Are associates degrees a gloried high school diplomas?

The unique Connected Degree Programs between the University of Delaware, Delaware State University and Wilmington University and Delaware Technical and Community College is unique and innovative.

I urge all students (and parents) who plan on attending Delaware Tech to track their major to ensure there is a connected degree program otherwise pursuit of a bachelors degree may come with setbacks.

We hear all this hype about the global job market but the reality is with a tight job market an associates degree isn’t as valuable it once was in a booming economy. The job market is very competitive and many with 4 years-degrees will eat-up jobs leaving little for those with a two-year degree.

Delaware Tech has come a long way since the days when their only campus was on Northeast Blvd in Wilmington and now with a recession Delaware Tech is the best affordable option for many.

So what I am saying, go for that associates degree but make sure you goals are beyond. Make sure the major you selected at Delaware Tech has a connected program for that bachelors degree. Otherwise, you’ll end up with nothing more than a glorified high school diploma.


2 responses to “Are associates degrees a gloried high school diplomas?

  1. lastDEconservative

    Wow. Considering that a public high school diploma is little more than a glorified participation trophy these days, that Associate’s Degree represents a truly minuscule level of achievement level, huh?


  2. The following link describes the plight of the highly educated. You can imagine that an associates degree with no follow-up to BA/BS could be less than useless in many areas of study.