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Obama continues to NCLB enslave 24 states

More states freed from No Child Left Behind law By DONNA GORDON BLANKINSHIP, AP

SEATTLE — The Obama administration said Friday that two more states, Washington and Wisconsin, will be exempted from many requirements of the federal “No Child Left Behind” education law.

The decision brings to 26 the number of states granted waivers as Congress remains at a stalemate regarding an overhaul to former President George W. Bush’s signature accomplishment. With more than half of the states now free from many of the law’s requirements, there are questions about the future of No Child Left Behind.

If NCLB is deemed so counterproductive to real education reform why doesn’t President Obama free all states from the punitive NCLB?

The Education Department began granting the waivers in February in exchange for promises from states to improve how they prepare and evaluate students. The executive action by Obama is part of an ongoing effort to act on his own when Congress is rebuffing him.

Promises ???? More like blood-contracts holding teachers accountable for the misguided reform efforts of the business rountables and egotistic self-centered politicians like Delaware Governor Markell. But no doubt education labor leaders will endorse Jack Markell for another term screwing the next generation of teachers. The alternative is not Markell’s GOP opponent but rather a “no recommendation position”.

The so-called exchange is, we’ll release you from NCLB for greater local federal intrusion.

“A strong, bipartisan reauthorization of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act remains the best path forward in education reform, but as 26 states have now demonstrated, our kids can’t wait any longer for Congress to act,” Duncan said in a statement released Friday.

And that bipartisan has deep common ties with the Wall Street education profiteers. Anybody wondering why the Delaware GOP isn’t bashing Markell’s reform plan? How about his GOP opponent? Not a peep!

Members of both parties say the No Child Left Behind law is broken but have been unable to agree on how to fix it. While it has been praised for focusing on the performance of minorities, low-income students, English language learners and special education students, it has also led to a number of schools being labeled as “failing.”

But drop to your knees and blow Arne Duncan and we’ll set you free from the evil NCLB

In order to get a waiver, each state had to promise to show in other ways that its students and schools are improving, and they were required to more closely link teacher evaluations to student test scores, among other requirements.

Why should there be conditions to release states from a wrongheaded NCLB mandate ? Makes better sense to abolish NLCB and return the money to the states and let local community demand reform unique to their community needs.

The waiver agreement requires that by 2018, Washington cut in half achievement gaps between various ethnic and economic groups, when compared with 100 percent passage rates. For example, if one group had 74 percent passing reading in 2011, that group would need to have 87 percent passing by 2018.

2018? How convenient ! Obama and Markell will be out of office and Arne Duncan will be reaping his payday from some Wall Street education firm. Nothing more than playing a game of kick the can down the road. And if one group had 50  percent passing in reading that group would need 60 percent! So I just wonder who is left in the remaining 40%.

The agreement adds another requirement for Title I schools, which are high-poverty public schools that get extra money from the federal government to help students who are behind academically or at risk of falling behind.

And no more SES and goodbye Title 1 Section 1118. Poverty in public education is now the new ponzi scheme. More administration, more consultants and more for testing and data tracking companies. So when will Markell end the wavier on class size caps?

It requires the state education office to annually identify priority schools, which are the 5 percent lowest-achieving of Title I schools; focus schools, which are the lowest 10 percent of Title I schools; and reward schools, the highest performing Title I schools or those making the most progress in a given year.

Hello McFly, giving selective teachers $10,000.00 bonuses isn’t rewarding the schools.

End NCLB , ESEA and eliminate the United States Department of Education and send the money back to the states.

Sometimes the News Journal is best at the bottom of a birdcage

Parents should engage in children’s education; News Journal Opinion Our View

Using money from Delaware’s $119 million federal Race to the Top grant, five school districts and one charter will divvy up $263,000 to devise ways for parents to become more involved in their students education for the second year in a row.

Wooing parents with a thoughtful strategy that eliminate any sense of inadequacy and empowers them as partners in their child’s education at home and in classroom is what this grant money has done and can continue to achieve.

Nothing new here and in fact there has been funding giving to public schools as part of Title 1 grant who are “requirement” to establish “parent involvement policies at the state, district and school levels.  Please do read this. 

You certainly cannot legislate good parenting, but thoughtful public policy like this can lead to solutions that benefit the entire educational experience. Every wise educator knows this and should be grateful for Delaware’s continuing effort to better engage families in public schools.

Yea but you can legislate requirements that teachers be responsible for parents who refuse to engage and refuse make sure their child is prepared for school each day.

Every wise educator knows this and should be grateful for Delaware’s continuing effort to better engage families in public schools.

Especially the ones willing to bend-over and and allow Governor Markell to blow smoke up their ass.

Delaware needs laws holding parents responsible for willfully refusing to engage in their child’s education ensure they are prepared each day with homework completed, materials needed which are parents responsibility to provide, respect for fellow students and school staff and certainly daily attendance.

Its kind of ironic that Title 1 provides way more funding for parental involvement than a onetime grant like Race to The Top and now with Arne Duncan’s NCLB wavier states, districts and schools can waive out of their responsibility. Seriously, look at what the Title 1 / NCLB law requires or use to. 

So much for Title 1 Section 1118 Parental Involvement  Parents need to stop drinking the Kool-aid being mixed by Markell and his Wall Street clones. NCLB has it’s flaws but doesn’t when it came to parental involvement. Section 1118 was a gift from the government but rather demanded by parents led by William “Hicks” Anderson one of Delaware forgotten civil rights leader. I remember one of the twins standing before a Title 1 convention proclaiming he was a “Title 1 child”. I think it would be nice for both twins to say, Hicks Anderson was my father and we need to finish the job.