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Parents of Jersey City school district shouldn’t be worried about Lyles

Delaware school board member offers praise for soon-to-be Jersey City superintendent By Terrence T. McDonald/The Jersey Journal

A sitting school board member for the Christina School District in Delaware has offered unequivocal praise for that district’s superintendent, Marcia V. Lyles, who is set to become Jersey City’s first black female schools chief.

The Jersey Journal left messages for the other five members of the Christina school board. Only one returned the phone call, but was not able to reach a reporter to discuss Lyles.

It would have made no sense to trash out going CSD superintendent Lyles. Jersey City parents need to be more concerned about the business roundtable and their puppets elected to public office. The public (parents) not corporation should control public schools and education reform. Lyles has a choice to empower parents to be active engaged partners in education and shield her from corporate and political forces.

Delaware’s public schools, students, parents, teachers and superintendents have been taking-over by a Governor (Markell) who is in bed with those corporations bent on taking over public schools. If there were ever a remake of the movie Deliverance Markell would do a great job squealing like a pig! Markell swallows his pride while on his Arne Duncan knee pads. Markell showed no regards to Title 1 Section 1118 when “he” decided to apply for Race to The Top and when “he” decided to join the Common Core Standards. Delaware superintendents have become confused as who they really work for, the school boards, the Delaware Department of Education or Governor Markell. Perhaps the reason Lyles bailed was for the same reason Lowery bailed as Delaware Secretary of Education. They are blindfolded and spun-around like it a game of pin the tail on the donkey. I wasn’t a big fan of Lyles but must give her credit for bailing while on top. Hopefully at her new job the only critics she has to answer is parents not Wall Street reformist who want their way with public education. No doubt she must build partnership with the local Jersey City business. However, there must be a line drawn as who works for who.

To Lyles’s credit she embraced the call for digitally recording school board meetings and  putting online for all to hear. Ms. Lyles if there are no board meeting recordings in Jersey City open the windows and let the sunshine in! Give the people a gift of sunshine!

OMG check out this from the Jersey City Board Docs by citizen Robert B. Knapp Damn, Kilroy is not alone in the universe.

Homework for Delaware’s new Sec. of Ed Murphy

HOUSE SUBSTITUTE NO. 1 FOR  HOUSE BILL NO. 119 Signed 08/13/2009

“§ 1509.  Transparency of District Finances. Each district and charter school shall post on its web site by September 1, 2009 and every three months thereafter a check register indicating the recipient of each check issued by the school district or charter school, the amount of the check, and identifying information regarding the check sufficient to permit members of the public to seek additional information regarding the payment in question.  The only information excepted from inclusion in this database shall be records that would not constitute public records under 29 Del. C. § 10002(g), and records for which the disclosure would violate any federal or state law.”

Secretary Murphy, through advocacy of my work, former State Senator Copeland, State Representative Greg Lavelle, citizen Dave Burris and a few others we brought to the forefront the need of an online checkbook registry. Governor Markell did make an executive order ordering the online state checkbook registry. The above referenced legislation took it one step more and made it law. In reality the schools do nothing as the state takes care of putting data online and maintains the website. The districts and charter just add a link to the state’s site.

A year ago it was brought to the public’s attention that P-Cards were issued through the state and payments by the participating districts and charter schools were a direct internal debit by the state meaning no physical checks were issues. Governor Markell made another executive order giving us this, Delaware Online Credit Card Transactions  . Governor Markell and state legislators have been responsive addressing these concerns. However, we must press the issue for real-time transparency.

In regards to the online checkbook registry I’d like to bring to your attention that the online checkbook registry only reflects check via the district and charter schools state account. There is reason to believe some charter schools may have commercial checking accounts out side the state’s system. Therefore, these commercial accounts aren’t reflected in the state online checkbook registry. “if” true, one could raise the question as to where revenues come from to support these commercial accounts? Is monies from fundraisers and donations being diverted in these accounts. HOWEVER, if in fact charter schools have commercial checking accounts the law requires an online check registry. In fact, though the state oversees the state online checkbook registry the law specifically puts that responsibility on the districts and charter schools; “Each district and charter school shall post.” I respectfully ask the you investigate and establish which charter schools have commercial checking accounts if at all. I feel the Department of Education and the Governor needs establish some clarity in respects to regulations that prohibits or permits districts and / or charter schools secondary commercial bank account. Also the same goes for commercial credit-cards.

In your desk you may find a note left by former Secretary of Education Lillian Lowery warning you about me. Most likely it indicates I am rude, crude and obnoxious. You may even find a note under her’s from the former secretary of education before here, Former Secretary of Education Valerie Woodruff. Valerie’s might say Kilroy is a bit misguided but means well. Mr. Murphy, years ago I was one of those team-player parents including school level PTA President, member of the Delaware State Parent Advisory Council, Chairperson of Red Clay District Title 1 Parent Advisory Committee, school level chair of Title 1 committee and participated in many local, state, regional and national parents forums and conferences. What made be rude, crude and obnoxious was how the system tends to pour the Kool-Aid and play parents for total idiots and morons. Parents who cut-cross the grain and questions information are often deemed “misguided.” Just like Governor Markell we have many organization involved in local public education that likes to surround themselves with yes people. That seems to be the Delaware way! Government exists to sever the people not the other way around. In fact government is the servant of the people. It was those who dare to question the government that forged the American Revolution that created the so-called free government! The right, the left and the wrong have every right to question the governance of public education.

Please clarify the existence or not of charter schools who hold commercial checking accounts and clarify the laws and regulations either way. Thank you.