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More Breaking News ! Dontdestroychristina has gone Elvis

Looks like Dontdestroychristina.com has called it quits!

Newark Charter School 1

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Red Clay Lewis parents rolled under the bus! No participation in RTTT / PZ decision

Concerns over school changes lead some parents to protest: Lewis group looks to get involved Written by NICHOLE DOBO The News Journal

WILMINGTON — A group of parents and concerned residents asked the state Attorney General to investigate claims that Lewis Dual Language Elementary School has not adequately involved parents in a plan to improve the school.

Show me the documentation that Lewis parents were involved in the decision-making re: Race to The Top and The PZ “decision” for Lewis school. Lewis is a Title 1 funded school and “federal law” NCLB Title 1 Section 1118 applies



” (1) IN GENERAL- A local educational agency may receive funds under this part only if such agency implements programs, activities, and procedures for the involvement of parents in programs assisted under this part consistent with this section. Such programs, activities, and procedures shall be planned and implemented with meaningful consultation with parents of participating children.”

Lewis parents nor any other Title 1 parent in the district was involved in the Race to The Top or PZ school plans as required by law. LOWERY KNOWS THIS! The plans were made and The Race to The Top MOU was approved by the board and the PZ plan shoved up their asses! The Delaware State Attorney General has no jurisdiction in the matter which is a federal issues under Title 1.

The district made the plans and like the state come back after the fact and pour the Kool-Aid!

PTA representative Carlos Dipres said he authored a letter to Attorney General Beau Biden to vocalize concerns of parents.

“I am the voice of many,” Dipres said.

Hey Carlos, where is the support from the State PTA ?

It all for nothing anyhow because the new dual language charter school coming with in blocks of Lewis will effectively end Lewis’s dual language program.

The demonstrators were greeted by administrators — both district and school — who were outside the school in anticipation of the event. The sides agreed a meeting held with parents would be helpful.

More Kool-Aid and I am sure Red Clay will play the old, Dover has our hands tied! Bullshit ! Red Clay administrators went to Washington and was part of the state’s Race to The Top team!

Part of the concerns raised by parents were staffing changes. Nine educators are being involuntarily transferred out of the school. The local teachers union has filed a grievance.

I wonder if they used the Judas did it defense?

Sen. Marshall’s support of the Dream Act is nothing more than burning the American Flag

UPDATE 04/26/2012 The Delaware nightmare is over the Dream Act failed to get support Written by Wade Malcolm The News Journal

A bill that would have given in-state tuition and scholarships to undocumented immigrants does not have enough support to move out of committee, meaning the proposal is effectively dead.

Dream Act hearing gets mixed reaction; State’s version of controversial tuition bill fosters debate about illegal immigrants

The bill’s sponsor, Sen. Robert I. Marshall, said he hopes it will be passed by a vote in the full Senate, despite some vocal outcries against it.

“I’m very well aware this is not a popular bill,” said Marshall, D-Wilmington West. “My office has gotten a lot of calls.”

Advocates of the bill say undocumented students who were brought here as children and graduate from a Delaware high school deserve the same in-state tuition as other state residents. Opponents say giving those benefits to people here illegally is unfair to out-of-state students, who are American citizens and in some cases pay more than twice as much to attend one of Delaware’s three public institutions of higher education

Damn right, why exclude out-of-state Americans and make then second-class citizens?

No one from the University of Delaware, Delaware State University or Delaware Technical Community College — the institutions the bill would affect — addressed the committee.

That way, when it goes all wrong they can say it was beyond our control.

Maria Matos, executive director of the Latin American Community Center in Wilmington, said she feels most undocumented college students essentially are Americans already. They came to this country as children and attended school here most of their lives, she said

And there you have it, “she feels most undocumented college students essentially are Americans already.” Next thing you know Marshall will support a national call for giving illegals Social Security and the right to vote!

God bless those who come to American for a better life but please use the front door.