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Pencader board is becoming subject of concern for someone in a high place.

The Pencader saga just hit a new level! Thanks to Joey’s video a certain person in a high place is angered. Appears questions are being asked about Pencader board member’s primary responsibility.

Whats going on at Pencader will have a ripple effect on all charter schools as Pandora’s Box is about to be open and will dissect Delaware’s charter school law.

The probe is deepening and the newly installed board members are clueless and will be caught in the flypaper. The “we didn’t know” cries from the board won’t be accepted when the round of information is revealed.

Some may think I am joking when I refer to the Delaware Political Star Chamber but it is real! The presses are being oiled.

Delaware student shows courage by videotaping Pencader school board meeting

Hats off to Joey! I find it refreshing to see students stepping up and putting greater demands on public schools. Red Clay and Christina schools districts “voluntarily” provides a complete digital audio recordings of their board meetings (found on the district’s website). The Delaware State Board of Education since September 2011 by legislative action provides digital audio recordings of their meetings ( found on DE DOE’s website). Video would be great but audio is just as good and more cost effective.

Joey was the student who videotaped the “bitch incident” at Pencader and has been paying the price since. He didn’t use his cell phone video to hurt or embarrass fellow students but rather protect them. Joey’s video tape of Pencader’s last board meeting was a great service to the community and taxpayers.

Printed school board meeting minutes are short, controlled and very vague! The reason the public is clueless in many cases is because school boards and school leaders want it that way! Governor Markell has the executive power power to order all public school districts, charter schools and Votechs to digitally record their board meetings and place the recording files on the school / district website.

It time the adults step up like Joey and bring the sunshine into school board meetings.

re: Pencader , guns in car?? WTF ?

This shit is getting serious ! Take a look at this video and hear references about “guns” and “hostages”. Did school leaders call police to report this accusation?