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NNAMDI O. CHUKWUOCHA one half Twin Poet aka son of “Hicks” on the political move

Nnamdi, I write because of being touched by the disciples of Hicks. I write for those who can’t and those who fear speaking out! I write for social justice! I write for sister Margaret C and sister Selma G. I write for Ms. Pauls and Ms. Pullam. I write because like you, I was a Title 1 child. I write because I have a GED and a pocketful of college credits and I don’t need a PhD to be me. I write because, I have that right! So now its your turn to right the wrong and light that light that burns so cold. Hicks gave so you can have to give!

Tom Gordon for NCC County Executive! Why not!

I am sure he has taken the time away from politics to do some soul searching on personal and political flaws.

We hear all about jobs, jobs, jobs but the reality is crime, crime, crime! Markell tries to market Delaware as the place to do business and he has to $$$ sweeten the pie!  Delaware, New Castle County and Wilmington need to be a desirable destination for new business, their employees and families. We need more police patrolling neighborhoods. I think that’s a no brainier for Tom Gordon. We are letting criminals control the streets and our lives. We need to put an end to criminals raiding small businesses like they are personal piggy-banks. It pisses me off that every time a stranger walks through my neighborhood I have to put my radar up and be prepared for confrontation. We need security and without strong police presence its not going to happen. Same goes for business owners!

I have a hunch Gordon 2.0 might help restore some pride, prosperity and security to New Castle County.

Did Newark Charter report a June 30 $1.4 budget deficit?

Don’t confuse budget deficit being bankrupt. Budget deficit is actual expenditures in contrast to amounts budgeted for the year. School business / fiscal years ends June 30 the of each year. Newark Charter did have a $4.9 surplus carryover  from 2011. Checkout Newark Charters June 2012 monthly budget report and you’ll see red ink!  Remember it is a monthly report! Most charter and district issue a June 30th financial positioning report followed by a Annual Financial Statement that is a broad assessment of their total finances.  Newark Charter did post a Annual Financial Statement for school year ending June 2011/ But that detailed report needed time to complete and date September 15, 2012 with a $4.9 million dollar carryover ! $4.9 a good thing! Newark Charter had about a $460,000.00 budget deficit for year 2011. See note 10 on 2011 annual report. But a shout out to Newark Charter for posting reports as required by law. Their finances are good but needs to keep an eye on expenditures.

5.0 Reporting Requirements and Timelines

5.1 Each District and Charter school, no later than fifteen (15) working days after the most recent District or Charter School board meeting, shall post the most current Standardized Financial Report on its website. Provided further, the District or Charter School shall provide the final Standardized Financial Report for the past school year, no later than September 1st of each school year.

Wake up Pencader board of directors and legal eagles!!!

Please feel free to review all details and Please correct me if I am wrong and explain in relationship to reports.

Delaware legislators failed to eliminate class size waviers



Free Public Schools


§ 1705A. Maximum student-instructor ratio requirements.

(a) The ratio of students to instructors in any class in kindergarten or grades 1-3 in a Delaware public school shall not exceed 22 students as of the last school day of October. In calculating such ratio, a classroom instructional aide shall count as equal to half a teacher. This subsection shall only apply to a class within which students are instructed in the core academic subjects of English/Language Arts, mathematics, science and social studies.

Kilroy says, we hear all this talk about getting serious re: public school reform but yet Delaware legislators still allow class size waivers to circumvent the law.

FYI my request to end the waivers has nothing to do with this; I was reviewing Newark Charter’s July’s board meeting and noticed this; “New Business -The Board voted unanimously to approve the FY 13 Class Size Waiver”. Newark Charter met the class size law last year and didn’t need a wavier. Why is the board approving a wavier request before the September 30, 2012 official student count? Just reading the tea leave here! School districts/ boards either report they are not applying for the wavier or they are. No big deal but I will review Delaware official class size report.

My point is , the class size wavier needs to be repealed and all school must meet class size accordance with the law.

As Gov. Markell re-engineers public education Delaware’s streets turn into killing fields

Markell sees education reform as a means to improve quality of life in Delaware. I can’t see how the quality of life in Delaware is going to improve when criminals prey on people, banks and many small businesses in Delaware.

