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DE State Board of Education re: Pencader ” no red flags”

UPDATE 07/22/2012 WTF !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Delaware State Board of Education met this  week and said No Red Flags! There was no conversation in regards to pension issue. Don’t you think with the Delaware Department of Education meeting once a month with  Pencader the pension issue would come up? Say what  you want about Pencader but it looks like DE DOE and the state board of education is just as fractured and has serious capacity issues.  Another failure on Governor Markell’s watch. 

The Delaware State Board of Education met yesterday July 19, 2012 and has indicated Pencader has met the requirements of probation from the financial perspective. “As of today” Pencader enrollment is 450. No “red flags” re: finances. No debt carry over from last year. Hear for yourself, board meeting audio recording part 2 , start at 38:37    

Well folks according to the Delaware State Board of Education all is well with Pencader with the exception of enrollment. The Delaware Department of Education meets monthly with Pencader and all seems well and on track.

So all of this is great news for Pencader teachers, students, parents and board of directors. So this should put an end to all the rumors and with the state board’s report I am satisfied.

Don’t come in here bashing Pencader or its leaders unless you have verifiable proof to what you have.  And I must say, I am shock none of the rumors are correct. Also, a bit odd but nothing was said about the News Journal’s report on the bogus PhD. I guess the state board sees that as a local board issue.

Lois Lane to set the Sunday morning sky on fire !

Somebody done pissed off Lois Lane! I think the article title is going to be called, Yellow Journalism My Ass!  Its one thing to put baby in the corner but DON’T piss off Lois Lane.

Hey Susan, the big secret is about to be revealed!

Clark Kent knows when Lois gets pissed off even Kryptonie is useless

Kilroy’s love child knows how to throw an Austin Texas block party

Libertarian Gesty calling for end of federal intrusion in local schools

WGMD: Scott Gesty kicks off Libertarian campaign to unseat John Carney  By Delaware Libertarian 

Limiting Federal intrusion into public education would be one of his campaign’s main themes, Gesty said. “John Carney supports corporate control of education with Vision 2015, and he supports Federal control with Race to the Top.  The only type of control he doesn’t support is by parents, teachers, and elected school boards.”  Gesty noted that with state and local funds paying over 93% of public education expenses in Delaware, “The tail should not be wagging the dog.”

As I said before, why are we giving the feds 100% control of our public schools for 7% of the funding?  

Not an endorsement here but I 100% support getting the feds out of local school affairs.