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I wonder why Jack Markell didn’t blow his Fisker horn!

Looks like Jack had a few drinks before he took center stage! He couldn’t contain his ego and had  to let out some goofy-ass smirks.

Don’t worry Markell will still win another term despite the backdoor Bloom utility tax and a no show for Fisker! Jack , Fisker’s Red Clay school taxes are due “again” soon! Are you going to cut Red Clay a check  Jack?

Pencader students and parents needs some resolve with school crisis

Visit Children and Educators First Sec. Murphy’s statement to the NJ regarding Pencader

There’s a lot of conjecture out there right now about what will happen to Pencader. I’ve had a renewed run on the telephone with parents asking if our school will be closed. To that end, rather than conjecture, I asked the PIO at DOE if I could have a copy of the statement sent by Sec. Murphy to the News Journal. She quickly supplied it. Read more at Children and Educators First …………

Kilroy says, this part of Sec. Murphy’s comments;

Building-level financial oversight concerns; For several months state officials have attempted to work with the school, giving its board ample opportunity to improve voluntarily. The board has demonstrated limited capacity to govern the school. Students, families and staff deserve better.

So why did the Delaware Department of education officials in charge of Delaware’s charter schools tell the Delaware State Board of Education there were no red flags in regards to Pencader finances? I think the taxpayers deserve better and sure we can question the integrity of Pencader’s leaders but we must do the same with DE DOE’s charter school unit. HOWEVER, it is clear the Pencader board of directors aka school board lacks the capacity for understanding school finances and lack the respect of the laws that governs public school finances.

For everyday these issues aren’t addressed and corrected, Pencader crosses a point of no return and closure is warranted. The authority between Pencader school leaders and that of the school board is blurred at best. Who is working for who? I think  board member Abe Jones finally gets it! All eyes are on Pencader’s special board meeting on September 10, 2012.   Will the board give the school leader her walking papers? The legal expenses Pencader is taking on will no doubt exceed the schools budget for legal expenses to cover this mess. Monies will be taken away from student services or perhaps cost jobs within Pencader.

It’s kind of sad that here we have a school where teachers are teaching and students are learning. Yet those who governs Pencader are failing! Who pays the price? Children!

I think this Pencader issue will be a defining monument for Delaware Secretary of Education Mark Murphy. Now wouldn’t it be amazing that Sec. Mark Murphy shows up at Pencader’s board meeting????

Obama did not end the war in Iraq! Security agreement signed 11-17-2008

Signed in duplicate in Baghdad on this 17th day of November, 2008, in the English and Arabic languages, each text being equally authentic.

On November 17, 2008, the Iraqi Foreign Minister Hoshiyar Zebari and U.S. ambassador Ryan Crocker signed the agreement in an official ceremony.[33] [edit]Ratification by Iraqi Parliament

On November 27, 2008, the Iraqi Parliament ratified a Status of Forces Agreement with the United States, establishing that U.S. combat forces will withdraw from Iraqi cities by June 30, 2009, and all U.S. forces will be completely out of Iraq by December 31, 2011 

WHEN DID OBAMA TAKE THE OATH OF OFFICE ?????????? The agreement was hammered out well before the signing data. Bush opposed the terms and dates to full withdraw but the “Iraqis” insisted on terms of withdraw.

Breaking! Gov. Jack Markell’s secret meeting with Joel Klein disrupted

Governor Jack “Wallstreet” Markell to speak at DNC convention tonight

Markell speaking at DNC convention tonight Posted on September 5, 2012 by Jonathan Starkey

UPDATE: Delaware Gov. Jack Markell is slated to speak just before 9 p.m. at the Democratic National Convention tonight, according to a schedule released this morning. Former President Bill Clinton will deliver the night’s keynote around 11 p.m., with a setup from Elizabeth Warren, the U.S. Senate candidate from Massachusetts.

Markell will speak in the same segment as Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper, and Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter, according to the schedule.

Dennis Cini supporter trashes Red Clay School District to get at his opponent?

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR News Journal September 04, 2012

Red Clay alumnus for Dennis Cini

Residents of 19th State House District should get to know Dennis Cini. I am a young voter who, like many of us, became disillusioned with politics. The same people can only bring about the same results, which is why I am supporting Dennis.

He is a practical, hard-working, and genuine person. More importantly, he has detailed plans that he is bringing to Dover to improve public education in Delaware. I graduated from the Red Clay School District, and know that Dennis understands the changes that need to be made. Results speak for themselves and our school district has been declining in quality since I was enrolled.

We need to elect someone who will serve us for real reasons and not personal gain. As a young person, I worry about the future and who is elected. If you share these same concerns I urge you to speak with Dennis Cini

Brittany Griffiths


“Results speak for themselves and our school district has been declining in quality since I was enrolled”. First I want to say the tone of her comment seems to be some kind of political tactic taking a shot a Kim Williams a Red Clay school board member who also is running for the 19th Rep. I like to add it appears the Speaker of The Delaware House of Representative Bob Gilligan endorses Kim Williams as does Senator Karen Peterson. Without saying Kim Williams’s name the comments made about Red Clay may be a political tactic and shot at Kim Williams.

