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Transparent Christina spiking the blog meters

John Young’s blog Transparent Christina is moving up the hit meter ranks. I think all his hard work  since June 2009 is paying off. Looks like Markell will have this blogger sticking in ass like a nasty thorn for the next four years.

On Nastiness

Voices 4 Delaware Education Action Fund sends another dirty coded message to influence school board race

All Hell Breaks loose at Pencader Charter Board Meeting!!!!!! Updated at 7:52PM

Pencader Charter school infighting is all time bad stuff,,,,

New Website supporting Shirley Saffer for Christina School Board #netDE

Rep. Kowalko lambastes Delaware PTA for their electioneering! HOLY SHIT

DE Charter Network spies report in again: screed of lies handed out at Pencader Charter board meeting…..

Breaking News! Video! Mark Murphy meets DOE Dan

Earth to Delaware state legislators!

I urge you to require all public and charter schools to record their board meetings as Red Clay does voluntarily and Christina does by board policy and as the Delaware State Board of Education does by law. We must see a law requiring all public school districts , votechs and charter schools to digitally record their public session board meetings and put recordings onilne.

State legislators, turn the lights on and give us real transparency

See Christina School District site for their recordings 

See Red Clay School District site for their recordings

Legislators many of you know my role in making the above happen and thank you for your support. Please take the ball and carry it in the end zone for me!

A Skipper Vision clone anointed Delaware Secretary of Education

BREAKING: Markell announces choice for Sec. of Edu by Nichole Dobo

WILMINGTON — Gov. Jack Markell announced his nomination for secretary of education today, choosing the director of a Wilmington-based nonprofit that works with 26 schools in Delaware.

Mark Murphy, the executive director of the Vision Network, was named to succeed Secretary of Education Lillian Lowery, who is leaving to become the head of public schools in Maryland. Murphy, 36, has headed the Vision Network for about two years, a job he took after working with a New York-based education nonprofit that focuses on school leadership. He’s worked as a principal and a teacher in Maryland.

Executive director of the Vision Network, a Wilmington nonprofit, 2011-present

Hey Markell! Remember our phone conversations before your primary race for governor? I was right about my concerns with your relationship with Rodel! So now its official! You’re a liar!

Jack you own all the Delaware legislators except one! So it looks like a shoe-in for your new puppet! Well one thing for sure, restate prices in Landenberg just went up 10%

Delaware Pencader Charter School meltdown?

All Hell Breaks loose at Pencader Charter Board Meeting!!!!!! by Transparent Christina

Delaware Charter Network Internal Spies Report!:

Kendall Massett, executive Director of DE Charter network holding secret (admitted to this in public session) meetings with teachers and students behind the Board’s back with intent to train them overthrow the board.

Principal Lewis has locked Board President out of her office by changing the locks.

Kendall Massett and Principal Lewis asked for board’s resignationen masse.

This shit is unbelievable !! I hope the board tells Delaware Charter Network to go fuck off!

Last year the Delaware Department if Education was poised to close Pencader Charter school for financial concerns. However with the help of the board and Mrs Lewis Pencader finances improved and on the way to good health. Kilroy gave his all to help in the fight to keep Pencader and Reach Academy open!

If what Transparent Christina is reporting is correct the entire Governing Board of the Delaware Charter Schools Network needs to step-down and OMG look at some of the names.