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Sussex Academy of the Arts and Sciences wants to play the specific interest card

Sussex Academy of Arts & Sciences Charter Renewal request for 2013-2018

Page 66

4. Children with Specific Interest in Teaching Methods, Philosophy, or Educational Focus 

Children with Specific Interest in Teaching Methods, Philosophy, or Educational Focus are defined as “Children who express an interest to be considered for such preference and are identified through an essay and interview submitted during the open application period and evaluated by a committee of the Executive Board. Neither the essay nor the interview will be evaluated based on prior or present academic performance Instead, it will be based on the extent to which the student has an interest and adaptability to the school program. The rubric for such selection is subject to approval by DDOE. The number of special interest preferences will not exceed 5% of the school’s total population.

Sussex Academy of Arts & Sciences will furnish each applicant with a mission statement, information about Expeditionary Learning and the International Baccalaureate Programme as appropriate, and the Student/Parent/Faculty Success Plan that is signed by the student, the parent, and a faculty member.

Sussex Academy of Arts & Sciences will score each essay and interview in accordance with the rubric approved by DDOE. Based on the essay rubric score, Sussex Academy of Arts & Sciences will interview those applicants identified as having a specific interest. The applicants will be ranked based on the combined essay rubric score and interview feedback. No more than 5% class will be admitted under this preference.

Kilroy says ,here we go again with the specific interest admission card for a charter school claiming to be a public school. Now whats this bullshit with regarding the 5%? I wonder, if those getting rejected from the “Expeditionary Learning and the International Baccalaureate Programme” will be able to attend this school selecting other programs within? Like what other school down their offers IB? 

Can anyone make sense of this?  

DE DOE charter school to roll state board of education under the bus

Update rumor ! ISDC to takeover handing Pencader’s account receivables and payable! I can’t believe this rumor because this would be subjected to board approval. What about a full audit of accounts before mixing other hands into the $$$ equation? O shit! Just figure that one out! Sweep sweep under carpet we go!!!!!

The Delaware State Board of Education will be holding it’s monthly meeting next week September 20. 2012.

The Delaware Department of Education Charter School Office will offer limited information about Pencader charter school leadership direction even-though they are working in the background with certain pro-charter school organization in search of a new school leader. Rumor has it a new leader candidate will be announced before the SBE meeting! However, I discredit that rumor because it is illegal for Pencader’s board to meet in private or conduct business collectively via E-mails and phone calls. Another “rumor” has DE DOE communicating with selective members of Pencader’s board and not with others. Whatever is going on, it appears Secretary of Education Mark Murphy is working in the dark with Pencader as Pencader tries to plug leaks to the community and Kilroy! Hey Mark, try one of those cross shredders next to your trash can! As reported in an earlier post, Pencader school board decided to eliminate direct E-mail to individual board members moving all E-mails to one general E-mails adress apparently to a board member’s Comcast sub-account. That FOIA is going to get sticky!. I guess that will also help make it easier for the USDOE OIG to communicate to the board!

Mr. Murphy, just because Governor Jack Markell is slicker than dog-shit doesn’t mean you are. But than again. its the DE DOE clones trying to pull the wool over the state board’s eyes.

Markell will attempt to plug the capacity gap at the Delaware Department of Education

From Transparent Christina New Charter framework to strengthen state oversight? DOE press release you have to read to believe.

The State Board of Education and Delaware Department of Education will release the state’s new performance-based accountability system to evaluate and support the charter schools it authorizes at 11 a.m., Thursday, Sept. 20 during an event at Academy of Dover Charter School, 104 Saulsbury Road in Dover. The public and media are invited to attend.

“This comprehensive framework will set the academic, fiscal and governance standards by which all state-authorized charter schools will be evaluated,” Gov. Jack Markell said.

Nothing about ending the discriminatory charter school student admission preferences and the re-segregation of Wilmington Delaware factors associated with charter schools. Nothing about enhancing real-time transparency of school finances and school governance.

Secretary of Education Mark Murphy also praised the work.

Great !!! Seal of approval from George McFly !

Obama spits in the eyes of the Iraqi government and people

Sorry Pandora, I love you too but! I am getting sick and tired of hearing President Obama taking credit for ending the war in Iraq! HE DID NOT

The security agreement took months to hammer-out a Iraqi security agreement and in the end it was the Iraqi government who demanded the conditions of withdraw of all America forces. President Obama was not sworn in as president when the security agreement was signed November 17, 2008.

In this video there is an acknowledgement that “incoming” President Obama supported a withdraw in Iraq but the Iraqis wanted a signed deal before Obama took office. The fact remains, it was the Iraqi people and government who set the timetable and conditions for departure of American forces to exit Iraq. It was the demands of the Iraqi people and the government of Iraq that ended the war. President Obama can take some credit for calling for an end to the war in Iraq while being a candidate for president and U.S. Senator. However, by claiming he ended the war in Iraq he is spitting in the faces of the Iraqi people and their government! And for the record, it wasn’t President Bush who ended the war, it WAS the Iraqi people and government. They showed great courage to shed the security blanket of America.

Response to Mike O’s comment:

“Do you have a link from a reputable source where Obama clearly took full credit for ending the Iraq war, without also crediting others? Or are you just repeating what’s going around in conservative circles? I’m not saying he didn’t say it; I just haven’t heard it and can’t find it”.

Bonus response to Mike O’s comment

Pencader may be better off with less legal advisers and more moral advisers

Pencader charter school’s need for increased legal representation was a result  of a decrease in morals in leadership. The only lawyer that helped wake up the community in recognizing Pencader moral deficiency was lawyer the quit aka dropped Pencader.

I am not sure if the new communication wall put up at Pencader re: general E-mail box at someone private Comcast account was at advisement of Pencader’s lawyers but it doesn’t matter. Either their legal team didn’t know about it or approved it. Either way something is wrong.

As many of you know, I support charter schools and traditional public schools. I’ll kick around Red Clay (my home district) just as hard as I did Pencader. I don’t want to see Pencader school closed! If Pencader closes its not because of any charter school critic. It will close because of leadership inside the can’t comprehend how important transparency is to increased operation efficiency, respect and greater support from the community.

No one will invest in a company’s stock if the company doesn’t publish reports that included accurate financial statements. What business leader would invest (donations) in Pencader not knowims their “true” financial position?

To date, no official public statement has been made by Pencader’s school board as to the termination of school leader and the plan goals and direction of Pencader. Will the board have an emergency meeting to address new leadership goals? Or is the board working in the dark with the likes of the Delaware Charter Schools Network, Innovative Schools or Skipper? Is there is improved transparency in the restructuring process? OR will a new leader will emerge with a happy face and more of the same keeping parents and the community in the dark like mushrooms.

I keep hearing a segment of Steve Miller’s song, Stuck in The Middle With You, the part that goes, “clowns to the left of me (lawyers) and jokers to the right( DE DOE) of me here I am stuck in the middle with you”. Pencader students and the community shouldn’t be stuck in the middle with a circus run by clueless clowns.

I know some of you don’t like when I curse. However, its just the best way I can show emotion in text! So here goes, wake the fuck up Pencader school board!  Take your heads out of your asses and smell the air, the wicket witch is gone! Open the windows and let the sun in or open the door and take your sorry asses out! COMMUNICATE !