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Delaware Republicans failing to make the grade on education issues

The odds are stack against many first-time Delaware Republicans running for office. Though education is not the only issues going on but its high the list.

Those wanting to go to Washington to represent Delawareans have to really engaged the education issues and how Obama / Duncan are forcing and $$$ manipulating more federal intrusion into Delaware’s local schools and school boards. Also, it seems like the powers-to-be in the Delaware Republican party has sent a message to not go on the offensive with Markell on his wrongheaded education agenda. Seems the Delaware Political Star Chambers has tied a few hands before going out to battle with Markell. Real leaders emerge and step-up and lead the way. We need fresh bold new leaders not followers. Those of you who think unionized teachers are the enemy and Wall Street education entities the education heroes better do a reassessment. Yes, we need teacher accountability. However, we need to stop the Wall Street raiders leaching off of education dollars. But for sure, at least the Republicans attacks unionized teachers with daggers in hand whereas, with Markell, Obama and Duncan they come with daggers behind their backs.

Friends look hard into the mirror, your chances are slim as it is and without stepping up to the plate you’re “wasting your time”.

Duncan refuses Wisconsin NCLB wavier

Wis. still waiting on No Child Left Behind waiver

MILWAUKEE – Wisconsin was not among eight states approved Tuesday for a waiver from the federal No Child Left Behind law, but state officials say they still are modifying some details of their application and expect to be approved in the next couple months

Wisconsin officials last month received a U.S. Education Department letter, which was obtained by the Wisconsin State Journal, saying that a peer review panel found deficiencies in the state’s waiver application. It said Wisconsin had a number of commendable proposals but they were too short on detail.

John Johnson, Education Information Services director for the state Department of Public Instruction, said Wisconsin is working with federal officials on changes and he expects a modified application to be approved within a month or two.

Modified application is code for bending over further for Arne Duncan and federal intrusion.

Duncan refuses IOWA NCLB Wavier

Iowa to Continue Seeking Federal Education Waiver

DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) — Iowa will continue its effort to get a waiver from the federal government’s No Child Left Behind Act even though state laws governing teacher evaluations are likely why it hasn’t received one, the state’s education director said.

Gov. Terry Branstad’s education reform bill included evaluation proposals that would have met the guidelines. But the Legislature didn’t adopt those proposals this year. Instead, the education reform bill signed into law last week called for a task force to study the issue and to offer recommendations to lawmakers during the 2013 session.

States wanting to bypass NCLB penalties were first given the option in 2011 to propose alternative accountability systems. To gain approval, states must pass college- and career-readiness standards, create a new system for gauging academic performance and improve teacher evaluations.

Like I said, if NCLB is so bad and punitive why such stipulations on the waivers. The game is Arne Duncan wants to inject more federal control of local schools. Also, Duncan waivers allows school districts to use NCLB funding to supplant Race to The Top imitative. Forcing states to adopt Race to The Top to gain desperately needed funding and bowing to the federal intrusion of the NCLB waivers will allow Arne Duncan to suggest states are buying into reforming NCLB to mirror Race to The Top. Smoke , mirrors and lies!

Its time to get your Greek on; June 5th – 9th

The 2012 Greek Festival will remain 5 days again this year!

Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church invites the community to celebrate its annual Greek Festival, Tuesday June 5 – Saturday June 9, 2012 from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m., at 9th and Broom Streets in Wilmington.

Experience a bit of Greece and enjoy the food, fun and family features that the Greek Festival has to offer. Enjoy popular Greek foods like gyro and souvlaki under a warm summer sky. Homemade traditional comfort foods like mousaka, pastichio, dolmades and spanokopita are served in the Hellenic Community Center from 11 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. everyday. Menu


Delaware Governor Markell’s sex-tapes leaked

Here it is, the podcast from the Rick Jensen Show May 30, 2012 featuring Kilroy’s Delaware and Transparent Christina.

Race to The Top; America’s latest ponzi scheme! Gov. Markell is one of the ringleaders!

