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DE Sec of Ed made major blunder by bringing pres of SBE to closed Pencader meeting

I have been reviewing Delaware education laws under Delaware code Title 14 and it appears the Delaware Secretary of Education has made critical errors.

Under Title 14, Chapter I. Subchapter I, Section 104 (b) (5)

§ 104. State Board of Education; composition; term; powers and duties; qualifications; vacancies; staggered appointments; office location; compensation.

(b) The State Board of Education shall have powers, duties and responsibilities as specified in this title. Included among the powers, duties and responsibilities are those specified in this subsection. The State Board of Education shall:

(5) Decide, without expense to the parties concerned, certain types of controversies and disputes involving the administration of the public school system. The specific types of controversies and disputes appropriate for State Board resolution and the procedures for conducting hearings shall be established by rules and regulations pursuant to § 121(12) of this title;

Kilroy says; It is clear the Delaware State Board of Education can have an active role is addressing controversies and disputes as noted. However, that charge is to the state board as a body and in accordance with the procedure manual governing the state board of education under Organization and officers pertaining to responsibilities of the board president it is noted, “The President is responsible for the integrity of the Board process. Integrity includes the efficient, orderly deliberation of Board issues and conduct”. The board president has no special authority to engage in investigations and to conduct interviews without the present of the entire state board of education and a board quorum. Or under rules governing special committee. Even with special committees any actions are subjected to a vote by the entire state board of education. The board president’s role is purely to provide order to the board and oversee board meeting processes. Sorry to say, in my opinion the selected members of Pencader school board in attendance at the secretary of education private meeting should no be legally bound to and decisions or suggestions made by the secretary of education or the president of the state board of education. Furthermore, Pencader is on probation therefore, the outstanding issues should be addressed within the scope of the charter school review committee which is an open public meeting. No doubt in Delaware there are backroom deals. However, the secretary of education actions particularly and intentionally isolating Pencader board members from one another by intentionally excluding certain board members infringes on the autonomy of the board and the rights of board members excluded.

If there is a conflict of interest in regards to Pencader’s vendor contract one would think they are legal issues subjected to legal review or opinions of the state auditor who copies all investigative reports to the AG’s office.

The concerns with Pencader should be concerns of the entire Pencader board of directors and the entire board of the state board of education. Also, the community at large. The fact is, according to one of my old mentors, no one board member has greater authority over other board members. The state board of education president was in no position to represent the entire state board of education and the secretary of education’s separation of Pencader’s board appears to be illegal and infringes on the autonomy of the entire Pencader school board. Also, you might not want to hear this but, any private discussions about the school leaders position as far as any request that she be terminated may be an infringement of due process that she may be entitled to. The more appropriate choices for the secretary of education would have been addressing issues within the charter school review committee process or even address the Pencader board in public session expressing personal and professional opinions that the school leader be terminate and if questions regarding Pencader board members status were and issue it would have been better address those issues in a formal process within the scope of public open session or executive session if warranted by legal requirements associated with confidential laws and rules.

The Delaware secretary of education overstepped his legal bounds by calling what appears to be a secret meeting in which no public notice was given even if it were a closed meeting. I wonder if Kilroy didn’t report this meeting prior to it taking place would we have known about it. Though my sources indicated the meeting was with one Pencader board member the fact remains there was an unannounced meeting. To add insult to injury, Delaware Secretary of Education Mark Murphy made comments in response to the News Journal’s request and provided shallow answers. I think at best, in additional to responding to the New Journal, the Delaware Secretary of Education Mark Murphy should have released a formal press release to the public. We are at a time of great demands on all stakeholder and teacher accountability and we should ask that state officials such as Secretary Murphy live up to professional standards.

Breaking News!! Delaware doctors implant teeth into ass and the ass speaks

What good is transparency laws when they are not enforced? Why should the public bitch and beg for school finance reports from schools like Pencader charter school when they law says they are require to post that information on their webpages?

Why does your handpicked Delaware Secretary of Education and President of the Delaware State Board of Education hold a secret closed meeting with selected Pencader school board members? Sorry to say Jack, the President of Delaware State Board of Education doesn’t have the authority to assist in the negotiation of surrender of school board power. That is consider abuse of power. There is a process of charter school review with a standing committee.

Don’t worry Jack, you’ll be elected for second term. The Delaware political star chamber made sure of that. Just be nice to the warm body they threw out to run against you. He is a victim of his own political party. But don’t set your eyes on Carper’s senate seat because, I think Beau just pissed on it to mark his turf. Personally, I think Beau is shaping up to be a dynamic speaker not laced with egotistic smirks like yours.

