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America’s deathbed rattling in Delaware

I’ve always be fascinated with Hendrix’s rendition of the Star Spangle Banner. Some may view it as an insult but deep within there appears to be a message. As each generation of Americans past it seems the connection to the American Revolution that forged our freedom fades. Baby Kilroy carries some special DNA handed-down from his patriot ancestor who fought at the Battle of Lexington and the Siege at Boston which followed. Another patriot ancestor stood side-by-side with Richard Henry Lee during the signing of the Leedstown Resolutions protesting the Stamp Act of 1765. The war was with England and the  dream was to be released from the bonds of an oppressive ruling government. So here we are 2012 being dominated by a central government to the point of dictating how to educate our children at the local level. Our governor seems to represent his own political aspirations putting local control of public schools on the altar of the federal government. His action is a clear moral violation of separation of state and federal powers. No doubt he’ll put his hand on his heart facing an American Flag this 4 of July. America is being dismantle at the hands of elected officials who are only obsessed with their own political future.

Indeed we Americans have much to celebrate and cheer this 4th of July. However, America’s heart bleeds as does the bodies of those ask to defend her. Our troops spread around the world protects our freedoms 24-7 ( God bless you and protect you) and we as Americans back home must protect their freedoms guaranteed and secured by those who were there when the shot around the world was heard. When Johnny comes marching home we need to ensure his home and livelihood belongs to him not a federal and local government building Trojan Horses.

Our troops are at the front fending off terrorist while our government leaves America’s backdoor open for illegal aliens some want to call immigrants. When Johnny comes marching home he shouldn’t have to stand in line behind illegals for jobs. The real perimeter to defend American must include its backdoor and stop the flow of illegals.

We Americans standby watching American gasp for freedom and do nothing. If we really support our troops we must keep American strong on the home-front free of self-serving politicians who have no remorse for raping America and state’s rights to self autonomy.

DE Sec of Education Murphy a no-show addressing charter school concerns

Pencader adds six people to board; Charter’s actions being monitored by Dept. of Education. Written by Nichole Dobo The News Journal

What was not clear was if two board members could legally call a meeting to appoint a new board. The board’s bylaws call for a minimum of five board members, and the state’s open meetings law requires a quorum of a board to hold a meeting.

Bylaws are not state laws and the means to guide the board. Regardless of the reason why there remained two board members the fact is the entire board was 100% present. Therefore, there was a quorum. The situation was extraordinary and nothing in the charter school law references this concern. Therefore, it is obvious the remaining board member remedy the situation. The real emphasis should be on the qualifications of the “new” six board members.

The state Department of Education, which oversees the school, is “monitoring the situation” regarding board membership and will take “action that is appropriate,” said Alison Kepner, a spokeswoman for the department. Kepner declined to elaborate, and the state did not make any DOE officials available for an interview regarding the matter.

Now here is a serious problem! The Delaware Secretary of Education is being wet-nursed by Governor Markell and his DOE subordinates. If he were qualified to be such a leader he would make a comment and not rely on another subordinate. Surely if the issues were Pencader receiving a national award DOE officials and Markell would be on hand for the photo opt and make comments.

The state’s Attorney General’s Office, which rules on matters regarding open meetings and records, would not comment on the specific situation at Pencader because the office only issues opinions if a complaint is made.

So much for being proactive he’ll make a fine governor in 2016.

The new Pencader board amended the school’s bylaws after its members were selected.

The bylaws had required new members to be elected at the annual meeting, which is in July. The new board voted unanimously to push up that election so it could happen in the three months leading up to the annual meeting. The new rules also require board candidate information to be presented two weeks prior to the vote.

So much for customary proper protocol of a one meeting rule before voting on an action item. The new board was in place and they should have form a 90 board committee, sought legal counsel and discussed with DE DOE. Pencader’s charter (contract) was approved based on existing bylaws and should be required to have such bylaw modification approved by DE DOE. But then again when DE DOE has a secretary of education lacking in capacity charters need to be proactive in addressing problems.

The Delaware Department of Education has lost its capacity to effectively provide proper oversight of charter schools and the end result is the delivery of quality education.