes there are problems at a school that might impact its viability.

The Delaware State Board of Education should also order a review of the Delaware Department of Education Charter School Office. There is this old saying, ” a private is only good as his general”. Pencader as been on probation for a year with DE DOE charter school office claiming ongoing involvement and oversight. It took FOIA protest to the AG’s office, public outcry, News Journal’s non bias reporting, Pension hearing and video taping of Pencader school board meeting “with” DE DOE officials in the background to get to this point, a study of Pencader! WTF ! Where is Governor Jack Markell? He’ll pop his head out of his ass to take credit for the good things going on in education but stays in the shadows like a coward when things go wrong!

This marks the fourth time the New Castle high school has been placed on formal review since it opened in 2006. The state has said the newest concerns are “relative to governance and administration, economic viability, and services for students with special needs,” according to the state board of education meeting agenda.

Hello McFly Markell, all the concerns with Pemcader in the past does relate to “relative to governance and administration, economic viability”. Even  the issue with special needs students are a reflection of governance.

In a statement issued via email Wednesday, Pencader’s board of directors said it understand the state’s concerns and is working on moving the school forward so that it is in full compliance.

So they might just elected a new board president who acted as a human shield for the former school leaders (FOLKS NO NAME CALLING PLEASE). If that happens there will be a major complaint to the USDOE.

State board of education members said they hope that all the matters that have been swirling around the school can be answered via the formal review investigation. The final decision from the review will come 90 business days after the school receives notice that it is on formal review.

The State board of education can only “hope”, well that tells you the state board is nothing but an ostrich farm. So 90 days makes it December 20, 2012. Well folks, the state board of education December meeting is the 20th. The board might show courage and announce Pencader must closed at the end of this school year. However, I see total collapse with or without that announcement  by Easter.

Delaware deserves better than a public school system where the secretary of education and their oversight agent the state board of education is appointed by the governor making the governor the ultimate education czar! We need to elected state board of education members and yes pay them. We need to elected the Delaware Secretary of Education. We need an education system for the people by the people!

As for Pencader, Secretary of Education Mark Murphy needs to consider the following:

Require all public sessions of the board of directors be digitally recorded and place on school website within 5 days of the meeting. The recordings do not represent board minutes but rather an enhancement to transparency and communications.

Require Pencader to follow the law in regards to the required citizen financial oversight  committee. Monthly agenda, monthly meeting minutes and monthly reports. Make it clear that the school monthly financial financial reports are not committee reports.

Require Pencader to put pdf. view only copies of “all” current vendor contacts online. Those teachers working under consultant type contracts are not employee therefore, are not protected under employee confidentiality.

All contracts over $10,000.00 must be approved by DE DOE while Pencader is on probation.

Require the Delaware Department of Education’s Charter School Office to provide the public with written 30 day “detail” reports and place them on Pencader and DE DOE webpage in a clearly noted area.

Replace the entire leadership positions in the DE DOE Charter School Office. Somebody needs to be held accountable to the ” NO RED FLAGS” bullshit lie!

Mr. Murphy, I was once one of those so-called team-player parents but once I realized public education is driven by power, ego, money and politics, I decided not to be part of the lie. The reason Delaware government refuses to delivery complete transparency is because the truth would be told and political corruption will be exposed! It is time to stop using our school children as pawn in political chess! You have a job but I have a responsibility to transparency for the sake of the public and the taxpayers. I will deliver !