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Big charter and traditional schools projected enrollment numbers due tomorrow

May 1 , 2012 is the day charter and traditional public schools projected enrollment is due.

The fiscal school year starts July 1, 2012 and the state kicks out some funding for the new year. I am curious where Pencader numbers will be? in school year 2010-2011 Pencader’s actual enrollment was 616 students and this year 2011-2012 the enrollment is 507 students.

all Enrollment

2010-11 2011-12

Grade 9



Grade 10



Grade 11



Grade 12






Somewhere in the numbers is the break even point re: revenues and expenses. DOE Dan knows and he’ll be sending up some red flags if the May 1 projected student count isn’t healthy. I am not sure how aggressive Pencader has been re: recruiting students for next year. Seems like they are too busy bickering rather than shoring up their image. I’ll make an effort to get those projected numbers and report back to you.

Parents if you want to save Pencader you’re going to have to turn up the heat up and end it. Better get it done by this Friday!

For so long as Pencader shall remain on probation, it shall not incur any additional debt without the prior written consent of the Department. By June 30, 2013. Pencader Business and Finance Charter School shall have also repaid in full the $300,000.00 loan from Greggo & Ferrara, and shall be debt free.


How many campaign flyers does it take to turn off a voter

Mommy,Mommy! Look! Someone who has come to three school board meetings sent me my report card in the mail today! by Transparent Christina

Go read here ………………….

We’re getting into that time in the election cycle where were flooded with all those campaign flyers and robo calls. School board candidates start early because their election is May 8th. Can candidates oversell themselves? But in the case of school board elections, many of the flyers aren’t from the candidate themselves. I love the flyers that aren’t endorse by the candidates and wonder why these 3rd parties act of if the candidates have a physical plan. Why don’t the candidates just mail their plans to the public? Markell wrote an entire books. You’d think a school board candidate could write a few pages.



Although I have made it publicly known that I am disassociating myself with the negative fliers sent on behalf of my campaign, I do feel the need to also place this statement on my website. I did not send the fliers out, nor did I approve them. While I appreciate the work of an advocacy group supporting my candidacy, I do not believe in negative campaigning. Serving on the Christina School board would be a privilege and an honor. I do not desire to tarnish that honor by making offensive statements regarding the board as a whole. I would like to thank all of my followers for their support and encouragement.

                                                            Val Harris~

John Dickinson High School has choice openings to even out of district students

Dickinson High School Approved to Offer IB Diploma

The district is planning to increase the number of spots available to students in the IB program. An informational Open House will be scheduled at the school shortly and students can apply to the school until June 30, 2012 for the 2012-2013 school year. Seating will be limited.

Call Principal: Byron Murphy 302-992-5500 byron.murphy@redclay.k12.de.us

Webpage John Dickinson High School

JDHS Invites Parents to Get Involved

Dickinson has four parent organizations that need new members this year:

Dickinson Support Association (DSA):  This is Dickinson’s parent – student – teacher organization.  This group works to support teachers in the work they do for children and puts on the After Prom party every May.

Sports Boosters:  This organization works to support all athletics at Dickinson.

Performing Arts Boosters (PAB):  This organization supports music and dramatic arts at Dickinson.

Community Advisory Board (CAB):  This group works in parallel to the school’s leadership team to monitor, implement, and revise the School Improvement Plan.  If you are interested in impacting the future direction of our school – this is the organization for you.

Folks you snooze you lose! Don’t wait until to you’ll hear seats are full!

John Dickinson High School is rate SUPERIOR

SchoolName SchoolRating AYP

Charter School of Wilmington

Above Target

Delaware Military Academy

Above Target

Dickinson (John) High School

Above Target

duPont (Alexis I.) High School

Above Target

McKean (Thomas) High School

Above Target

Message for parents and students of Pencader

Dear Parents and Students of Pencader Charter School:

Last year Kilroy’s stepped up to join the fight to save Pencader Charter School from obvious desire of the Delaware Department of Education lead by Governor Markell to closed Pencader over financial concerns. Pencader has amazing teachers and support staff. Also, Pencader has wonderful administrators and a new school board but the riffs over the termination of Mr. Lewis is toxic and the victims are you!

I am noting going to defend Mr. Lewis but the man has been around in education a long long time going back to the days when teachers would drag your ass out in the hall and paddle it for things like talking during class. Teachers these days are left to defend themselves with no real authority over students. Many charter parents and traditional school parents put discipline concerns tops on their list! They want their children in safe schools. Mr. Lewis telling a student she was acting like a spoiled bitch is as minor as it comes. Teaching is stressful and the shit has to get to even the best teacher and from what I hear Mr. Lewis is an outstanding teacher. As far as teaching yelling for class control ! Damn, back in my day we were dodging pieces of chalk and caulk board-erasers. Even the nuns in Catholic schools would beat the shit out students. God bless Mr. Lewis for all his caring years in education and please don’t bash him here! Unless the board and Mr. Lewis agree to release private executive board information we won’t know the full story. That as it many be, Mr. Lewis and all teachers must somehow maintain being professional in an era when teachers are frown upon for patting a student on the back or giving them a hug in praise. Teachers are victims in a society that appears to be turning to shit! His intention weren’t malice but non acceptable.  

The problems your school faces now is not about Mr. Lewis. When I supported Pencader charter school last year from the DE DOE Ax, I supported your new leader Mrs. Lewis another fine educators and please don’t bash her. What I see is emotionally hurting people and that hurt has festered into pain for students and parents who need not be required to take sides in this mess.

Pencader is a charter school for business and finance and you are getting a unique perspective in the dangers of family run businesses. Being in business isn’t a game! The first rule of economics is organizations exist to serve people. But much of the troubles in public education, is public education seems to serve everybody but students. The call for charter schools was to create individual schools with self-autonomy to better serve students (always open for debate). The Delaware Charter Schools Network seems to want to be the broker to end this crisis. Reports have this organization wanting to fire your school board. However, the Delaware Charter Schools Network can’t possibly know what went on in executive session regarding Mr. Lewis. Because if they do, someone broke the law. Delaware Charter Schools Network wants to be your friend and calls for a open Town Hall meeting to discuss this crisis. The problem is yours! The answers are with you! Don’t drink the Kool-Aid!

Let your school leaders, state legislators, the Delaware Department of Education,  other parents, other students, teachers and the community know your feelings about the impact all of this is having on “your” school do it here on Kilroy’s. Use any anonymous name you like but stick to that name. If you are bold enough to use your real name that’s even better. Trying to express yourselves to the impact of the current Pencader situation because, I am telling you , your schools is in very serious danger of not existing. I was very hard on DOE Dan last year because it appeared he supporting closing Pencader and I’ve have never align myself with anything he does. But common sense tells many of Pencader is sinking!

To the Pencader board and leadership: Do you really need the Delaware Charter Schools Network to be your babysitter? You are a school of finance and business educating tomorrows business leaders. Stop making this shit about you! Parents, student, many in the community even strangers rally behind you last year! It was for the concerns of the kids / students! Stop treating them like pets in a pet-shop! They are not merchandise, they are our kids. Stop acting like “bitches” !

Again, I don’t want to hear about Mr. Lewis or Mrs. Lewis in relationship to Mr. They are both fine people and gave years of their lives to education. What’s going on now is far more serious than the “bitch” word!