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A Kilroy shout-out to his Israeli followers

Right behind my U.S. followers is Israel. FYI, China blocked Kilroy’s!

And no I am not Jewish! However, I admire Israel’s determination to “exist”! Personally I think its time for Operation Opera 2.0! Kilroy lives by a rule, your friends can be your worst enemies.

“Ahmadinejad repeatedly demonizes the state of Israel and openly calls for its destruction at every opportunity. Most notoriously, he described Israel as a “fake regime” that “must be wiped off the map”.

“The Egyptians could run to Egypt, the Syrians into Syria. The only place we could run was into the sea, and before we did that we might as well fight”. Golda Meir


NC selects transgender as delegate to state and national democrat convention

LGBT delegates say they are honored NC Democrats chose their first transgender delegate by Matt Comer | Editor | July 7, 2012 |

North Carolina’s strong LGBT community won’t be left out when the Democratic National Convention rolls into Charlotte in September. Community organizations across the state and especially in Charlotte are taking advantage of the spotlight the DNC brings. And, LGBT delegates will be there to help shape the Democratic Party’s platform, nominate President Barack Obama for a chance at a second term and serve as unofficial ambassadors welcoming their fellow delegates to the Great State of North Carolina.

Among the several LGBT delegates chosen to attend the convention was Charlotte’s Janice Covington. She’s the first transgender person ever elected to represent the state’s Democrats at a national convention.

“It feels great,” Covington said about the honor. “I really can’t come up with the words. To me it’s more than amazing.”

“I’ve dreamed over the past 20 years of being able to speak to Congress on Capitol Hill and to be able to stand there and speak not only for transgender people but also gay and lesbian people who can’t work because they don’t have the same opportunities because of discrimination,” she said.

Kilroy supports rights of all “humans” God blessed the Earth with. If we are to embrace the so-called global economy we must embrace the diversity of its inhabitants.

I am working on an exclusive with Janice Convington who happens to be born in Delaware. I should have the complete story right before the Democrat National Convention kicks off. Hopefully Delaware’s delegates can take timeout to visit Janice on the convention floor. Delaware made history by supporting civil unions for LGBTs and should continue progress in ensuring LGBT’s are full participating members of the political process. Perhaps God made us different to test mankind’s ability to be civilized.

More to come!

School board members beware your E-mails can be read by system admin

I strongly urge all school board members including charter board members to provide the district or charter school with a private E-mail address to post online next to your profile. Just add another user name /E-mail to “your” internet provider account or get a free one at yahoo or Gmail.

In case you didn’t know, the district or charter school system admin can read “your” E-mails, incoming and outgoing. That means they can read E-mails from the public or concerned school staff. And if you “think” you deleted an E-mail you best think again.

The Pencader saga has gone on far too long!

Pension office denies Pencader teachers’ appeals Written by Esteban Parra The News Journal

In addition to denying Shirley Roccia and Bob Lewis’ appeal, the board referred Lewis’ case to the state Attorney General’s Office for further investigation and possible prosecution of misdemeanor charges.

Earlier this month, it was revealed during a public pension board meeting that school leader Ann Lewis paid her husband, Bob Lewis, and two other teachers thousands in wages after the state pension office warned in September it was a serious violation of the pension law. The teachers were wrongly double dipping by collecting both a pension and a paycheck from Pencader, the state alleges.

“The board also notes that is has grave concerns about the independent contractor contracts executed by (school leader) Ann Lewis, between Pencader and Robert Lewis,” according to the pension board’s 13-page letter issued Friday. The letter went on to say that such conflict of interest are potential violating of the state’s profiteering law.

Honestly folks this is gone on far too long. And guess what? There is more shit in the pipeline! DE State Board of Education re: Pencader ” no red flags” and this was July 19, 2012. Coach Murphy needs to get his head out of his ass and earn his pay! Representative of the Delaware Department of Education visits Pencader at least once a month as condition of Pencader’s probation. The house of cards are falling in and DE DOE blows smoke up the state board’s ass! There can be no effective leadership at Pencader is the charter oversight agent DE DOE is ineffective. Odds are DE DOE is giving Pencader leaders enough rope to hang themselves. Good move but what about the students and parents being victimized?

Purely from common sense and a business perspective, its time for the Pencader board of directors to ask the school leader to leave. No buyout or any of that crap because the leaders contract has expired. Seriously, the board votes to renew the leader’s contract the AG should investigate the board members.

