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Pencader when the sun comes up!

Just a note, please don’t trash the former school leader! Let’s not be vindictive !

Believe it or not there are Pencader students and their parents who chose to stay at Pencader and may be outraged with the firing of the school leader. Like or not the school leader did have positive healthy relationships with students and their parents.  I am sure DE DOE and Markell will be catching hell from those parents and students. Its a game of damn if you do and damn you don’t ! But there were serious managerial flaws in Pencader’s operation particularly lack of transparency ! I hope the board votes to start recording meetings and post online. Recordings are not board minutes but just enchantments in communications. Also, we need to see those damn financial reports! The board needs to get an auditor in there to do a top to bottom financial audit! I hope DE DOE is willing to assist.

So when the sun comes up there will be angry students and parents who supported the school leader.

Again please don’t trash the now former school leader. Be objective to whats next for Pencader good or bad!

Breaking!!!! Pencader School Leader is OUT

Video by Joey St. Pierre. Watch board member turn video camera on Joey. Vindictive ?????

FYI all: A Pencader school board member is recording Joey St. Pierre. Joey has been taking some verbal abuse for his NON support of the school leader! Joey is the student who recorded the teacher who told a female student to stop acting like a spoiled bitch! I getting concern for his well being.

Delaware DOE drops legal ball allowing SL to play grey area in charter school law

From Transparent Christina: cites Delaware administrative code and charter law in email sent on public servers to assert that she has been renewed and she warns board against actions against her: See Transparent Christina for complete details !!!!!  A must read !!!!!

Here is Kilroy’s spin Here is my spin! Charter schools do not have ” Board of Education” They have board of directors who don’t take an oath of office! If 504 (C) were true that charters are public schools for all purposes why doesn’t the board take the same oath as public school boards. Also 504 (A) is quite clear and defined re” “managed” under corporate law.

The board needs to fire her and let her take legal action and the courts will deny because if she wins it will put a big hole in the charter school law,

BREAKING! Pencader’s board meeting has started and its unbelievable !

Update: board is back in public session

Update:@mom2aboyngirl yes the students came up to me nd said that are you for or against lewis i said against. They said get the f*** outta my face

Update: board still in executive session!

Update: School leader leaves board meeting and drives away!!

Update , coach says he did not make statement re: strike and no play

From inside the meeting, Football coach said if school leaders goes the team will go on strike and play no games.

Kilroy says: Got news for him, if school leader stays there won’t be a school!!

Hey Murphy get on the phone to JC! SL is going to intimidate board with grey area in the law re: (c) A charter school shall be considered a public school for all purposes. and administrative contracts 700, 725, 2.0

Just another one of those Pencader rumors!

New rumor here so take it for what its worth! I’ve been told communications between members of Pencader’s board of directors aka school board and the Delaware Department of Education has it like this, if the board of directors don’t terminate the school leader action will be taken to close Pencader next week.

STOP RIGHT HERE !!! keep it focused on the issue and by now nearly every one agrees there needs to be a leadership change at Pencader. I don’t think we need to relive all the comments made previously. Lets look at this for what it is.

Assume the rumor is true!  School leader is out and Pencader needs an interim school leader until a new school leader can be found. Does DE DOE have the authority to appoint an interim school leader? Could be yes if it goes like this, DE DOE recommends a name to the board and the board approves it.

As far as undesirable board members! History shows when people follow a leader that went astray they themselves fade into the sunset! Sure some can reform themselves. When you have teachers /staff on a charter school boards  they may feel intimidated by the school leader and conform to the leader’s wishes and agenda. This happens in school district within administration and even in the private sector. You don’t kiss your boss’s ass you are HISTORY!

Seriously pretend we’re moving forward here and provide feedback on moving forward. I say secure the computers and servers ASAP and report suspicious concerns to the Police ASAP. Secure hard copies of reports ASAP. Change the locks to the entrances ASAP. Send a letter home to parents and a press release ASAP.