School gap still wide despite policy changes

NCLB introduced annual testing of students and the publication of progress reports. It led to some schools being listed as deficient, much to the dismay of parents, teachers and local politicians. The political left soon objected to the ratings. The political right followed with objection of top-heavy federal restrictions. In the end, no one in Congress would update the law. So panic set in as the 2014 deadline approached. The Obama administration has set down its own standards for states seeking a waiver.

NCLB introduced more opportunities for testing companies and textbook suppliers to make money, more opportunities for education consultants, more opportunities to expand administration positions and more opportunities for local political bedfellows to set up SES services. Also, lets not forget this NCLB aka the Bush Family retirement plan OK’d by Obama. The standards set down by Obama for waivers proves federal takeover of local school authority. Furthermore, if NCLB is so evil and harmful to children why must state apply for waivers? Why do some state get the wavier and others not?

Delaware got its this week. It will go through testing and evaluations. It also will accept a new national “common core” standard. New, more flexible goals have been set.

Flexible could mean nothing but loopholes and means of deceptions to ensure Race to The Top is working to justify expanding administration, consultants and further federal intrusion. Race to The Top is a federal grant not law! Goal one was to get financially strapped states to buy in and then twist RTTT into ESEA re-authorization. When President Johnson signed ESEA into law in 1965 there were assurances that kept federal intrusion into local control in check! Now in 2012 there is assurances the federal government will be intrusive.

For now, everyone is all smiles. But it’s best to be careful. Reality has spoiled things before.

And when federal funding runs short local taxpayers will foot the bill. Delaware legislators allowed the state board of education the authority to approve state education regulations that are aligned with Governor Markell’s personal political agenda without fiscal-note to ensure financial sustainability once the Race to The Top “grant” runs dry in about two more years. The local school district now have the flexibly to take NCLB “funding” and apply it to RTTT agendas. Monies meant for SES funding will now go towards sustaining teacher bonuses.

The federal government can’t effectively run itself without exceeding its own budget and now they want control of our local schools. The difference is, local schools and state DOE must adhered to established budgets and don’t have the luxury of exceeding the their budget. Using NCLB funding for RTTT compliance is a fool’s journey and a local school taxpayer’s nightmare. You can bet when the $$$$ shit hits the fan the likes of Sokola and Schooley will be ready to retire rather that face the fact they supported the biggest ponzi scheme that hit public education. The winner once again will be Wall Street and Jack Markell’s stock portfolio.

Washington Republicans playing BS education stall tactics


The Student Success Act offers a better way forward for education reform by:

• Returning responsibility for student achievement to states, school districts, and parents, while maintaining high expectations.

• Providing states and school districts greater flexibility to meet students’ unique needs. • Investing limited taxpayer dollars wisely.

• Strengthening programs for schools and targeted populations.

• Maintaining and strengthening long-standing protections for state and local autonomy

Secretary’s Authority: The bill protects state and local autonomy over decisions in the classroom and limits the authority of the Secretary of Education. The legislation: (1) prohibits the Secretary from imposing conditions on states and school districts in exchange for a waiver of federal elementary and secondary education law; (2) prevents the Secretary from creating additional burdens on states and districts through the regulatory process, particularly in the areas of standards, assessments,and state accountability plans; (3) prohibits the Secretary from demanding changes to state standards and influencing and coercing states to enter into partnerships with other states; and (4) outlines specific procedures the Secretary must follow when issuing federal regulations and conducting peer review processes for grant applications, including publicly releasing the identity of peer reviewers, that will bring greater transparency


Eliminates AYP and replaces it with state-determined accountability systems, thereby returning authority for measuring student performance to states and school districts.

Eliminates federally mandated actions and interventions currently required of poor performing schools, giving states and districts maximum flexibility to develop appropriate school improvement strategies and rewards for their schools.

Repeals federal “Highly Qualified Teacher” requirements.

Maintains the requirement that states and school districts issue and distribute annual report cards, including disaggregated data on student achievement and high school graduation rates while also streamlining data reporting to ensure meaningful information is easily available to parents and communities.

Allows states and school districts to use federal funds across certain federal programs to address their own unique needs.

Eliminates the 40 percent poverty threshold for schoolwide programs, allowing all Title I schools to operate whole school reform efforts with Title I money.

