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OMG ! Lyles doesn’t get a break but 235K

State education brass, 2 Jersey City school board members deny state played role in picking superintendent

State education officials are denying they had any role in the Jersey City Board of Education’s decision to select as its new superintendent a Delaware woman who graduated from the same controversial superintendents academy as acting state Education Commissioner Chris Cerf.

The board voted 6-3 Thursday night to begin negotiating a contract with Marcia V. Lyles, a superintendent in Delaware’s largest school district, to become the city’s new chief school administrator.

Looks like 3 board members might need a little love Marcia.

But BOE member Sterling Waterman gave a speech Thursday night blasting board members for buckling under “pressure” from the state to hire Lyles. Waterman, who cast one of the three votes against Lyles, said he preferred the other finalist, Debra A. Brathwaite, a deputy superintendent in South Carolina.

Fucking crybaby!

“These board members will not admit,” Waterman said yesterday. “There’s been extreme, considerable pressure, interference from politicians as well as the state. The state has called board members.”

Shit that ain’t noting! We have Governor Markell who is Arne Duncan’s butt-buddy and thinks he’s an education czar.

Mack said Lyles’ appointment should be finalized in the next few weeks. Her salary is expected to be in the range of $235,000 if the state approves a waiver for her to make over the superintendent salary cap.

Holy cow $235,000.00 !!!! Hey Marcia, Coach Murphy might throw DOE Dan overboard and perhaps you can use a pool-boy. LOL :)

Lyles selected super of Jersey City

Lyles from Delaware selected as new school superintendent in Jersey City after controversial search process by Jersey City Reporter. – E. Assata Wright

JERSEY CITY AND BEYOND- By a vote of 6-3 the Jersey City Board of Education approved a resolution to begin salary and contract negotiations with Dr. Marcia Lyles,

one of two finalists who was under consideration for the vacant superintendent of schools job.

The decision essentially means the board has agreed to offer the school superintendent post to Lyles. Lyles is currently completing her third year as superintendent for the Christiana School District in Delaware. Lyles edged out Dr. Debra Brathwaite.

The best time to move is when you’re on top the wave and those in Delaware riding out the Rodel / Markell agenda will wipe-out and will not be so marketable. Arne Duncan portrays Delaware as a gem when it comes to education reform. So why not capitalize!

Did Pencader buy their supporters ?

From blog; Transparent Christina

What are the odds that 2 of the quoted supporters are both in the checkbook for payments for “other services”


Hold the presses! Pencader supporters are actually supported by Pencader?!?!?!?!

Some say attacks on Pencader is nothing more than a witch-hunt. However , more and more it looks like a game of connecting the dots. Governor Markell is going to turn a blind-eye until after the election and then turn the screws. All the dots seem to be connecting and there seems to be probable cause to be concern.

The concept of Pencader Charter School is a good one but how do you teach students to be good business leaders when it appears the school is being run by shady means?

Governor Markell is being protected by a Republican shield giving him political immunity when it comes to his education agenda seeded by wealthy republican and democrat business leaders.

Does Delaware charter schools have board elections?

As far as I know parents of charter schools don’t vote on board members! Do they ?

Delaware Governor poised to sign law that will be harmful to students

House Bill # 243 w/HA 1, HA 2 + SA 1


This bill is a result of the work of the School Discipline Task Force. The bill simplifies the mandatory report requirements for schools, ensuring that the most serious offenses shall be reported to law enforcement while giving schools discretion to handle minor offenses without mandatory reporting. The bill also requires that all relevant special education and disciplinary records for students with disabilities, as defined under federal law, be sent to law enforcement to allow for informed charging decisions.

The law is the law and allowing building principals discretion on which laws to report will set the stage for sweeping crimes under the carpet. They are require to report the “most serious offenses.” The text of this legislation requires school to report felony crimes but apparently gives school discretion on reporting misdemeanors such as offensive touch.

The laws in question are part of the criminal code not school level infractions like talking in class or backing talking the teacher. I say, If a law established in Delaware criminal code is violated it must be “reported” to the police who has a better sense of discretion than a principal who might want to protect his school disciplined record. By reporting all crimes to the police incidents will be better documented. Let the police use this special discretion.

The signing of this legislation by Delaware Governor Markell is nothing more than appointing school principles as police, judge and jury all in one. Folks again, we’re referring to crimes listed in Delaware’s criminal code. Think about this!

There will come a day serious tragedy may occur in a Delaware school and after the fact violations by the perpetrator that were swept under the rug will be expose. Allowing principals to become police is setting the stage for major liability lawsuits. Parents please remember you have the right to press charges for crimes even misdemeanors inflicted on your child. Principals will try to talk you out of it and say they will handle. However, remember they have a school discipline rating to protect. I feel real sorry for students who are bullied! Bullying starts out with little things and escalates as the perpetrator test the limits of the system. This legislation raises the limits and will “empower” bullies.

Though this legislation gives school level principal special discretion, I feel school boards needs to review this law and reset district polices requiring all crimes even misdemeanors be reported to the police for their recommendation for action. And all should be documented protecting the school, the district and most important the safety of all students.

Pencader charter weathering the storm and heading into clear skies

Pencader Charter supporters back Lewis; Board is mum on extending contract Written by NICHOLE DOBO and WADE MALCOLM

Parents and teachers from Pencader Charter High School said at Thursday’s board meeting that they support the school and its leader.

See the PhD thing wasn’t a big issue!

Board co-vice president Abe Jones expressed concern that some of the applicants for the board were related to people who worked at the school or otherwise had conflicts of interest. The board has a public meeting next week at the school to discuss seating new members.

Abe if person can be an employee of the school and a school vendor at the same time surely relatives can sit on the board. Then there are board members who want to quit but don’t because of a family member in need factor. So you raise this concern and when they board approves these new board members without your support you’ll remain on the board. How do you spell integrity?

At this point, the board needs to work first on getting a stable number of people on the board, members said. There are five members now — the minimum needed by the school’s bylaws to operate. The terms of several board members will expire at the end of this month.

But didn’t DOE Dan say all is well with the board? Shouldn’t charter schools indicate dates re: terms of office like traditional schools. Pendcader just list names.

Folks, as I stated before, Pencader’s doors will stay open as there is no proof of violation of law or state education regulations. As far as new board members possibly being related, surely traditional school’s board have members related to employees. Delaware is a small state and odds are everybody is related to Joe Biden :)

Delaware’s Governor Markell caught $$$$ masturbating

Just how bad is the problem at Pencader Carter High School? By Transparent Christina.

There is a company called EDUCATIONAL CONSULTING that appears in the PCHS checkbook. Here there information from the Delaware state website Business Search:

Hey Jack Markell, pull your pants up and address these concerns that are way over Coach Murphy’s head.

Another Delaware teacher charged with sexual abuse

Caesar Rodney teacher charged with having sex with student Written by The News Journal

A Caesar Rodney High School teacher faces 40 counts of sexual abuse of a child by a person in authority, Dover police said in a news release today.

Castration !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Breaking New! Transparent Christina exposes something big

PencaderBoard meeting intrigue!!!! Tonight!!!!!!!!!

Co Vice-President trying to sign off on Ann Lewis’ contract extension absent board vote!!!!!!! Holy fake degrees Batman! Pencader parents need to get in that room, they are about to be STEAMROLLED.

I am sure if the Pencader Board of Directors are doing something improper DE DOE will take action. But I must agree only the board with a board vote can approve or extend the school leader’s contract. We’ll be watching this one!


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