Why did Delaware Sec of Education exclude Abe Jones

Pencader charter school board member Abe Jones has been showing willingness to make change but is being held hostage by other board members who are loyal to the school leader. Sure he might have drank some Kool-aid in the past. However, he is starting to see the light.

Why did the Delaware Secretary of Education exclude Abe Jones from a closed door meeting where only three Pencader board members aligned with the school leaders? Attorney General Beau Biden and state legislators need to call for an independent investigations. Pencader parents I believe your civil rights are being violated. Because lately Abe Jones has been stepping up and now it appears Mark Murphy and the state board what him quiet. The exclusion of him at this meaning has infringed upon equal representation and I don’t want to go THERE! BUT!! Was Abe Jones excluded because he is African-American?

Abe, I know you are reading this and I’ve questioned your position on the board in the past whether you are there for all students or just a family member. However, you have stepped up your voice and are starting to question school leadership. Take a hard look at what’s going on! We have a charter school that has a flawed relationship between the board and school leadership. School leaders both charter and traditional schools should have flexibility and not be micromanaged by their school board. HOWEVER, when school leaders micromanage their school boards it becomes a formula for complete failure. It comes down to the question of who works for who.

I am not playing the civil rights card here for drama because at stake is the civil rights of students. Do we stand and allow a public schools such as charters to be managed with questionable unhealthy morals and ethics? Does operating Pencader in darkness contrary to establish law and rules that require open finances infringe on students civil rights? YES ! What Pencader leaders are doing equates to a jailer pissing in the inmates coffee. Where is the objective voice of Pencader parents seated at the board table? Where is the objective voice of the community seated at the board table? Where the objective voice of the taxpayers seated at the board table? Civil rights in Delaware fail because civil rights leaders fail to stand unless there is greenbacks offered! Education in Delaware and American is a matter of civil right for all children, black, white, brown and all shades in-between. It is time to take those civil rights back and purge those who put their own needs before others they serve particularly when they are an arm of the government. If government leaders such as Sec of Ed Murphy can’t stand for civil rights , the people must stand. The people shall not serve those who are assigned as public servants. Government is for the people by the people!

Parents and students of Pencader!!!! If you love Pencader and want it to stay open it is up to you to help purge the cancer within! Pencader is a public school and it “belongs” to you! Obviously those claiming to be your representatives on the board are “not” being effective in keeping Pencader within the laws that governs it.

Parents and students, if you don’t stand in this hour of need Pencader will fall! Maybe not now but it will! Organize and make your stand now! The community even Kilroy stood up and helped save Pencader from closure last year! It is time for Pencader parents and students to stand on their own! It’s your school so own it !

Delaware Sec of Ed Murphy falls short of manhood re: Pencader

State: Pencader should fix issues now, not later; Written by Nichole Dobo The News Journal

It should be “days, not weeks” before problems identified by the state at Pencader Business and Finance Charter School are fixed, state Education Secretary Mark Murphy said.

Should my ass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How about MUST ??????????????

Murphy, along with state board of education president Teri Quinn Gray, met privately Thursday in Wilmington with three Pencader school board members following last week’s announcement about concerns with the school’s operations.

The little blow-fest should have been in open view of the public! My bad, when it comes to legal issues for public officials everything is done it the dark! After all, it’s for the kids!

“We ended the conversation still very much in a concerned place – being concerned about the overall health of the school,” Murphy said in an interview with The News Journal.

Well what did you expect Mr. McFly Murphy ? It is not about the “school” it is about the students and yours heart is speaking to you and telling you it is not going to work!

Among the concerns raised last week were decreasing enrollment, a Freedom of Information complaint regarding the school board, a state Pension Board referral to the attorney general for investigation, financial oversight issues, and possible conflicts of interest with contractors doing business with the school.

So where is Beau Biden with the results on the FOIA ?? “Possible” conflict of interest? DE DOE has been meeting with Pencader for months and don’t know? How long do it take to read a vendor contract? But I know why, charter schools being “corporations” and the lack of clarity in Delaware laws governing charter school has DE DOE and Murphy scratching their asses and picking their nuts at the same time.

Pencader is a business-themed high school near New Castle that had a taxpayer-funded budget of about $5 million last year. The school is allowed to enroll about 625 students, but has been operating lately in the mid-400 range.

“Business-themed” Does organized crime qualify as a business?

Murphy said board members – Steven Quimby, Jay Anderson and Judi Kennedy – offered “a clear set of actions” in their meeting. Murphy declined to elaborate, saying Pencader officials should communicate that action plan. He also would not say what state officials intend to do if the board fails to change course.