Removes all “Maintenance of Effort” or MOE requirements, allowing states and school districts to set their own funding levels for elementary and secondary education.

Maintains the law’s Supplement, not Supplant requirements, which ensure that federal dollars are used on top of state and local resources, protecting the traditional federal role in education.

Protects state and local autonomy over decisions in the classroom by limiting the authority of the secretary of education.

Kilroy says the above propose legislation will never see a full congressional vote. This legislation is nothing but political rhetoric. The Democrats and Republicans are so aligned with Obama / Duncan’s Race to The Top and other feed the Wall Street crooks we’ll never get relief from the misguided education agenda.

Here is Delaware not one peep from Republicans running for office about the whore love affair with Arne Duncan. Markell is a real buddy of Arne Duncan. He runs to Washington and gives Duncan a BJ and brings one back for the Skipper. But don’t worry, Markell will put Remarkable Mark on the fast track on how to use the golden D.C. knee-pads.

Congressman John Kline (R) Chairman of the Education and the Workforce Committee needs to step-down and disengage himself from this committee. It appears Arne Duncan owns Congressman Kline.

Breaking!! Rick Jensen to rushed to the state hospital! Kilroy and Transparent Christina to be on-air

Tune into the Rick Jensen Show on WDEL @ 3 p.m.. Kilroy’s Delaware and Transparent Christina will be on-air guests. I have a hunch afterwards the WDEL  program manager will have Rick Jensen rush to the state hospital. A 10 second delay will be put in place in case Kilroy says the F-word.

The topic will be NCLB and the NCLB waivers.

You may consider going to to listen in via the internet. Otherwise you might need to have you kid climb on the house with coat-hanger wired to the family radio. That 5 watt radio transmitter on Shipley Road can barely get a signal out to Route 202.

Obama wipes his feet on Ted Kennedy’s grave

The legislation was proposed by President George W. Bush on January 23, 2001. It was coauthored by Representatives John Boehner (R-OH), George Miller (D-CA), and Senators Edward Kennedy (D-MA) and Judd Gregg (R-NH). The United States House of Representatives passed the bill on May 23, 2001 (voting 384–45),[7] and the United States Senate passed it on June 14, 2001 (voting 91–8).[8]President Bush signed it into law on January 8, 2002.

No Child Left Behind requires all government-run schools receiving federal funding to administer a state-wide standardized test annually to all students. This means that all students take the same test under the same conditions. Schools which receive Title I funding through the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965 must make Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) in test scores (e.g. each year, its fifth graders must do better on standardized tests than the previous year’s fifth graders).

If the school’s results are repeatedly poor, then steps are taken to improve the school.[9]

  • Schools that miss AYP for a second consecutive year are publicly labeled as being “in need of improvement” and are required to develop a two-year improvement plan for the subject that the school is not teaching well. Students are given the option to transfer to a better school within the school district, if any exists.

  • Missing AYP in the third year forces the school to offer free tutoring and other supplemental education services to struggling students.

  • If a school misses its AYP target for a fourth consecutive year, the school is labelled as requiring “corrective action,” which might involve wholesale replacement of staff, introduction of a new curriculum, or extending the amount of time students spend in class.

  • A fifth year of failure results in planning to restructure the entire school; the plan is implemented if the school fails to hit its AYP targets for the sixth year in a row. Common options include closing the school, turning the school into a charter school, hiring a private company to run the school, or asking the state office of education to run the school directly.

The act requires states to provide “highly qualified” teachers to all students. Each state sets its own standards for what counts as “highly qualified”. Similarly, the act requires states to set “one high, challenging standard” for its students. Each state decides for itself what counts as “one high, challenging standard,” but the curriculum standards must be applied to all students, rather than having different standards for students in different cities or other parts of the state.

The act also requires schools to let military recruiters have students’ contact information and other access to the student, if the school provides that information to universities or employers, unless the students opt out of giving military recruiters access.

Kilroy says: Ted Kennedy worked hard on NCLB and Obama / Duncan defacing NCLB with selective waivers for states that buy into a Wall Street laced reform plan is nothing more than wiping feet on Ted Kennedy’s grave. If NCLB is so bad the waviers should be unconditional and not selective.  

