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Interesting post over at Transparent Christina! Kicker List !

The “Kicker List”  by blog Transparent Christina

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Kilroy says: With an unqualified inexperienced Delaware Secretary of Education you can bet on further dysfunction at the Delaware Department of Education. Odds are DE DOE will not share the kicker list information with the public. We’re not asking for students name just raw data on dual enrollment. We a student is on a district school list and a charter school list the enrollment default to the district school. However, info is reviewed and corrected if needed.   

Go read Transparent Christina

DE Sec of Ed Murphy fails to address the capacity issue within DE DOE charter school office

Pencader Charter School Monthly Conditions Report June 2012

“The Pencader Board of Education shall comply with the requirements of 14 DE Admin Code 736; and the school’s Citizen Budget Oversight Committee shall meet not less than monthly beginning within 30 days. Further, all members of the Committee shall, in a timely manner, promptly complete the training required by the regulation; except that any member of the committee who has previously completed such training shall not be required to retake the said training”

“Completed (training) On-going (CBOC meetings)”

“All CBOC members were trained and CBOC is meeting on a monthly basis.”

The Citizen’s Budget Oversight Committee is responsible for overseeing the operating budget for Pencader Charter High School.

CBOC Minutes:  September – November 2011 Meeting Minutes

CBOC Reports: This page contains all reports from the Community Budget Oversight Committee

Kilroy says: Per Pencader’s webpage indications are the last CBOC meeting was in November 2011. Why is the Delaware Department of Education making false progress reports to the Delaware State Board of Education?

Will DOE Dan tell the state board about that meeting last Wednesday? DOUBT IT!

Hey Mr. Murphy, the definition of leadership in Delaware’s political circles might mean being the first to greet Governor Markell each morning down on your knee pads. However, the parents of public school children and taxpayers see leadership as one being proactive and empowered. I don’t know how long your wet-nursing sessions will be but we really need leadership and a greater sense of capacity when it comes to charter school approval and oversight.

Public schools including charter schools are required to have Citizen Budget Oversight Committee and if you don’t believe me ask Governor Markell who signed the legislation. DE DOE has the responsibility to ensure the committees are form and adhere to state law.