I don’t want to see Pencader closed! The hourglass of hope is down to it’s last few grains of sand. It’s now up to the Pencader board of directors to do the right thing.

Why is that when there is good news Governor Markell and his trolls jump up for a photo opportunity but yet when shit hits the fan Markell and puppets go under ground. I am not blaming Markell for Pencaders recent failures because he did allow Pencader to stay open and reorganize.  The school leaders are responsible for this mess and disservice to the kids. The renew the school leader’s contract would be near criminal.

Transparent Christina has the latest scoop ! re: Pencader

It’s Official! Pencader School Leader’s husband’s pension hearing determination is in. by Transparent Christina 

Go Read

Pencader loses non-profit status???????

Pencader’s tax exempt status revoked, what’s the impact? by Children and Educators First

As last Thursday’s Public Board Meeting, the Pencader School Leader mentioned to the board of directors that the school’s tax exempt status had been revoked because the school had not filed its 990 since 2007. What wasn’t mentioned was the impact of such a designation for donors to the school. Actually, it was made to sound as if this were a pretty minor matter.  Only – it’s been an ongoing matter for a year, at least – the revocation occurred May 15, 2011. Read more………

YIKES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And wasn’t there like thousands of $$$$$$ of unpaid penalties ?????? What next ? Pencader running two checkbooks? One state and other commercial?

Hey Secretary of Education Mark Murphy, don’t you think its time to come out of your rabbit hole and demonstrate your vision leadership skills!

So looks like no more tax write-offs for Pencader donors !

Keep up the good work Children and Educators First blog

From Pencader’s February 2012 board meeting

  • Previous school leader did not file tax returns for 3 years

    • 2008, 2009, 2010

    • Need to complete 1023

    • Fines: $75/day for each return

Is blog Children and Educators First sending cryptic messages ?

What is Forgery? A Felony, of course… by Children and Educators First

Go read for yourself

DeMint opposes gays as teachers

VIDEO: TV stations stand by gay rights ad targeting DeMint

DeMint has repeatedly said gays should not be teachers by Matt Comer | Editor | July 24, 2012

DeMint has said repeatedly that openly lesbian or gay people should not be allowed to teach, including twice in campaign speeches in 2004 and 2010.

I posted this back in April 26, 2009 Gay public school teachers?? in support of gay teachers and gays in general.

If Senator Jim DeMint feels gays are flawed and less than human perhaps he needs to take it up with God.

Just for the record I am not gay. So I hope I didn’t break any hearts ). Being a native Delawarean I can tell you the gay community has been a long time. We have too many problems in Delaware, the United States and on Earth to be worried about someone’s sexual preference or identity.

As for Senator DeMint I must assume if he oppose gays as teachers he must oppose gays as legislators. Hey Senator DeMint perhaps you should have a medical I.D. tag that reads, First Responders if you are gay please don’t treat me.

Pencader board is becoming subject of concern for someone in a high place.

The Pencader saga just hit a new level! Thanks to Joey’s video a certain person in a high place is angered. Appears questions are being asked about Pencader board member’s primary responsibility.

Whats going on at Pencader will have a ripple effect on all charter schools as Pandora’s Box is about to be open and will dissect Delaware’s charter school law.

The probe is deepening and the newly installed board members are clueless and will be caught in the flypaper. The “we didn’t know” cries from the board won’t be accepted when the round of information is revealed.

Some may think I am joking when I refer to the Delaware Political Star Chamber but it is real! The presses are being oiled.

Delaware student shows courage by videotaping Pencader school board meeting

Hats off to Joey! I find it refreshing to see students stepping up and putting greater demands on public schools. Red Clay and Christina schools districts “voluntarily” provides a complete digital audio recordings of their board meetings (found on the district’s website). The Delaware State Board of Education since September 2011 by legislative action provides digital audio recordings of their meetings ( found on DE DOE’s website). Video would be great but audio is just as good and more cost effective.

Joey was the student who videotaped the “bitch incident” at Pencader and has been paying the price since. He didn’t use his cell phone video to hurt or embarrass fellow students but rather protect them. Joey’s video tape of Pencader’s last board meeting was a great service to the community and taxpayers.