Republicans refuse to acknowledge NCLB waivers are illegal

NCLB is federal law and waivers issues on the basis of agreeing to Obama / Duncan’s education agenda laced with Wall Street influence is illegal. Some states were not approved because Arne Duncan wasn’t satisfied those states were aligned with in Race to The Top agenda.

If NCLB is so bad the Obama administration should give all states the same wavier.  Some states are being penalized for not kissing Arne Duncan’s ass!

Republicans are standing down as not to disrupt the flow of education dollars to Wall Street via Race to The Top. They don’t want to offend their Wall Street special interest group. Its all about money not kids!

Selective NCLB waivers are a civil right violation.

Markell’s temporary personal income tax increase might be permanent

Expiring tax increases put Delaware budget in bind Written by JONATHAN STARKEY The News Journal

Gov. Jack Markell pushed for the business and individual tax increases early in his first term to help fill an $800 million budget gap. The increases included bumps in personal income taxes and in franchise taxes paid by Fortune 500 giants incorporated in Delaware.

Come December, when its budget writers begin planning for fiscal year 2014, the Markell administration must revisit that decision and either look to extend the tax increases or find places to trim an already-tight budget. Republican and Democratic legislators are already warning Markell against attempts to make the tax increases permanent.

Lets trim the fat at the Delaware Department of Education and lets ask Fisker to pay up!

Republican and Democratic legislators are already warning Markell against attempts to make the tax increases permanent.

With Republican and Democratic legislators spending most of their time on the knees kissing Markell’s ass on wrongheaded education reform its doubtful he can hear them. Seems like the only legislator that can look Markell is in the eye and say kiss my ass is Kawalko. Our state legislators needs to grows some balls and stop fearing Jack Markell. As far as education when Race to The Top “grant” funding runs dry shit is going to hit the $$$$ fan.


Markell kicks the NCLB can down the road but still wants the NCLB money

Delaware gets No Child Left Behind waiver

The U.S. Department of Education announced today that Delaware and seven other states were awarded a waiver so that they do not have to continue to follow the requirements of the federal No Child Left Behind Act.

Does this mean Title 1 Section 1118 protecting parents rights to guaranteed meaningful involved in shared Title 1 decision-making ends?  NCLB is federal law  and where does it say Obama and Duncan can ignore it?

The U.S. Department of Education signaled last year that states would be able to write their own accountability plans because Congress has been unable to agree on changes to the federal No Child Left Behind Act. Under the current law, all schools would be required to ramp up test score goals each year to reach 100 percent proficiency for all students by 2014, or face sanctions, such as being publicly named a failing school.

Folks lets not forget DSTP was Delaware’s Race to The Top rolled out Spring 1998. Markell even said DSTP was flawed. I agree NCLB is flawed with too many subcategories to measure. So now with the wavier and demands on holding teacher accountable those sanctions are fine as long as we don’t hold superintendents and state secretary of education accountable.

To qualify for a waiver, states were required to submit a plan that shows students are prepared for college and careers and creates evaluation standards for teachers and principals. Delaware already has many of the required components in place because the state is taking part in the federal Race to the Top program, which was also created under the administration of President Barack Obama.

Race to The Top is a competitive federal grant not a federal law or mandate and if far more underfunded than NCLB.  If Obama wants a rewrite of NCLB twisting it into super-sized Race to The Top it will be just as underfunded as NCLB and creates a deeper federal intrusion into Delaware’s local schools and board.

The best solution would be, set the common core standards and create the national standardized assessment test and just hand the money over to the states with complete flexibility. If states fail to meet benchmarks reduce federal funding accordingly. That means forget about Race to The Top and NCLB. Reduce the size of USDOE and Delaware DOE. We need to deflate the bloated administrative NCLB / RTTT oversight. Put more money in to teaching student and less into administration.

