More Breaking News ! Dontdestroychristina has gone Elvis

Looks like has called it quits!

Newark Charter School 1

Dondestroychristina o


8 responses to “More Breaking News ! Dontdestroychristina has gone Elvis

  1. RIP DDC. I’ll miss the YouTube links.


  2. I’ll miss the adorable way she tortured the English language.


  3. Proud NCS Mom of Two

    Dam! Hell must have frozen over!!


  4. It’s interesting…everyone said that the NCS parents would flee yet here we are. I guess she wasn’t willing to work to make things better. It is easier to scream and curse instead of
    trying to come up with answers to the real problems.


  5. or, is she just too busy because she is the crazy behind the val harris bashing blog? it just looks like her work. at any rate, bye DDC, thanks for the memories 😀


  6. dontdestroyncs

    What happened? I thought the last thing she said was that this is what she wanted all along… NCS to expand w/the lunch program and being forced to alter demographics? I thought she was “winning”?

    Kilroy, You need to get her back on here or your site will lose some luster. If this is all going to be educated discussions only… jesh… some people have better things to do. HA

    FYI Kilroy… you have turned into the FUCKING Rock Star of Delaware education information (vulgarity out of respect to DDC). I have talked to a # of people recently about NCS and CSD and they ALL say “I go to that Kilroy site to get all the lastest/greatest info”.


  7. dontdestroyncs

    Pencadermom, Where is the Val Harris bashing blog?


  8. click on April 22 on Kilroys little calendar above. He has a link on his OMG war breaks out… story