So where was board member Abe Jones? My bad, four board members would make a quorum and it only made sense to not invite the only board member who is stepping up and  asking tough questions and defending students who what to leave the Thorazine factory! So the meeting was for puppets only! WTF ! Now why wouldn’t Murphy say what would happen if the board didn’t comply?  My bad, Murphy’s marching order come from Governor Jack Markell and Jack is too busy crawling around on his presidential knee pads. Murphy asks others to be effective leaders by setting clear outcomes but yet goes into a critical meeting with a “charter” school that is failing and does have clear plan.

“I feel the same as I did walking in, in terms of my concerns,” Murphy said. “I think this is because the actions we take speak volumes.”

What he felt was most-likely piss running down his left leg. No Mr. Murphy, what speaks volumes is leaders and when the charter school oversight bodies such as DE DOE and the state board of education fail to lead and lie about “red flags” children of this state pay the price and taxpayers foot the bill! It seems the state board of education can’t see the red flags even if they were shoved up their asses!

Efforts to reach Pencader’s school board and leadership for comment were unsuccessful. Board member Abe Jones responded, but said he could not comment because he was not at the meeting.

But if it were an IEP meeting for a family member he’d be at the meeting. Abe you have be showing some real courage lately and the community, parents and students appreciate those “efforts”. However, if you were not invited to this meeting you need to let the public know! Otherwise, we “assume” you don’t give a shit! However, Monday’s Pencader board meeting will be “your” defining monument. Abe, we are taking civil rights of school children whom you are to represent. The time is now! 

In an email to the state department of education last week, the school’s lawyer said the board has plans to address the concerns raised by the state.

We’ll see if the Pencader’s legal eagle represents the school or the person who hand-picked them.

“The board asked me to let you know that it’s fully committed to resolving all of the issues identified therein,” attorney Barry M. Willoughby wrote in the email to state officials Saturday.

If they are fully committed why don’t they speak for themselves! Do they really need a legal buffer to speak on how committed they are?

The board intends to be in full “compliance with all legal, professional, and ethical standards,” the email states. The board has a special meeting scheduled for Monday that includes a review of the school’s operational needs and a vote on the school personnel contracts, according to an agenda posted on the school’s website.

“Ethical standards”? You have to have a set of personal moral standards before you develop ethical standards! I am putting odds on the board will renew school leaders contract Monday night or avoid it and allow the status-quo rule. Where are the Pencader parents? Why aren’t they demanding a board representative aligned with their needs and concerns?

Board members at Thursday’s meeting had a “long list” of items they want to work on, Gray said, and it was shared with state officials.

“I really sensed that the board members – they care. But I am still quite concerned about the governance and leadership there,” she said.

Why isn’t that list public? Ms Gray, a private is only good as his or her general. Take a hard look at your troops on the state board. You allowed DE DOE’s charter school office to mislead the state board on the real conditions of Pencader. The state board serves the governor not the people! That needs to change!

The state board is not interacting directly with the school – that’s not the board’s role – but it is getting daily updates on monitoring work that’s being done by department officials, Gray said.

The Delaware Board of Education is the legal authorizing agent of Delaware charter schools and “is” the oversight agent! By law DE DOE is required to assigned a DE DOE employee to charter schools Citizen Budget Oversight Committee. The state board “fails” to demand they follow the law to ensure monthly financial reports are posted on the school’s website! Also, charter schools are require to post financial position reports. Pencader Charter School is failing because “you” fail to ensure the laws and regulations that apply to Pencader are followed. Perhaps as we ask some Pencader board members to step-down we ask the same of some state board members!

While the state has authority to revoke the school’s ability to function as a public school, Murphy did not suggest that action is eminent.

It should be made loud and clear, if Pencader board doesn’t get their shit together the school “will” be closed ! The message must be clear and precise! 

The No. 1 concern here is the experience our children have in the school,” he said. “Our concerns are about the children and the educational opportunities they are being provided.”

So a charter school focused on business and finance operates like an organized crime family counterproductive to proper moral and ethics provides an healthy education experience? From what I see, Pencader appears to be a boot-camp for Wall Street. When Pencader has to reduce the scope of education services because of poor financial governance, I think the promise made within Pencader’s approved charter application is defaced and doesn’t honor the promise made to students.

Dear Secretary of Education Mark Murphy, Delaware should be setting the bar for others to reach! You lack of committee to real resolve to the Pencader concerns lack the leadership we need. I might be wrong in my assessment of you but your refusal to operate transparently overshadows the world class leader Governor Markell sold you as!