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Perhaps its time for Delaware to pilot an online charter school

NJ’s First Online Charters Could Be Just Days Away; State Department of Education currently reviewing final charters for online schools By John MooneyJuly 10, 2012 in Education

As New Jersey awaits a decision on its first online charter schools, the operator of three of those proposed schools isn’t taking any chances.

Officials of K12 Inc., the nation’s largest online education firm, are in Newark this week continuing to wrap up the details for the three schools it would manage, one an entirely online venture from kindergarten through 12th grade and two others that blend online and in-person instructions for high school students

Looks like Markell’s stock portfolio is going to get a boost re: K12.Inc. Anyway, perhaps Delaware should pilot an online charter school which would be a great benefit to those who home-school and perhaps a good option for disruptive students. Delaware is big on school choice so why not another option? Online learning has increased among adults. The U of D has online distance learning and Delaware Technical and Community College does the same. I am sure other Delaware colleges and universities offer the same.

We are in the information age and the world is digitally connected. More and more we’re seeing employees working from home and rely on the internet. Also, lets not forget those Webinars. Many children are well adapted to computers and the internet.

Just think, more students participating in online schools the less we need to invest in building new schools.

So lets give it a try via a pilot program of say 1000 student.