Printed school board meeting minutes are short, controlled and very vague! The reason the public is clueless in many cases is because school boards and school leaders want it that way! Governor Markell has the executive power power to order all public school districts, charter schools and Votechs to digitally record their board meetings and place the recording files on the school / district website.

It time the adults step up like Joey and bring the sunshine into school board meetings.

re: Pencader , guns in car?? WTF ?

This shit is getting serious ! Take a look at this video and hear references about “guns” and “hostages”. Did school leaders call police to report this accusation? 

Is Pencader school board sitting back as fellow member’s family member is being abused?

A follow up to this post: Pencader board member fights harder for his kin than other Pencader students

For the record Abe Jones has been a dedicated educator serving our children for many years. Abe’s comments regarding his godson’s treatment by Pencader’s staff is a bit suggestive and may have merit. Staff calling this student “dirty” may be considered psychological abuse and perhaps needs be reported to child protective services. His comments to the News Journal also suggest that his Godson is either protected by an IEP or a 504. So now we may be talking state child abuse law and federal law.

Abe decided to bring these concerns regarding his godson to public attention via his role as a Pencader school board member. By surely out of love for his godson. But his comments do open Pandora’s Box in regards to all Pencader students. If a board member’s family member is subjected to possible abuse and discrimination you can bet he is not alone.

A Delaware Department of Education charter school unit staff person was present during Pencader’s board meeting and heard everything. It is doubtful the Delaware Secretary of Education will get proactive in this issue because he is still being wet-nursed by his DE DOE subordinates. But what about the other Pencader board members? Will they retaliate again Abe Jones for pointing out the fractures in Pencader school leader’s leadership abilities? Odd are if they are puppets the answer is YES!

From the News Journal: “Lewis’ contract, which pays her about $84,000 annually, expired June 30. It has not been renewed, but she continues to work there. The board did not vote on her contract at Thursday’s meeting. Jones said the board will likely vote on it Tuesday”.

NO SO FAST ! Can’t be a board meeting without the legally required 7 day public notice by the school board! However, no matter when the vote is for the school leader’s contract it’s obvious Abe Jones may vote NO! And the odds are the other board members will vote YES! I honestly hope if Abe Jones votes NO and the others yes and contract is renewed, Abe not step down from the board but rather step up for the community. I hope Abe will make a motion that all Pencader board meeting be digitally recorded and post on the schools website! The other board members will most-likely vote no and then the public will see which board member is for transparency.

Pencader board member fights harder for his kin than other Pencader students

Anger, distrust flare at Pencader School board member says he will file complaints 

School board member Abe Jones said he’s frustrated with the school’s treatment of his godson. School staff have called his godson “dirty,” given him failing grades without proper explanation.

 Jones’ godson has ADHD, and has an education plan that entitles him to special services and accommodations under the law. Jones said his godson is bright, and has scored high on standardized tests.

But Jones conceded that it probably wouldn’t matter what he said. The school board is not independent of school leader Ann Lewis.

“I know the board is stacked with what and who she needs to keep her here, but somebody has to step in and save Pencader,” Jones said. He said he is filing complaints with the ACLU and the Office of Civil Rights against the school.

WTF !!!!!!!!! Mr. Jones !!!!!!!!!!! It’s obvious despite the Delaware Department of Education saying there is “no red flag” with Pencader’s operations, Pencader continues the downward spiral. The events associated with Pencader Charter School negatively impact “all” Pencader students. Yet Mr. Jones cites civil rights issues with the treatment of “his” family member. I have no doubt that Mr. Jones brought his concerns to the school leader and obviously nothing has been done to correct the issue. Another law suit / legal issue will put further strain on Pencaders finances.

Folks don’t c0me in here an bash the school leader. The real leadership issues is with the board members who are responsible for the oversight of Pencader including leadership. Rather than man-up it appears this board member will go belly-up surrendering his board VP leadership position. Filing a legal complaint against Pencader is pretty much filing one against it’s own board of directors who apparently failed to take administrative action.

Leadership starts with the board and the time for Pencader CPR is running low.

“I know the board is stacked with what and who she needs to keep her here, but somebody has to step in and save Pencader,” Jones said.

So why didn’t you make a motion to replace the school leader who currently has no contract (expired)?

Kilroy returns from Mecca

Sorry blogging was a bit light this pass week. I spent the last week in Nags Head NC talking to the fish and God. Kilroy is digesting all the events of last week and it looks like the Pencader saga continues. New post coming soon.