Daily Archives: July 11, 2012

Delaware charter school queen steps up

Charter schools built on freedom of choice (Opinion Letters To The Editor by Kendall Massett Executive Director of Delaware Charter Schools Network)

The freedom granted to charter schools is what allows parents and students the opportunity to choose the educational model that best meets each student’s needs. But it’s this same autonomy that requires hard work, tireless perseverance, and the ability to learn from experience. The road isn’t always a smooth one, but our charter leaders, educators, and staff are in it for the long haul.

I think this part of her letter says it all. No cheap shot at the unions and no kiss ass comments referring to Governor Markell, Arne Duncan, Race to The Top, Vison 2015, Rodel and the great divider Skipper! It all comes down to “choice”! Now the queen should work on leveling the playing field and eliminate the admission barriers to charter schools that hinders fair and equitable education. Open admissions for all charter schools with a transparent lottery process will help to level the field.