Now lets assume the board doesn’t comply with DE DOE’s position to terminate the school leader! Again this is hypothetical based on a rumor. Does DE DOE have the courage , guts and will to close Pencader next week?? I say YES! Because, at the current rate with declining enrollment and increased legal fees not budgeted in Pencader 2012-2012 budget Pencader would fall by its own hand by Easter. If Pencader students are forced back to home district late in the school year the revenue is down the drain which adds financial pressure on the student’s home district. However, closing Pencader next week would allow revenues to stream back to the district. DE DOE would freeze Pencader account.

The reality is,  if there were a need to close a charter school the best time would be at the end of the school year. However, in Pencader’s case if things stay the same the odds are Pencader would fall on its own. Therefore with only two weeks into the new school year it would be a wise move to close now.

I prefer to see Pencader move to new leadership and a more direct hands-on oversight by DE DOE saving Pencader for the great teachers and students within. I am not oppose to charter schools and support “choice” which charters are. I am for transparency and revision of the charter school law to correct some flaws.

So again all is rumored and hypothetical

Chicago’s teacher strike a referendum on Obama / Duncan’s reform plans

The Chicago teacher union strike just sent President Obama and U.S. Secretary of Education aka former CEO of Chicago’s public school system a strong message. At the heart of the Chicago’s teachers strike is linking student standardized assessment test results to teacher evaluations and given principals mayoral type control over their schools. So its is a no to Obama / Duncan and Mayor Emanuel’s education agenda to takeover local public schools.  

This strike is a clear referendum on Obama / Duncan federal intrusion into local public schools. But don’t count on Republicans supporting this strike even-though they oppose federal intrusion into state’s control. Republicans are in bed with Obama’s Democrats on public school reform. This marriage was sealed with a Wall Street Honeymoon. Eli Broad performed the marriage. Lapdogs Governors Like Delaware’s Markell were bridesmaids and ring bearers were local school superintendents. Then there was the wicket stepmothers like Delaware’s Judas!

Well one thing for sure with Delaware teachers union surrendering the right to strike years ago in exchange for “due process” Markell enjoys another DSEA endorsement aka “recommendation”. Looks like Markell is playing it safe between a rock and hard place, Obama wants student standardized test results to be weighed in on  teacher evaluations. Markell just kicks that can down the road to get pass his reelection bid. I feel very sad for new young teachers because they are the one’s getting sold-out. Ever since Delaware teachers agreed to exchanged for right to strike for collective bargaining /arbitration  and due process confused with tenure, a cancer set-in eating away at their voice to a point its just a game of going along to get along. When will it every be time to dig in an fight. Yea, none of my business but when its time for operational and capital local school referendums they want your vote. Part of that operational funding is used to delivery the promises made on the local contract agreements. So, shut-up and give us the money? Bullshit!

Delaware teachers needs to show some solidarity for Chicago teachers

UPDATE!  Picket lines up after CPS, teachers fail to prevent strike

Chicago teachers to go on strike; 400,000 students out of school By Holly Yan, CNN

“We have successfully won concessions for nursing mothers and put more than 500 of our members back to work. We have restored some of the art, music, world language, technology and physical education classes to many of our students. The board also agreed that we will now have textbooks on the first day of school, rather than have our students and teachers wait for up to six weeks before receiving instructional materials.”

How dare these teachers demand textbooks for their students on the first day of school! Waiting six weeks for instructional material isn’t going to hurt anyone! Art and Musicm come on kids don’t need that! Why are these union thugs undoing management decisions? Technology ? Come every kid knows how to text! What more technology do they need. Physical education?? Just send students Michele Obama’s eat right and workout DVD. ( I am being sarcastic)

“The average teacher will get a 16% raise over that (4-year) period” at a time when the city’s fiscal situation is on edge, the school board president said of the offered deal.

4% raise a year! Take the money and run! Forget about textbooks and gym class!! ( I am being sarcastic)

“We are also concerned that too much of the evaluations will be based on students’ standardized test scores. This is no way to measure teacher effectiveness at all,” she said.

Now where the public and clueless legislators get screwed up. Chicago and Delaware teachers aren’t saying they don’t want to be held accountable for student achievement. In Delaware’s though Markell claims he got rid of the flawed DSTP (standardized test). The fact remains DSTP was intended on being a “student” assessment test, a “yardstick” to measure where student were academically and where they need to be. DSTP was flawed the day it rolled out and even before that parents, community and educators at all level raised concerns even Kilroy. Markell jumped on the dump DSTP after Delaware became part USDOE Growth Model assessment pilot program and after DCAS the next save the world test was in the pipeline. Markell just stuck his ego flag in it and said it was he who ended DSTP and he who called for DCAS.

