WTF! 3 years teaching experience is good enough to be Delaware’s Secretary of Education

Murphy’s vision should suit Delaware just fine; News Journal

As executive director of the Vision Network for the last two years and a former teacher, Mr. Murphy has been a front-line participant in overcoming the challenges facing public education in Delaware

But Mr. Murphy will be taking on the leadership of 19 school districts with multiple administrative personalities and parent constituents. In Mr. Markell’s eyes, he is apparently that someone with a “teacher’s heart,” a “principal’s perspective” and a data-driven mind that the governor was looking for.

As a result, Mr. Murphy should be able to pick up where Ms. Lowery left off in spreading the gains in student achievement.

From his favorable comments about understanding classroom pressures, expect more help for teachers in mastering the data to correct their student learning deficiencies and their own instructional weaknesses.

Among the first winners of the Obama administration’s Race to the Top competition, Delaware has become a recognized leader in public education reform.

From Delaware Ed blog Nichole Dobo

Principal, George Washington Carver Elementary School in the St. Mary’s County Public Schools in Maryland, 2002-2006

Assistant principal, Leonardtown Elementary School, St. Mary’s County Public Schools in Maryland, 2000-2002

Teacher, Banneker Elementary School, St. Mary’s County Public Schools in Maryland, 1997-2000

Delaware Code Title 14, Chapter 1, Subchapter I; Section 102

§ 102. Secretary; Deputy, Associate and Assistant Secretaries; Acting Secretary; appointment.

(a) The administrator and head of the Department shall be the Secretary of Education, who shall be a graduate of an accredited college and shall have not less than 5 years’ experience in teaching and administration, with experience in each such category.

A teacher from 1997-2000 makes 3 years of teaching, 2000-2002 an assistant principal makes 2 years as an AP. But how did he get a year’s credit for teaching 2000? So less than 5 years teaching? Per Delaware law that makes him disqualified. “Bachelor’s in physical education.” 6 years as administrator. So was he fired or quit his principal’s job? Any little skeletons in the closet ?  However, though Mr. Murphy is highly qualified in Vision 2015 and adopted the latest Wall Street reform tactics, It appears his “teacher’s heart” isn’t seasoned. No experience running a school district or senior responsibilities. But don’t worry folks, the Delaware State Legislators will approve Markell’s selection because Markell owes them all but one. The republicans will stand-down because of the prominent republican connection at the Rodel Foundation. Wilmington community leaders won’t dare stand in Markell’s way. The real question is, don’t we want the most proven seasoned educator we can fine or do we want a person who is so aligned to Vision 2015 to the point they were  the executive director?

11 responses to “WTF! 3 years teaching experience is good enough to be Delaware’s Secretary of Education

  1. Barbara J. Finnan

    Just another poo-flingin’ day in education! Why would you be surprised at the lack of real education experience and at ignoring the law/policy, Kilroy???? The Legs have been letting DoE do whatever they feel like no matter what for years now. I’m surprised that DD wasn’t chosen – she certainly kissed up enough to get her present job, after kissing up to the then powers at DSEA to get her previous position – but, oh, wait! She WOULD have the teaching years experience, but not the sucking up to business years. Ooops, my bad! Time to say Sayonara to our public schools and any chance that ALL the kids will get a fair shake.


  2. Perhaps those three years teaching PE helped our new Sec. Of Ed formulate his dynamic opinions on how to shape a strong future for public education?

    Nah… I can’t keep a straight face on that one…


  3. I’m sure the official interpretation of the regs listed in this post will hinge on the use of the word “and” in the part that reads “… Not less than 5 years of experience in teaching and administration.”

    Under that interpretation, a person could be named Secretary of Education at the ripe old “seasoned teacher” age of 27!


  4. kilroysdelaware

    Prop Joe, “hinge on the use of the word “and” in the part that reads “ I thought of that. But that is totally ridiculous if true. He we are demanding highly qualified and highly effective teachers and Markell hires a gym teachers with 3 years experience as Sec of Ed? Its the Rodel / Vision experience Markell wants. The senate will approve like fools and not even a republican will take issues not even the one running for governor! .


  5. Hey, at least he has more teaching experience than Arne Duncan…


  6. Did DOE Dan have any experience as a classroom educator or was he just a lawyer? If it’s the latter, then appointing an “educator” with only three years of experience to the #1 post isn’t a stretch. Sadly, he will sail thru the legislature, as you have repeatedly said.


  7. Jeanette, good one!

    Prop Joe, let’s make sure this one lands on those that will approve: The Delaware State SENATE, not the House.


  8. How do we know Murphy was a gym teacher? What I want to know is how did he end up in Delaware for four years while working at the NYC non-profit funded by Eli Broad etal. He didn’t commute. So were was he based between MD job and landing the Vision Network gig?


  9. kilroysdelaware

    College of Notre Dame, Baltimore, Maryland: M.A., leadership in teaching, administration and supervision

    Cortland College, Cortland, New York; bachelor’s in physical education


  10. Two words: “Oh” and “brother.”




    This is what ALL Delaware school districts do……advance inexperienced, ineffective, YES people where they will leave no child behind!!