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DE DOE to put cards on table for SBE but not for the public

V. C. 6. Update on Pencader Business and Finance Charter High School (For Potential Action)

The Department will present an update on recent issues relating to the Pencader Business and Finance Charter High School and consider next steps.

There are a handful of people getting the inside scoop on Pencader. I can’t share here because for sure my source would be exposed. There has been side-bar chatter going on between DE DOE and the SBE about Pencader and some damning issues not reveled to the public. Notice “potential action”, now what do you think that is all about? 😉

The Pencader board just doesn’t get it and still lets a few cancer cells have too much control. Sec of Ed Coach Murphy doesn’t have to guts to put the Pencader cards on the table and when this MMSMSD.pdf gets online Markell will have this on his face right before election day. Coach put the cards on the table and get Pencader into the sunlight. Or is it too late 😉

Israel missed the window and going now will start WWIII

This video / report is from August 15, 2012

Israel’s delay to take out Iran’s nuclear facilities gave Iran, Russia and China time to align. President Obama delay’s in drawing the red line as Israel requested is pushing Israel to make their move. If Israel attacks Iran and the U.S. comes to Israel’s aid WWIII begins. 

Folks, Israel is serious and is not playing games! Sanctions and diplomacy does not appear to be working.

Now answer this question, do you ever think there will be military intervention in Iran?

Markell did it again! Put gunpowder in Lizzie’s eggs!

See Children and Educators First; Does the Sec. of Education Need a Chicken Saddle? Why is he leading our egg-ceptional chicks to Slaughter?

Okay, so I get that DOE is having capacity issues – as in a flock of underlings have flown the coop since the Jack hatched Murph.  It happens – moulting.  What clucks, though, is what the cockerel does with the clipped wings still in the hen house. Read more here………….

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With regrets I must call on the Delaware State Board of Education to close Pencader Charter School

On Monday September 10, 2012 the Pencader School Board terminated the school leader. Now without the school leader the reality of Pencader’s operational failures has emerged.

No doubt the former school leaders made some poor management decisions and tried to surround herself with those who supported her and her agenda. Some referred to Pencader school board as morally and ethically corrupt for being willing partners in a power-play that appeared to give the former school leader total control even over the board. Say all the bad things you want about the former school leader however, it wasn’t her that blocked the public from direct E-mail access to individual board members by funneling all public E-mails to a generic E-mail address. The Pencader board decided to make this move after they terminated the school leader.

To date, the Pencader school board has not issued a statement to the students, parents, community and taxpayers as to changes occurring with leadership at Pencader. The Pencader board fails to update the schools website with required financial information. The reality is, Pencader’s board has shifted the school further away from transparency. The Pencader board is not operating in the interest of students, parents, community and taxpayers. The cancer that appeared to set-in under the former school leaders has consumed the Pencader school board. The current status of Pencader’s school board appears to be incompetent.

I can’t see how a school so close to closure can more forward with a school board that appears to be afraid of its own shadow. Delaware public school system and students deserve better and should not tolerate such incompetence.

To the Delaware State Board of Education, many of use fought hard last year to keep Pencader open and still thought there was hope after the latest round of crisis. However, it appear the current school board skills are up to task to provide the will to being Pencader up to moral and ethical standards. The time has come to stop kicking the can down the road and put an to this corrupt circles.