Governor Markell’s education investments funds more school administrators and unneeded consultative. Governor Markell is Delaware’s commander in chief but it looks like he is nothing but commander in thief. How do you build a economy when your own governor doesn’t invest in law enforcement? Perhaps we need to change Delaware’s name to Little Iraq. Markell’s quest for personal political agendas comes at a cost of human capital! People are dying in the streets of Delaware, small businesses have become piggy-banks for criminals and children have become sex play toys for sick bastards who roam our streets. Yea, I being a bit hard on Markell but shock and awl is needed.

Delaware needs a thousand more State Troopers to tame this little Markell Iraq. The time has come to put safety and security first in Delaware! At all cost!

7-Eleven clerk shot to death in Glasgow

Shortly before 1 a.m., two masked men wearing dark clothing entered the store at Four Seasons Parkway and Del. 896. They demanded cash, and the clerk complied, state police Sgt. Paul Shavack said.

As the robbers were leaving the store, one turned and fired at least one shot from a handgun at the 46-year-old clerk, striking him in the upper body, Shavack said. The assailants fled on foot in an unknown direction, Shavack said.

That cold glance back and killing the clerk needlessly was nothing more than a fuck you to society. Perhaps Markell should attend the clerk’s funeral and reflect on his failing leadership. I guess a “card carrying capitalist” puts profits before human life.

Maybe Markell’s Republican contender should come out with a bumper-sticker that reads, Vote for Jack and start watching your back!

Delaware bleeds as Markell’s Wall Street cronies $$$ feed. Maybe Delaware needs come up with a new lottery where all profits goes towards adding more police. Lets call it, For your Life! Rub off three pictures of Jack Markell and you lose. Three Delaware State Police logos and you win. But a special lottery wouldn’t work because Jack would only offset the gains by reductions in budget funding to our local warriors. God bless the police who serve in Delaware because Markell won’t.

Joe Wise former superintendent of CSD questions integrity

by Transparent Christina; Chicago Public Schools Teachers On STRIKE-It is Official see details at Transparent Christina. go there and read story and comment

Kilroy’s spin: Check out this, a 2006 letter from Joe Wise former CSD Super to new CSD Super Lillian Lowery; “It may be prudent also to consider retaining the services of counsel independent of the District and independent of State government at this point; I have found it necessary to begin discussions with potential legal advisors in Maryland and Washington, D.C. as a result of these issues being so poorly managed and wrongly communicated in Delaware.”

The investigation of CSD financial meltdown wasn’t contributed to criminal activities per Delaware AG; “(Wilmington, DE) Attorney General Carl C. Danberg announced today that his office has found no legal violations in the business and accounting practices of the Christina School District audited thus far by the Auditor of Accounts. This conclusion is based solely on a review of three audits published to date.”

Christina was too ambitious, some say Report: District couldn’t afford staff it hired Written by CECILIA LE and MICHELE BESSO The News Journal

“The state team analyzing Christina’s finances expects its work to be done this week. The team’s mid-April estimate of a $13.9 million deficit hasn’t changed significantly, state Budget Director Jennifer “JJ” Davis said Friday.”

“Some, including a former school board member, now accuse former Superintendent Joseph Wise of bankrupting the district. They say he hired and spent recklessly to fulfill his vision of academic excellence in Christina. Supporters of Wise — including those who held the jobs he created — portray him as a visionary who knew how to spend money to make money.”

“Meanwhile, the state has promised Christina a five-year, interest-free loan of $20 million to get its books in order.”

So in a Kilroy nutshell; being an incompetent school superintendent who leads a school district into a $13.9 million deficit isn’t criminal. Wise comes aboard as CSD Super in 2003 facing a $1.05 million dollar deficit (see page 3)  promising to assure fiscal responsibility.

So Wise was not a criminal in legal terms. However, morally his inability to effectively manage a school district victimized students and CSD staff and the taxpayers had to fund cleaning up the mess. And now Wise wants to act like the Chicago teacher union leaders are the biggest disservice to children since?? Yea, Joe Wise!

And the beat goes on; under the leadership of Delaware’s education czar Governor Jack Markell, Delaware school are allow to run morally corrupt and allows school funding to shift to a Wall Street education ponzi scheme rather then investing  in more teachers and lower class sizes. Some how I have a hunch Joe Wise is lurking $$$$ out there to capitalized on the education ponzi scheme.

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