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Dunn or Williams who will it be?

For the record, Kilroy was redistrict out of the 19th and now in the 13th. So I can’t vote for either candidate. But Kilroy can keep the conversation moving!

Bill Dunn said this to WDEL, “Reducing, if not eliminating, the number of kids that drop out of school; we do a better job of preparing them for kindergarten and first grade, and that Delaware is perceived throughout the country, if not throughout the world, as one of the top educational places in the world,” says Dunn.”

For the record, Delaware’s high school dropout rate for 2010-2011 is 3.7% a 30-year low. Red Clay’s is 3.9% for the same period with a three-year average of 4.2%. However, sad to report John Dickinson High School is at 12.1% the worst in the state for traditional high schools. Moyer charter is at 29.7%.

I think the biggest contrast of these two candidates will be who supports the overreaching hand of the federal government on programs like Race to The Top that has no financially sustainability which will default more financial burden on state and local taxpayers. Race to The Top may have merits but it does not have financial sustainability.

The concept of cradle to career sounds nice but without improvement in parental engagement many babies will feed into the same cycle.

I have known Bill Dunn going back to the days he served on the Red Clay School Board and he was pretty much ousted by the board status quo because he didn’t go with the flow aka agenda. I’ve known Kim Williams about a year or two prior to her running for school board. She openly supported bringing Red Clay into the sunlight with supporting the call for recording board meetings that all can listen to online.

One thing for sure both candidates have a great sense of passion for public education and both being democrats I pray they don’t use the Obama /Duncan/Markell script for public education reform. The 19th Representative District is in Red Clay. I expect the next 19th District State Representative will do everything they can to bring back “local control” of Red Clay’s schools to local taxpayers, local parents , local student and the local community. Those who want to kiss Markell ass can pretty much kiss my!

As far as filling Bob Gilligan’s shoes it ain’t going to happen! Leaders are born not created. Either you are a leader or you’re not! Gilligan didn’t read from a script! He wrote it! Many don’t know this but Gilligan ripped Red Clay administrators are new ass like no tomorrow for the 2007 financial meltdown. Damn shame Gilligan doesn’t primary Markell ass! He might just win!

Transparent Christina reports via Nicole Debo’s Twitter tweets: Pencader board made illegal vote

Another UPDATE: The information reported actually came from News Journal Nichole Dobo via information posted on Transparent Christina. 

UPDATE 2 remaining Pencader board members elects 6 more board members. Delaware AG might just turn a blind-eye!  Delaware Secretary of Education Coach Murphy nowhere to be found! 

Transparent Christina “Breaking News! Pencader’s renegade, illegal board of 2 selects 6 additional members #IhaveNOideaHOW”  more to come

Kilroy says,  no way Pencader’s board took illegal action in public view! DE DOE Charter School Office would be all over them! Stay-tuned surely more to come from Transparent Christina.

Kim Williams files to run for 19th Rep

Update !!!! Former Red Clay Board Member William Dunn also files to run for 19th Rep!

School Board Vice President Files for 19th Representative District Seat

Wilmington – Red Clay Consolidated School Board Vice President Kimberly Williams filed this morning for the 19th Representative District.

A lifelong New Castle County resident, Mrs. Williams has volunteered throughout her life, with much of the past decade spent in her children’s schools – fundraising, serving as PTA president of Forest Oak Elementary, serving on the Building Leadership Team at Conrad Schools of Science – and decided that this was a great opportunity to continue serving the public.

“I love helping people, and I enjoy fighting for education. Our children deserve to have the best chance for success when they grow up,” Williams said. “I feel that running for state representative is the next step to continue that work. I want to bring my passion for public service and my school board experience to Dover to help others.”

Williams was elected to the Red Clay School Board in 2009 at a time when the district was under scrutiny for financial problems. Since then, the district has righted itself and gotten its financial house in order. In addition to fiscal responsibility, Williams said two of her priorities are giving teachers more control of their classrooms and pushing for less testing.

 “It seems that all we do is test our kids, which takes away from class instruction time. Kids learn from listening and doing, not taking standardized test after standardized test,” she said. “By directing resources and limiting constantly changing demands, we need to put the classroom back into the hands of the people we trust to educate our children – teachers. They are the professionals, and they have the passion to prepare our kids for the world.”

The economic downturn that has hit thousands of Delaware families hard also has affected the Williams household. Kimberly was a stay-at-home mom raising her children.  Williams’ husband Carl was working at the General Motors Boxwood plant when the facility closed down in 2009, leaving him without a job at 48. Kimberly eventually went back to school and got her real estate license.  When Carl completes his real estate training, the two plan to work together as a team.

A Wilmington High graduate, Williams has lived in Klair Estates since 1994 with her husband and two teenage children.