A rare Kodak monument for Kilroy’s Delaware

Kilroy enjoys the amazing freedom of speech provided American’s through the sacrifices  of our forefathers who forged America starting with the American Revolutionary War. Baby Kilroy has DNA going back to the Battle of Lexington and the Siege of Boston. Also to the signing of the Leedstown Resolutions which was pended by Richard Henry Lee 1766 protesting the Stamp Act of 1765.

In our freedom of speech sometimes our anger pushes out words that offend deeply. Me that word is Nazi! I forget World War II was a battle to end a dictatorship of Hitler but also a liberation of Jews and the exposure of the Holocaust.  My use of Nazi is meant in a dictator sense in contrast to issues of closed government and agencies like public school. I get some folks coming in here outrage and try to dictate what I can say. That only puts up my defenses. However, today Robert Cohen commented with a sense of passion reminding me of the pain Hitler / Nazi inflicted on the Jews.  So that being said, I do apologize for such insensitively. I do pass by my father’s World War II medals hanging on the my living room wall honoring him for his participation in the Battles of Normandy, France and Germany there battle stars on his ribbons. So Mr. Cohen, I’ll try my best to refrain from using that offensive word.

3 responses to “A rare Kodak monument for Kilroy’s Delaware

  1. Thank you. I don’t try to censor what you say, even when we disagree.

    And I’ve done the same thing in the past vis a vis inappropriately using Nazis. Somebody just pointed out to me that my own use of “TSA Gestapo” is no different. They’re right.

    So I appreciate your decision.

    Jack Markell with kneepads . . . totally ok.


  2. “Markell with Kneepads” is a Rockwellian, Kilroy classic, and is an incisive way to get across what is really happening to us as taxpayers