Check out what Transparent Christina has to say, Breaking News! Feds grant ESEA Flexibility waiver, DE to reduce CELL size FROM n=40 TO n=30   

Mrs G adds some spin on the Lewis PZ plan

Mrs G comments:

There is a conspiracy of silence operating at Red Clay, William Lewis, and the DSEA union. The statements that appear in Tiempo Hispano contradict what has appeared in the Wilmington News Journal.First, the administration at R.C has begun to institute a process of turn around before transformation. In December they originally had 10 teachers sign a memo of understanding featuring a number of transformational guidelines.However, in the past 6 months the majority of teachers are still waiting for placement while a few have been notified when and where they will be transferring and have begun to make summer and fall plans. Second, the editor of El Tiempo,  who interviewed Amy O’Neal, the new VP, and Ariadna Castaneda, the current ELL manager, stated that most of the displaced teachers were not bilingual. The facts are that 6 out of the 10 employees are highly qualified certified bilingual teachers comprising a total of 78 years of educational experience. Third, at no time has the administration managers revealed clearly what were the compliance expectation guidelines under Partnership Zones that triggered the displacement of workers? In closing, how on earth can any incoming inactive education managers call for community assistance, bridge construction, open communication when it is common knowledge that they have no credibility among the rank and file who have suffered persecution,biased evaluations, and intimidation.

Governor Markell’s cornbread not done in the middle

Lewis Elementary and the Spanish teachers

If Gov. Jack Markell is successful, Delaware students will begin learning a second language much earlier than Moore — as early as kindergarten. The effort is meant to help Delaware graduates be more competitive in the workforce.

“Delaware needs a new generation of people who have advanced language skills,” said Gregory Fulkerson, education associate for world languages and international education at the Delaware Department of Education.

State plans call for 20 schools over the next five years to launch immersion-language programs for students in kindergarten and first grades. Four first-year programs were selected this month. They will start instruction in languages identified as being key in the workforce: Mandarin Chinese and Spanish. In 2012, about $1.9 million is budgeted for the program. Another $1.9 million is in the governor’s proposed fiscal 2013 budget.

Delaware students lag behind peers in Asia and Europe because few have access to an early start to second languages, according to the state Department of Education. This year’s freshman class will be the first in Delaware that must meet a new graduation requirement that mandates two credits, or about two school years, of study in foreign language. The state plans a performance-based assessment system so officials can track student progress.

Lets get real! Markell is wasting valuable resources on teaching second languages at the Kindergarten and elementary level. What are these kids going to retain as they get older? Traditional in Delaware second languages were offered at the eighth-grade level trough high school. Delaware schools struggles enough to teach students  to read English! Even two years of foreign language in high school isn’t enough to support language skills to compete in a global business environment. Spanish on the other hand is useful in Delaware economy as the Hispanic and Latino community continues to grow. But even at that basic conversational skills would suffice in Delaware’s service based economy.

I am fine with requiring two-years of foreign language high school credits but if we want to get real, we need to offer willing students foreign languages starting the eight-grade through the twelfth-grade. Lets face it, if they are going to compete in globally on the international business level they’ll need these language skills. But on a local level; local service, manufacturing and trade jobs won’t being in an environment needing Chinese, Arabic, French and German. Those students going into jobs that sends them aboard or communicate with foreign counterparts as part of their job functions will most likely attend college. Once in college odds are they will continue studying their foreign language.

What value is it to teach a kindergarten or elementary student Chinese? Does Jack Markell want to wire kids into red puppets? No doubt learning a second language stimulates the brain that benefits all aspects of learning. Well so does playing chess or playing a musical instrument.

Now we come back to funding! This program will grow into another state underfunded program defaulting the bulk of cost back on the local taxpayers. Markell cuts state transportation cost to local school districts and charter schools.

Lets get our children through elementary school and the pits of middle school effectively prepared for High School. I don’t see how teaching at-risk students Chinese or even Spanish addresses the failed system. Lets bring all students up to the standards and I’ll bet they’ll be better prepare and motivated to meet the academic challenges needed to prepare themselves for the so-called global economy. Lets fulfill the promises made by Brown Vs The Board of Education.

I have no doubt Markell will shove some of his specially blended birdseed up DE DOE Remarkable Mark’s ass and he’ll sing Markell bullshit political song. Lets get our K-8 kids proficient in English reading and language skills before we dump foreign languages on them.