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The Pencader saga has gone on far too long!

Pension office denies Pencader teachers’ appeals Written by Esteban Parra The News Journal

In addition to denying Shirley Roccia and Bob Lewis’ appeal, the board referred Lewis’ case to the state Attorney General’s Office for further investigation and possible prosecution of misdemeanor charges.

Earlier this month, it was revealed during a public pension board meeting that school leader Ann Lewis paid her husband, Bob Lewis, and two other teachers thousands in wages after the state pension office warned in September it was a serious violation of the pension law. The teachers were wrongly double dipping by collecting both a pension and a paycheck from Pencader, the state alleges.

“The board also notes that is has grave concerns about the independent contractor contracts executed by (school leader) Ann Lewis, between Pencader and Robert Lewis,” according to the pension board’s 13-page letter issued Friday. The letter went on to say that such conflict of interest are potential violating of the state’s profiteering law.

Honestly folks this is gone on far too long. And guess what? There is more shit in the pipeline! DE State Board of Education re: Pencader ” no red flags” and this was July 19, 2012. Coach Murphy needs to get his head out of his ass and earn his pay! Representative of the Delaware Department of Education visits Pencader at least once a month as condition of Pencader’s probation. The house of cards are falling in and DE DOE blows smoke up the state board’s ass! There can be no effective leadership at Pencader is the charter oversight agent DE DOE is ineffective. Odds are DE DOE is giving Pencader leaders enough rope to hang themselves. Good move but what about the students and parents being victimized?

Purely from common sense and a business perspective, its time for the Pencader board of directors to ask the school leader to leave. No buyout or any of that crap because the leaders contract has expired. Seriously, the board votes to renew the leader’s contract the AG should investigate the board members.

I don’t want to see Pencader closed! The hourglass of hope is down to it’s last few grains of sand. It’s now up to the Pencader board of directors to do the right thing.

Why is that when there is good news Governor Markell and his trolls jump up for a photo opportunity but yet when shit hits the fan Markell and puppets go under ground. I am not blaming Markell for Pencaders recent failures because he did allow Pencader to stay open and reorganize.  The school leaders are responsible for this mess and disservice to the kids. The renew the school leader’s contract would be near criminal.

Transparent Christina has the latest scoop ! re: Pencader

It’s Official! Pencader School Leader’s husband’s pension hearing determination is in. by Transparent Christina 

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Pencader loses non-profit status???????

Pencader’s tax exempt status revoked, what’s the impact? by Children and Educators First

As last Thursday’s Public Board Meeting, the Pencader School Leader mentioned to the board of directors that the school’s tax exempt status had been revoked because the school had not filed its 990 since 2007. What wasn’t mentioned was the impact of such a designation for donors to the school. Actually, it was made to sound as if this were a pretty minor matter.  Only – it’s been an ongoing matter for a year, at least – the revocation occurred May 15, 2011. Read more………

YIKES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And wasn’t there like thousands of $$$$$$ of unpaid penalties ?????? What next ? Pencader running two checkbooks? One state and other commercial?

Hey Secretary of Education Mark Murphy, don’t you think its time to come out of your rabbit hole and demonstrate your vision leadership skills!

So looks like no more tax write-offs for Pencader donors !

Keep up the good work Children and Educators First blog

From Pencader’s February 2012 board meeting

  • Previous school leader did not file tax returns for 3 years

    • 2008, 2009, 2010

    • Need to complete 1023

    • Fines: $75/day for each return

Is blog Children and Educators First sending cryptic messages ?

What is Forgery? A Felony, of course… by Children and Educators First

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DeMint opposes gays as teachers

VIDEO: TV stations stand by gay rights ad targeting DeMint

DeMint has repeatedly said gays should not be teachers by Matt Comer | Editor | editor@goqnotes.com July 24, 2012

DeMint has said repeatedly that openly lesbian or gay people should not be allowed to teach, including twice in campaign speeches in 2004 and 2010.

I posted this back in April 26, 2009 Gay public school teachers?? in support of gay teachers and gays in general.

If Senator Jim DeMint feels gays are flawed and less than human perhaps he needs to take it up with God.

Just for the record I am not gay. So I hope I didn’t break any hearts ). Being a native Delawarean I can tell you the gay community has been a long time. We have too many problems in Delaware, the United States and on Earth to be worried about someone’s sexual preference or identity.

As for Senator DeMint I must assume if he oppose gays as teachers he must oppose gays as legislators. Hey Senator DeMint perhaps you should have a medical I.D. tag that reads, First Responders if you are gay please don’t treat me.