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DE DOE No Red Flags re: Pencader Finances is false

Title 14 Education

700 Finance and Personnel

5.0 Reporting Requirements and Timelines

5.1 Each District and Charter school, no later than fifteen (15) working days after the most recent District or Charter School board meeting, shall post the most current Standardized Financial Report on its website. Provided further, the District or Charter School shall provide the final Standardized Financial Report for the past school year, no later than September 1st of each year.

Kilroy says, per Pencader’s webpage the last monthly budget report was posted April 2012. Don’t see any final budget report that was due no later than September 1, 2012

The Delaware Department of Education claims they sit down with Pencader regularly.

How about Coach Murphy check it out for yourself.


OMG Transparent Christina has a damning E-mail re: Pencader

Pencader BOD communications suggest deep problems with board/leader dynamic and proper roles. #netDE by Transparent Christina.

 I wish I could snap my fingers and make it stop but until it does I need you to review any and all decisions with the board.  I just want to be able to get a full day in at work and have a fucking day off without worrying about whats going to blow up

WOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! go visit Transparent Christina and read more…………..


Delaware Sec of Ed Murphy defining moment approaches

Swinging a big stick or just shallow words, Delaware Secretary of Education Mark Murphy promises intervention in the Pencader Charter School Fiasco.

The state’s top education leader said Friday he no longer will tolerate what he described as continued failure by Pencader Business and Finance Charter High School officials to resolve ongoing problems, promising to force action “one way or another” next week.

State Secretary of Education Mark Murphy issued the stern statement late Friday afternoon about Pencader, the state’s harshest public criticism yet of the school’s continued struggles. Murphy said he will meet with the Pencader board next week, along with state Board of Education President Teri Quinn Gray.

While Murphy did not outline any specific action the state would take, his department has the authority to take the extreme step of revoking the school’s charter.

Not everyone on the sidelines is calling for Pencader’s closure but rather a change in leadership. It’s very doubtful Mark Murphy has the balls or skill to look Pencader’s school board and school leader in the eye and say, you must go! The public takes no comfort in Murphy taking the State Board of Education President Teri Quinn Gray to the meeting with Pencader. Quinn sat-back during state board meetings and allow DOE Dan and DE DOE charter school office officials spoon-feed bullshit to the state board. They told the state board there were “no red flag” in regards to Pencader and that Pencader didn’t violate the conditions of their probation. Either somebody is playing stupid or is stupid!

The real question many are asking is, did Murphy use his power to intervene or was it the man who appointed him secretary of education that pulled the string and handed him the script to read. That persons being Governor Jack Markell. Markell is notorious for spitting out shallow words just to buy time hoping the controversy at-hand will die-down.

In today’s News Journal Mark Murphy presents this, Go for the gold at school with Race to the Top plan. He editorial seems to equate education as it some kind of game. But what do you expect, his teaching background is three years as a gym teacher and perhaps that’s why he equates education to a sporting event.

This was an exciting month as we cheered on our athletes in the Summer Olympics. While it might be a few more years until the games return, our students and teachers are continuing to “go for Gold” in Delaware.

Yea and Murphy and Markell’s Wall Street buddies goes for the greenbacks. Contrary to Murphy’d beliefs most of Delaware teachers have been working with student to reach the gold finish-line well before Race to The Top, NCLB and DSTP.  Markell will let local community and minority leaders kiss his hand if they play-along with Arne Duncan’s ponzi scheme.

This academic year truly is an Olympic one for our schools. This is the year when we will be deepening execution of our state’s Race to the Top plan. That includes fully implementing Common Core State Standards.

What Murphy fails to tells the public is, Delaware’s participation in the Common Core Standards will required Delaware to participate in an nationalized standard student test call the Smarter Balanced Assessment which rolls out school year 2014-2015. And here we go again with another test that further skews year to year data like the transition from DSTP to DCAS. We’ll need another three years to tweak the cut scores and aligned standards with the curriculum. As far as teacher evaluations, once again we’ll see the transition of a new test adapted to new standards adapted to realigned curriculum. Folks it is nothing but a shell-game of manipulation to justify the infusion of billions of dollars into Race to The Top ponzi scheme and the biggest benefactors will be Markell’s Wall Street buddies.

Mark Murphy may be an actor in the biggest education ripoff since the creation of the United States Department of Education. Down the road he’ll get his gold in the form of pats on the back and cheap-ass plastic and crystal awards handed to him from Rodel or perhaps the big prize from the Broad Foundation.

Mark Murphy’s defining moment will come via how he handles the Pencader Charter School crisis. Nowhere to hide and nowhere to run! Can he save the school for the sake of dedicated teachers and students who wanted the charter choice at the same time purging undesirable leadership? Or will he take the easy road and just close Pencader?

PLCs provide shared planning time for teachers to dig into their student data (sometimes with the help of a coach and our new Education Insight Portal), and to work with their peers to find ways to better meet students’ needs.

There he goes with that coach shit! Murphy stop thinking like a gym teacher! Teachers need “mentors” to help shape their skills and individuality in one who inspires and mentors children. They need trusted partners not data coaches doubling as a spy taking notes to be use for evaluations at a later date. When climbers climb a mountain they look each other in the eyes not at the rope!  If you are going to use sports analogies in education is goes like this, greater victories are achieved when there is trust between teammates under the guidance of a seasoned coach. Sorry to say Mr. Murphy, I don’t think Governor Markell selected the most seasoned coach. His ego is too big to allow a subordinate to applied critical thinking skills without his permission. I have no doubt Markell gave you the green-light to inject yourself in the Pencader crisis. We’re waiting and watching for your defining moment. Many are betting you’ll meet with Pencader and won’t man up and call the News Journal’s Lois Lane providing a statement. Effective leaders can speak for themselves and not have a Hollywood script writer do it for them.