Assessment tests are meant to assets students in efforts to design individual intervention needs. To suggest using these assessment test like DCAS as part of a teacher evaluation is saying too F’ing bad teacher, if a 6th grade student comes to you with a 4th grade skill level it’s your problem and you need to get them up to a 6th grade skill level. I personally raised this argument about 10-12 years ago during a DE DOE Quality Review of Conrad Middle School. And I did let them have it! This all is bullshit and I don’t care if Markell and DE DOE claims they’ll tweak the system to be fair! Governor Markell is more aligned with the business roundtable and Wall Street as to the important educational needs of Delaware students than aligning himself and partisanship himself with Delaware educators. Why not ? Because even though Markell claimed DSTP flaw he still uses DSTP results as a baseline proclaiming Delaware teachers overall are ineffective for justification of major education reforms. Pay attention Bacon Boy, you might learn something.

DCAS has been a “helpful” student assessment tool. However, here we go again, lets twist it into a tool to evaluated teacher effectiveness. Teachers are willing to have the student growth aspect of DCAS be part of their evaluation. However, it is a risky move because of the weigh factor. DCAS does measure student growth but it also is test aligned to a curriculum that is narrowed to set the DCAS standards. The DCAS test is taking three times a year and I’ve heard the Spring test can be retaking in efforts to bump the scores. So what is being taught here? Now we are testing to the test! There is life beyond DCAS and there are district and classroom requirements that weighs in more on a well rounded education than DCAS. For the most part, students’ individual brains are as unique as their fingerprints, different. Some students more genetically adapted to career paths and others college. OK, now here is where we lose Mr. Matthews, Sternberg-Wagner Thinking Styles Inventory (Please visit this link). Hey Kenny R, explain this to the mind of Mr. Matthews Three Facets of Visual and Verbal Learners: Cognitive Ability  People of the good education world know when they look at and interact with their students they see individuals at various skill levels and understand there are internal neurological aspects influencing thinking and external environmental related events influencing thinking.

Folks, a standardized student assessment/achievement test aligned to standards and curriculum that does not adapt or align to learning styles or thinking styles is not in the interest of students or education. We are asking teachers to take an assessment system set to what some reformist think is normal aka the standards and figure out how to adapt classroom teaching to bring all students to “the standards.” In defense of the Charter School of Wilmington overachievers, they rather be there to feed until their intellectual minds are content rather than confident to boredom of a traditional public school focused on getting students to the “standard” . We have a menu of minds and we need a menu of services in our public schools to feed those minds. Gearing an education system to college  and career readiness sounds wonderful. However, defining  what the “standard”  in an assessment test does underscore college readiness. We have “honor” students going to college and falling on their faces ill-prepared. We handout A’s for meeting the standards when in fact the Delaware standards set by the business roundtable and their political puppets like Markell and now Murhpy in the scope of worldwide intelligence equals a “C”.

We are putting teacher in a position dictated by business community and their political puppets to teach to the test or rather test to the test and handout A’s where B’s are better suited and B’s where C’s are better suited. And require teachers to go along with social promotions.

As for DCAS, kiss it goodbye because Wall Street needs to move on to the next profit making venture called the Smarter Balanced Assessment. The Wall Street testing and education supply network can maximize profit margins by pushing the Obama/ Duncan reform plan to all states through the Smarter Balanced Consortium. All of this undermine schools and classroom teachers autonomy who want to served students as bests fits the students needs as individuals. The billions of dollars flowing to Wall Street could better serve students if it flowed to the classrooms in the form of more teachers and lower class-sizes. Race to The Top is a Trojan horse for the biggest ponzi scheme using taxpayer’s dollars as the prize.

At best Delaware teachers need to step-up and announce they are in solidarity with Chicago teachers. Hey Matthews, perhaps when you are done baking that pumpkin spice bread ( try a twist of lemon) you can step-up for Chicago’s teachers and perhaps when Kenny gets done licking the spoon he can add a few words.