This race in the 19th RD puts me in the middle of two friends Bill Dunn and Kim Williams. I am kind of lucky getting redistricted out of the 19th by 200 feet which ended my position of the Republican Chairperson for the 19th a position I was recruited for by party leaders. Kilroy tells it like it is on this blog and believe me, I wasn’t bashful with the Delaware GOP party. Though I struggled with the GOP I remain a Republican but well centered.

I’ll call it like I see it, Kim Williams has been working hard for this opportunity to serve the community in the 19th and the state. I known her for quite a few years now and though she is soft spoken, she has determination and knowledge of the issues from education to the needs of families and our seniors. She was a stay at home mom who volunteered many hours in “Red Clay” schools. When GM closed her husband joined the millions of heartbroken unemployed people. With hopes of Fisker actually building cars at the Boxwood plant faded Kim stepped up as mom and wife and started taking classes to become a real-estate agent and successively completed the course and requirements for her license. She is now out listing and selling homes. Her husband was right on her heals follow the same career path. I think Kim Williams can honestly say to Delawareans impacted by the failed economy, “I’ve been there”.  As far as education issues Kim Williams can say, “I’ve been involved”.

When Kim Williams ran for school board she did so because the “quality” of Red Clay board leadership was failing and failed to prevent the financial meltdown of 2007. No one was fired and no one gave a “sincere” apology. The board at the time supported major cuts in services to students and after the Red Clay “taxpayers” bailed out the district and board with a successful referendum, the board acted as if they were successful in shaping Red Clay’s recovery. Kim Williams wasn’t buying it and ran for school board unseating a current board member. Red Clay has a Citizen Budget Committee long before the legislators imposed one on all schools districts and charters. Red Clay’s Community Financial Review Committee came to be because Kilroy stood before the board and requested one! Kim wasn’t on the board at the time but supported my call and efforts. Jack Buckley a new board member at the time made a call to put my request on the next agenda. It took community members like Jack Wells and parents like Kim working together to demand change and it took that voice not the school board’s to see the need for a review committee. DE DOE was poised to put Red Clay into financial recovery that would require such a committee. But we knew the committee would have ended once Red Clay came out of recovery which as was about a year and half later. Kim was there supporting me and setting the stage for her run for a school board seat. As a board member Kim supported my call for recording board meetings and putting them online for all to hear. With her support working on the inside with Jack Buckley and other new board members seeking change the district voluntarily started recording board meetings. It didn’t even take board action because Merv knew it was time to move Red Clay forward.

I attended a New Castle County Combined School Boards meeting. This is where all the school boards in New Castle County meet usually at the Christiana Hilton. Because in many cases there is a quorum the meeting has to be open to the public. So I invite myself and engage the events. At one meeting Governor Markell was the speaker. After he spoke during Q & A, Kim Williams and Jack Buckely questioned him on the sustainability of Race to The Top. Jack Markell looked over and what he saw was Kilroy sitting between Kim and Jack Buckley. Those who think there is a wall between school boards and the public are wrong. It’s your choice to stop at the wall or step threw. Kim Williams was and is always available to the public and I see no change when she is elected state representative.

As for the “declining” quality of Red Clay schools its obvious the letter writer isn’t engaged or else she’ll see high quality teachers trying to do their jobs as Wall Street laced politicians want to run the classrooms from the business roundtable board rooms. It was Cini’s Republican friends advanced charter schools in Red Clay without consideration of the impact on the other Red Clay schools. Yes charters are a choice parents are demanding and I support that. But you don’t do it in a way that harms other children to appease your affluent friends. Kim Williams sees the big picture in education and wants to make sure the reaction for every action isn’t harmful. With Red Clay’s school choice, magnet schools and “Red Clay” charter schools the district is the most diverse in the state. However, when the district moves forward so should “all schools” within, No one school should advance at negative cost of another! That’s my opinion! Also, Kim knows the issues of families beyond education issues and the struggles of our senior citizen.  That’s how “I’ see it.

This might look like an endorsement for Kim Williams but it is not! This is a response to a Letter to The Editor that is tactfully laced with taking cheap shots at Red Clay to suggest Kim Williams is not doing her job as a board member to ensure quality education in Red Clay.  I wonder, after the election what is the writer going to do to engage the issue so dear to her? Elected a good state representative is a good step! But if you vote and walk away not engaging that elected officials and others you become a hypocrite.

I think with Bob Gilligan and Karen Peterson’s open endorsement of Kim Williams sends a signal to the 19th democrats where to put their primary vote. As for after the primary not matter if Bill Dunn or Kim Williams wins, Cini  doesn’t have a chance. The voting data within the 19th RD speaks for itself.