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President Obama outsources 1.5 billion in ed $$ to Pearson of Britain

Pearson ‘Education’ — Who Are These People? Alan Singer Social studies educator, Hofstra University

According to a recent article on Reuters, an international news service based in Great Britain, “investors of all stripes are beginning to sense big profit potential in public education. The K-12 market is tantalizingly huge: The U.S. spends more than $500 billion a year to educate kids from ages five through 18. The entire education sector, including college and mid-career training, represents nearly 9 percent of U.S. gross domestic product, more than the energy or technology sectors.”

Pearson, a British multi-national conglomerate, is one of the largest private businesses maneuvering for U.S. education dollars. The company had net earnings of 956 million pounds or approximately 1.5 billion dollars in 2011.

Like I say folks, Race to The Top is ponzi scheme! Jack Markell sends 8.2 million dollars to Rupert Murdoch’s Wireless Generation for data coaches aka classroom spies. Billions of education dollars diverted to Wall Street and now billions to the UK. Every time we go to reform public education in America we add more administrators and more consultants. Nothing is being done to reduce class-sizes and Jenny’s copiers keep breaking down.  

Look at this shit NCLB aka the Bush Family retirement plan OK’d by Obama

See Children and Educators First for FOIA re: Pencader

Pencader Posts Sept. 10 Special Meeting Agenda and FOIA Update

Last week, there was a bit of volley going on between the parties the FOIAs filed in July/August.  The AG kicked Pencader’s response to me and asked for some clarity of how I wanted to proceed. See more and response 

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Pencader board to vote on administrative contract and more

Monday, September 10, 2012
5:30 p.m.
School Main Building, Room 100
1. Call to Order
2. Executive Session
a. Review personnel performance and consider renewal of teacher and
administrator contracts
b. Legal strategy session for pending and potential litigation related to
Pension Board
3. Return to Public Session
4. Vote on Renewal of Teacher and Administrator Contracts
5. Discuss of operational needs of school, including the following areas: finance,
human resources, marketing, and IT, and how best to meet those needs
6. Floor Open for Public Comments
7. or Open for Public Comments
a. Time Limit of 5 minutes per person
b. Allotted time may not be reassigned to a prior or subsequent speaker
7. Meeting Adjournment

Kilroy says:

I have a hunch board member Abe Jones will be very vocal supporting a NO VOTE for renewal of school leader’s contract. Other board member will say yes to contract and motion will pass.

Might be some early riff via non renewal of some teacher contracts. Why wait until September 30th count, admin has real numbers?

No raises for anybody that’s for sure.

“Legal strategy session for pending and potential litigation related to Pension Board” Why is it Pencader’s concern and taxpayers concerns re: legal cost , when it was individuals breaking the pension rules / laws? Sure the school should have know this but the individuals in question should be responsible.

Not sure what impact Coach Murphy DE Sec of Ed will have! He hasn’t graduated from Heller Keller school of how to be a secretary of education yet! But who knows, perhaps he’ll grow some balls and lay the law of the land down.

Pencader beehive is buzzing

A little Pencader Bee told me the hive is buzzing with concerns of Pencader might be closing . Some are saying they want to leave like others and not have to start another school mid-year.

Jack Wells exposed Markell’s school local school funding scam

Facts revealed:
1. State reduces state funding by $5,050,515 to all school districts and charter schools, HOWEVER state funding to RCCSD was slashed by $9,239,006 while state funding to DOE was increased by $9,743,084.  RCCSD property owners for years have funded CSD and Colonial, now it appears they are also funding DOE, still Red Clay’s  state legislators and Red Clay’s school board members elected to represent Red Clay’s residents and children remain silent.

2. In addition to DOE state funding being increased by $9,743.084, they retained 36.92% of all additional federal funds, DOE revenue was increased by $38,775,650, an increase of 46.86%.  Does anyone know the number of employees working in DOE?

3. Increase in local revenue from all school districts totaled $51,657,240, Red Clay’s property owners provided their school board an additional $18,841,443, this represents 36.47% of all additional local funds provided by all property owners in the state. {Red Clay has 12.4% of state enrollment.}

Why did our Governor and our state legislators slash state funding to Red Clay’s children by almost twice the amount as the entire state.  Why did they increase DOE state funding by almost the same amount they slashed funding to Red Clay’s children?

Governor and state legislators raised income taxes, where did they use all this money?

What happens when federal funding is slashed? Based on past performance, property owners in Red Clay better hold on to their wallets.

The above is by Jack Wells

Kilroy says: I’ve been warning the community that Governor Jack Markell’s state funding cuts to public / charter schools will result in local taxpayers back-filling state cuts. As for charter schools, I see some of your financial reports and know the pressure is causing concerns for operation cost and needed carryover funds.

As for Red Clay it appears Red Clay enter deficit spending and sooner or later the choice will be operating referendum or cuts in services or even sports programs.

Where are the Republican candidates in regards to these concerns? CLUELESS!

Make note “local taxpayers”, when the four-year federal “grant” called Race to The Top runs dry, local taxpayers will be picking up the cost for education programs associated with RTTT that have become part of state education regulations.  Red Clay as applied for district level RTTT competitive grant but will only go towards trying to back-fill the impact of losing state level RTTT and financial impact in relationship to state cuts.

Good news for President Obama; Tooth Fairy says business is up

Tooth Fairy survey: $3 goes under the pillow; Written by Oliver St. John USA Today

The Tooth Fairy is starting to look a lot more like Santa Claus.

Kids found an average $3 per tooth under their pillows this year, up 15% from last year, according to a survey from Visa out today. Some received as much as $20 per tooth. “It’s a good time to be a kid with a loose tooth,” says Jason Alderman, Visa’s senior director of global financial education.